2005 Nittany Valley Running Club Indoor Mile #3 and 3000m Race
Friday, February 5, 2005
by Marty Mazur

There were two races in third meet of the 2004-05 Indoor Mile Series, a mile run followed by a heat of the 3000 meter run. In the mile, Matt Manfred took first in 4:40.70. Matt continues to shave time off of his mile finishes and is now 9 seconds ahead of his time in the first series race. Rod Stahl returned after a one meet break to clock 4:49.4, shaving 7 seconds off his first series time. Ken Poli just barely missed (by 0.4 seconds) breaking 5 minutes, but improved over his last race by over 8 seconds to take third. Andy Cunningham and Judd Michael both turned in respectable sub-5:20 times, with Judd Michael's time giving him the Master's win. Because of confusion due to the large heat, John Daley and Sarah Pabian dropped out the race after finishing 7 laps in just over 5 minutes, thinking they had finished. Their finishing times for a mile are extrapolations. Marty Mazur has shaved 13 seconds off his time in the three meet series, but is still chasing a sub-6 minute mile. John Lacombe, Jim Taylor, and Christine Rice all turned in improved times, with Christine turning in the fastest official time (7:31.7) among females.

The 3000 meter run had a large heat. Lars Selmer-Larsen, winner of Indoor Miles #1 and #2 churned out his 15 laps like a machine, finishing first in 9:18.7. Christian Schmidt was second in 9:21.21 and David Moore, who put on a ferocious kick, was third in 9:26.76. Two other runners, Brian McNally and Joseph Norton, also broke 10 minutes. Brian McNally was the overall winner of last year's Indoor Mile Series, but has not tried to defend his mile crown this year. Rounding out the finishers were Matt Newcomb, Nick Downs, Tim Brenza, Erin Wyble, and Marty Klanchar. Erin and Marty ran very close for about 12 laps, but Erin pulled away and nearly bested her 3000 time of last year. Marty just missed his goal of cracking 12 minutes.

Next Friday's Indoor Mile heats are the last in the series. There will be a predicted time contest, so get your pace down!

Mile Results

Place  Name                 Time
-----  ----                 ----

1.     Matt Manfred         4:40.70
2.     Rod Stahl            4:49.40
3.     Ken Poli             5:00.40
4.     Andy Cunningham      5:12.50
5.     Judd Michael         5:15.60  (M)
6.     Sarah Pabian         5:44.00  (*)
7.     John Daley           5:45.00  (M*)
8.     Marty Mazur          6:10.70  (M)
9.     John Lacombe         6:24.40  (M)
10.    Jim Taylor           6:29.20 
11.    Christine Rice       7:31.70

(*)    Due to an officiating error, Sarah Pabian and John Daley only ran 7 laps.
       The times listed here are extrapolations and will not be counted toward
       the series competition.

3000 Meter  Results

Place  Name                 Time

-----  ----                 ----
1.     Lars Selmer-Larsen   9:18.70
2.     Christian Schmidt    9:21.21
3.     David Moore          9:26.76
4.     Brian McNally        9:48.54
5.     Joseph Norton        9:54.80
6.     Jeremy Bochert       9:55.32
7.     Matt Newcomb        10:20.33
8.     Nick Downs          10:35.92
9.     Tim Brenza          11:28.44
10.    Erin Wyble          11:46.71
11.    Marty Klanchar      12:01.09  (M)

Runners lineup for the 3000 meter run

Marty Klanchar hung with Erin Wyble most of the race.

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