2005 Nittany Valley Running Club Indoor Mile #1
Saturday, January 15, 2005
by Marty Mazur

The first Nittany Valley Running Club Indoor Mile of the season 2004-5 had a nice turnout. Despite a few scratches, we ran two heats with a total of 16 runners. Lars Selmer-Larsen ran away with the fast heat. Lars took off at a 33 second clip on his first lap (4:24 pace) and maintained that pretty well with no competitors pushing him. Matt Manfred was second in 4:49 and Rod Stahl, tuning up to see where he stands, took third in 4:56. Rod averaged around 4:40 in his efforts in last year's series, so now he knows just how far he has to go. Boyd Brumbaugh was sixth in the first heat in 5:21.62, but turned in the fastest Master's division time of the day.

The interesting heat was the second 'slow' heat. Marty Mazur was just out to tune up his legs. He wanted to set a sub-6 pace for half a mile and then just see what happened. Well, it's always easy for Mazur to psych himself out. After accomplishing his goal by leading all runners to the half in 2:58, Marty dropped his pace and watched as five runners beat him to the finish, four of them in under 6 minutes. The top 3 racers made use of the photo finish capability at the MSF, crossing the line within less than 0.15 seconds of each other. Starting this year better than they were last year were Erin Wyble and Marty Klanchar. Erin was the fastest female miler, and took first in the second heat. Her time of 5:51.58 is already better than her first race of last year. Marty Klanchar took third in 5:51.72 and is already close to his fastest finish of last year. John Daley was second in 5:51.67. Also renewing his membership in the Sub-6 Club was Morgan Wasikonis's Dad, Joe Reynolds. Joe is especially proud, achieving this benchmark time at age 60. Marty Mazur, age 47, ended up 6th in 6:23 with a clear sense of what he has to do to get in the Sub-6 Club this year.


Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----

 1.    Lars Selmer-Larsen       4:35.92  
Matt Manfred             4:49.03  
Rod Stahl                4:56.34  
Matt Newcomb             5:11.60  
Andy Cunningham          5:18.10  
Boyd Brumbaugh           5:21.62   (M)
Phil Pillin              5:42.57   (M)
Tim Brenza               5:43.16

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
Erin Wyble               5:51.58  
John Daley               5:51.67   (M)
Marty Klanchar           5:51.72   (M)
Joe Reynolds             5:56.01   (M)
Morgan Wasikonis         6:11.82  
Marty Mazur              6:23.06   (M)
 7.    Jim Taylor               6:31.70  
John Lacombe             6:32.88   (M)

 (M) - Designates Masters (over 40) runners.

Larz Selmer-Larsen, Winner of Heat 1

The fast heat takes off!

Erin Wyble, Winner of Heat 2 and Fastest Woman

The second heat had the most exciting race.
From left: John Lacombe, Morgan Wasikonis, Erin Wyble, Jim Taylor, John Daley, Joe Reynolds, and Marty Klanchar. Marty Mazur is not shown. He took the picture.

Boyd Brumbaugh exults in his Master's victory

Morgan Wasikonis and her Dad, Joe Reynolds, who ran sub-6 at age 60

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