2005 Nittany Valley Running Club Indoor Mile Series Results


Overall - Women

                     Time In Best
Name                 Two Races
----                 --------
Erin Wyble           11:41.93
Christine Rice       14:49.10

Overall - Men

                     Time In Best
Name                 Two Races
----                 --------
Lars Selmer-Larsen    9:10.46
Matt Manfred          9:21.01
Rod Stahl             9:45.74
Chris Ritter          9:51.20
Ken Davis             9:59.30
Ken Poli             10:09.32
Matt Newcomb         10:17.79
Andy Cunningham      10:21.84
Boyd Brumbaugh       10:51.77  (M)
Tim Brenza           11:23.40
John Daley           11:32.27  (M)
Marty Klanchar       11:45.03  (M)
Marty Mazur          12:25.57  (M)
John Lacombe         12:55.55  (M)
Jim Taylor           13:00.90

Boyd Brumbaugh exults on getting the Masters Series crown

Indoor Mile Series Winners, from left: Andy Cunningham was erroneously awarded the predicted time trophy. He was actually edged out by Matt Newcomb, not shown; Lars Selmer-Larsen, Men's Open Winner, Boyd Brumbaugh, Men's Masters Winner; Erin Wybe, Women's Open Winner

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