2003 Nittany Valley Running Club Indoor Mile #2
Friday, February 14, 2003
by Marty Mazur

The second Nittany Valley Running Club Indoor Mile of 2003 was held at the Horace Ashenfelter III Multi-Sport Facility. Eleven runners signed up for the second of this year's two races. The field included new faces, runners who had scratched last week, and a couple of runners who wanted to improve on their times from the last race. A couple of runners scratched, including last week's winner.

The top of the field was fast. Rod Stahl had predicted a time of 4:45. And though he could not entice his running buddy and rival Bob Radzwich to accompany him, Rod barrelled through the mile in 4:45.1. Ken Davis wanted a "PCPR" (post-children personal record) of sub-4:56. He nearly needed CPR at the end, but finished in 4:55.9. Great run, Ken! Chris Ritter and Dan Mayer ran a good race, coming in just over 5:00. Judd Michael improved on his benchmark set at Thursday Track Crew and ran a 5:37. Dana Todd, also a Thursday Tracker, came in well under 6:00 in 5:51.3. Eric Tien, another Thursday Tracker, showed just how much a youngster can improve in a short time by running 5:58.1. Eric started Thursday Track practices last month, and only two weeks ago felt gassed after a 6:20. Marty Mazur redeemed himself after last week's near miss at the 6:00 mark. He finished in 5:59. John LaCombe also surpassed last week's mark by 7 seconds.

Next year, the NVRC hopes to do an indoor mile at each of the PSU home meets. In the mean time, train hard!


Place  Name                 Time
-----  ----                 ----

1.     Rod Stahl            4:45.1
2.     Kenneth Davis        4:55.9
3.     Chris Ritter         5:03.2
4.     Dan Mayer            5:06.5
5.     Judd Michael         5:37.0
6.     Dana Todd            5:51.3
7.     Eric Tien            5:58.1
8.     Marty Mazur          5:59.0
9.     John LaCombe         6:04.0

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