July 7, 2015

The 150% humidity and 80 degree weather was giving everyone mind numbing heat stroke induced amnesia. It was a confusing day where no one was exactly sure where the hill workout was occurring, what road(s) we were on, what town we were running in/to, where the starting point of the hill was, how many repeats were needed to be counted as a workout, or which foot to lead with when starting to run.

Amidst the confusion, everyone at least knew that today was Tuesday, which means today is hill day. The hill crew came in droves, some even drove to the hill. This was a sign that everyone ready for an intense workout, as Mark Detour Fedkin, Adam Exit Ilgen, Michael OneWay Goldfine, Mark DoNotEnter Lee, Tom NoPassingZone Cali, CJ Yield Wagner, Costas WeightLimit10Tons Maranas, Mike DeadEnd Zimmerman, Seth NoUTurns Senior, Mike Stop Martin, Alex SpeedLimit Wouden, Meira NoTurnOnRed Minard, Alfredo ClintonAve Ramirez, Dean ExitOnly Capone, Mike NoParking Casper, and Mike ConstructionZone Renz headed towards one of the tougher workouts: the Sunset Park to Curtin St see saw.

A majoriy of the crew managed 3 sets of the seesaw netting 6 brutally long and steep climbs. And then there was this uninspired leader who broke off from the group after a mere 2 sets. The heat and humidity and unclouded sun beating down on the crew made a difficult workout even harder. Join us next week, as we pinpoint a hill workout with exact gps coordinates so as not to confuse. Summer is halfway over, but the high temps and humidity are just getting started…so be prepared for hills to seem even tougher than usual.