2008 Nittany Valley Running Club Indoor Mile #1
Saturday, January 12, 2008
by Marty Mazur

The first NVRC Indoor Mile of the season again came too soon after Christmas. People are still feeling the effects of their seasonal overindulgence. The first race is usually a tune-up or a reality check for most people, and most were slower than their ending times from last year, or slower than they thought they'd be. But a few came away rather pleased with themselves. The first heat, the sub-6ers, was huge, with 14 runners crowding the starting line. Dave Moore, recently of the PSU Track Team, easily beat the field and came close to the 4:30 benchmark, winning in 4:31.53. Last year's series winner, Matt Manfred, a coach at Penn State Altoona, was second in 4:42.25, and Andy Cunnignham started the season well, finishing third in 4:51. There was a big group between 4:50 and 5 flat. Eric Tyo, a budding triathlete, was a close fourth in 4:52.69. Bob Radzwich, who ran for Penn State over a decade before Moore, was fifth in 4:54.85  Greg Dillon and Dave Felice, last year's Masters Champ, battled hard for the top Masters slot. Dillon surprised himself by cracking 5 in his first race of the season, just beating Felice by 0.3 seconds. The top female was Meghan Mason, late of State High and now finishing her career at American University. She came in at 5:32.55

The second heat was smaller and saw Luke St. Clair go out like a rabbit. He finished his first lap in under 35 seconds, but almost seemed catchable late in the race after he lost his steam. He prevailed, finishing in 5:53.61. Marty Klanchar and Michael Goldfine battled for second the entire race. In the end, Goldfine edged Klanchar by less than half a second. Marty Mazur, watching from the sidelines this first race, then notched all the people he'll easily pick off next week as he watched Eric Mortensen, Tara Murray, and John LaCombe finish well behind their previous standards. But Mazur won't have the throw-away tune-up under his belt! Lee Culver, running his first Indoor Mile turned in a respectable sub-7 time and is raring to go under 6:30.


Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Dave Moore               4:31.53
 2.    Matt Manfred             4:42.25
 3.    Andy Cunningham          4:51.73
 4.    Eric Tyo                 4:52.69
 5.    Robert Radzwich          4:54.85
 6.    Greg Dillon              4:56.33 (M)
 7.    Dave Felice              4:56.63 (M)
 8.    Matt Smith               5:10.83 (M)
 9.    Brian Russell            5:17.15
10.    Duane Serpentine         5:19.69
11.    Boyd Brumbaugh           5:21.67 (M)
12.    Tim Spigelmyer           5:26.26 (M)
13.    Meghan Mason             5:32.55
14.    Mark Fedkin              5:38.85

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Luke St. Clair           5:53.61
 2.    Michael Goldfine         6:03.15 (M)
 3.    Marty Klanchar           6:03.50 (M)
 4.    Eric Mortensen           6:26.07
 5.    Tara Murray              6:26.57
 6.    John LaCombe             6:34.78 (M)
 7.    Lee Culver               6:50.71 (M)

  (M) - Designates Masters (over 40) runners.

Pam Scott chats with Lee Culver and Tara "Stretch" Murray

The first heat was bursting at the seams at the start

The 4:50-5:00 pack was closely grouped at the halfway point

Dave Moore crosses the finish line just after lapping Matt Smith
The second heat was a little smaller

Marty Klanchar and Michael Goldfine at the half; they were this close at the finish

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