2004 Nittany Valley Running Club Indoor Mile #2
Friday, January 30, 2004
by Marty Mazur

The second race in this season's indoor mile was a great success. Nearly 30 runners in two heats competed. Nearly every runner who had competed in the first race was there. Most of them improved their times since two weeks ago, some dramatically. And the NVRC again signed up a passel of new members.

In the first heat, Rod Stahl, winner of the first series race, was narrowly bested by newcomer Brian McNally. Rod ripped 10 seconds off of his time of two weeks age, led the race from the start until lap 7, and put on a ferocious kick that almost caught McNally. Ken Davis, who placed third, broke 5 minutes and is on his way toward his season goal of 4:52. Matt Newcomb and Mark Fedkin also peeled seconds off their previous times, with Mark going out very strong and leading the pack in the first lap.

In the second race, Beth Parker won again, and beat her previous time by 9 seconds. Time for Beth to move up to heat 1! Tim Brenza, who had stepped back from heat 1, showed that he still belongs there, finishing 9 seconds ahead of his previous time in 5:39. Jim Myers ran his first timed mile in a few years in a very respectable time of 5:44. One of the "barely over 6:00" pack from the last race broke that barrier this time, with Marty Klanchar lopping 12 seconds off his previous time to finish in 5:55. Mike Casper sat out the race with an ailing toe, and Marty Mazur still has a few seconds to shave off. He improved by 7 seconds to 6:05 and was on pace for most of the race, but had a near death experience on the last lap. The father-son team of John J. and John A. Sherer made a strong showing, with John the younger taking 6th in heat 1 in 5:11 and Poppa John running a 6:40 in heat 2.

A few runners from last time were notably frustrated. Marty Mazur could taste 5:59 until the taste of lung took over. Some others had micro-second improvements when more was hoped for. But redemption is what Race 3 is for! All told, it was another great run. Can we get enough runners for 3 heats in the big finale?


Heat 1

Place  Name                 Time
-----  ----                 ----

1.     Brian McNally        4:36.21
2.     Rod Stahl            4:37.03

3.     Ken Davis            4:58.15
4.     Chris Ritter         5:01.98
5.     Lance Bland          5:03.16
6.     John A. Sherer       5:11.60
7.     Matt Newcomb         5:13.97

8.     Mark Fedkin          5:16.18
9.     Judd Michael         5:25.19
10.    Mitch Shipley        5:28.29
11.    Paul Raber           5:28.55

Heat 2

Place  Name                 Time
-----  ----                 ----
1.     Beth Parker          5:30.03
2.     Tim Brenza           5:39.00
3.     Jim Myers            5:44.78
4.     Erin Wyble           5:46.56
5.     Mark Hilliard        5:50.05
6.     Dan Guss             5:50.28
7.     Morgan Windram       5:53.24
8.     Eric Tien            5:54.03
9.     Marty Klanchar       5:55.02
10.    Dave Jenkins         5:55.97
11.    Bill Bonness         6:04.45
12.    Marty Mazur          6:05.88
13.    Jonathan Witcoski    6:07.83
14.    Dana Todd            6:11.92
15.    John Lacombe         6:23.19
16.    John J. Sherer       6:40.86
17.    Karl Leitzel         6:47.65

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