2008 Nittany Valley Running Club Indoor Mile #2
Saturday, January 19, 2008
by Marty Mazur

The second NVRC Indoor Mile of the season had some newcomers, as well as returnees, most of whom improved over last week. In the first heat, Nate Harkins ran away from the field in 4:35.26. Nate will have to run harder next week if he is to beat Dave Moore, who watched from the sidelines this week. Dave's time from last week is 4 seconds faster. If they both run next week, it should be a great battle. Second place in the heat went to Ben Hueyin 4:46.26 and third to Eric Tyo in 4:47.63, a five second improvement. Greg Dillon continues to make a liar out of himself. Dillon, top Masters runner last week, said he felt he had nearly topped out with his 4:56 showing. This week he pared off 7 seconds to finish in 4:49.97. Andy Cunningham was a little slower than last week, finishing 5th in 4:54.18. Matt Smith and Brian Russell both shaved some time off their prior performances. Costas Maranas debuted just behind Smith and Russell in 5:14. And Tim Yosco rounded the field in his first race of the year in 5:25.

The second heat was led by Matt Manfred, who was second in the first heat last week, but showed up a little late this week. Matt really belonged in the first heat, and turned in the second best time of the day in 4:41.23. Luke St. Clair ran a much smarter race this week than last, when he rabbitted the field and then died. Luke's more even pace helped him shave nearly half a minute from his previous time. He finished second in 5:25 and will probably move to the fast heat next time. Michael Goldfine and Marty Klanchar repeated their battle of last week, but bumped it up several notches. Goldfine again outkicked Klanchar, but both finished 10 seconds better than last week, and well under 6 minutes.Dan Guss made his first return to the track since last year and also went under 6 minutes. Earl Lake and John Wilcock made their Indoor Mile debuts in fine fashion. Tara Murray and John LaCombe each shook several seconds off their times of last week. And Jen St. Clair also debuted this week.


Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.          Nate Harkins             4:35.26
 2.    Ben Huey                 4:46.26
 3.    Eric Tyo                 4:47.63
 4.    Greg Dillon              4:49.97 (M)
 5.    Andy Cunningham          4:54.18
 6.    Matt Smith               5:08.63 (M)
 7.    Brian Russell            5:10.11
 8.    Costas Maranas           5:14.83 (M)
 9.    Tim Yosca                5:25.90

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Matt Manfred             4:41.23
 2.    Luke St. Clair           5:25.22
 3.    Michael Goldfine         5:53.67 (M)
 4.    Marty Klanchar           5:54.86 (M)
 5.    Dan Guss                 5:55.84 (M)
 6.    Earl Lake                6:08.90 (M)
 7.    John Wilcock             6:17.55
 8.    Tara Murray              6:20.55
 9.    John LaCombe             6:26.06 (M)
10.    Jen St. Clair            7:37.19

  (M) - Designates Masters (over 40) runners.

Photos provided by Michael Goldfine

Nate Harkins is a blur as he leads the field in Heat 1.

Greg Dillon, center, fights to catch Andy Cunningham. Eric Tyo, rear, eventually caught both

Matt Manfred was a similar blur leading Heat 2.

Time for a time check in Heat 2.

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