2009 Nittany Valley Running Club Indoor Mile #2
Saturday, January 17, 2009
by Marty Mazur

Despite the icebox temperatures outside, people were'n't shovelling themselves out of a snowstorm like last week. This week's Indoor Mile had nearly twice the turnout. And a quick bunch it was. Seven of the fourteen runners in the first heat went under 5 minutes. Dave Rasmussen and Nate King battled each other the entire race, with Rasmussen outsprinting King to win in 4 :41.73. King's time was 4:42.05. Brain Petraco was third in 4:47.95. Last year's Master's winner, Greg Dillon showed up for his first Series run of the year, finishing fourth in 4:53.21. Nick Fornicola, Ben Huey, and Ben Holmes rounded out the sub-5 group. (Adam Moore almost made it, finishing in 5:00.34.)

In the second heat, Donald Bind led all the way, taking first in 5:15.48. Ann Skulas-Ray took 7 seconds off her time of last week, finishing with the best female time and second in the second heat in 5:28.26. Andy Mazur made his return to the Series after a year's hiatus, taking third in 5:43.24. WIth a little more training, and some better pacing, he should be in the low 5's before the Series is done. Among the women finishers, Cheryl Capone was second in 5:51.93 and Stephanie Serriere was third in 6:18.97.

Most of the runners who have done both Series races improved their times this week. The third Indoor Mile Series race will be on January 30 in conjunction with the Penn State National.


Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Dave Rasmussen           4:41.73
 2.    Nate King                4:42.05
 3.    Brian Petraco            4:47.95
 4.    Greg Dillon              4:53.21 (M)
 5.    Nick Fornicola           4:55.73
 6.    Ben Huey                 4:56.31
 7.    Ben Holmes               4:57.21
 8.    Adam Moore               5:00.34
 9.    Matt Gorman              5:03.63
10.    Jordan Rowley            5:19.08
11.    Shawn Kelly              5:20.36
12.    Alan Effrig              5:21.36
13     James Volkert            5:38.28
14.    Scott Klettke            6:03.10

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Donald Bind              5:17.48 (M)
 2.    Ann Skulas-Ray           5:28.26
 3.    Andy Mazur               5:43.24
 4.    Cheryl Capone            5:51.93
 5.    Michael Goldfine         5:52.71 (M)
 6.    Joel Niemann             5:54.32
 7.    Marty Klanchar           5:54.34 (M)
 8.    Andy Arndt               5:55.72
 9.    David DeGroote           6:01.10 (M)
10.    Shaun Wood               6:04.16
11.    John Wilcox              6:05.18
12.    Stephanie Serriere       6:18.97
13.    Christine Rodgers        6:20.78
14.    Marty Mazur              6:35.24 (M)
15.    Kate Ryan                6:48.22
  (M) - Designates Masters (over 40) runners.

Photos: Marty Mazur and Jamie Volkert.

Heat 1 toes the line.

Dave Rasmussen led the way in Heat 1

Greg Dillon, the Flying Wookie, seeks another Masters crown.

The staggered starters in Heat 2.

The middle of the pack early on.

mOUnTaiNBACK training buddies Ann Skulas-Ray and Andy Mazur. Andy will have to step it up next meet to catch Ann in the second half-mile.

Cheryl Keller Capone is glad her first Indoor Mile is done.

Greg Dillon and Ann Skulas-Ray - Best Hair at the meet.

Andy Mazur has his eye on the next meet.

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