2010 Nittany Valley Running Club Indoor Mile #3
Friday, January 29, 2010
by Marty Mazur

At least one Club record fell in each of the first two Indoor Miles of the season. And the third meet continued the tradition in a big way. In the first ("slow") heat (we have to rename that), Penn medical student Charlotte Lawson lowered her two week old Club Women's Mile record by over 4 seconds to 5:01.66. Charlotte is knocking on 5-minute's door and she's got another meet for 5 to answer.  Coreen Steinbach, visiting from Syracuse, is on the national record holding women's over-50 4X400 and 4X800 teams. After this evening, Coreen holds the NVRC Women's Master's Mile record, now at 6:05.83. And four women had times faster than the women's record at the start of the season.

The men would not be outdone. The time of 4:30 is a Club benchmark. It is broken, if at all, only once or twice a season. At today's meet, the top 4 men were under 4:30 and the next two were within 2 seconds of that.Karl Shellenberger's Club Men's Mile record of 4:27.90, which has stood for 10 years, finally fell. Mark Burnham, a Penn State grad student and late of St. Lawrence University's track team, finished first in 4:26.39. But the lead changed several times in this race. Miles Smith rabbitted the field, crossing the half-mile in 2:14 before dropping out. Then the lead changes began in earnest and Burnham did not take the lead for good until the bell lap. It was a truly exciting race.

Next week's meet hopes to continue the tradition. There will also be a 3000 meter run.


Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Kenny Roman              4:57.54
  2    Charlotte Lawson         5:01.66 (R)
  3    Steve Banks              5:09.25
  4    Lauren Philbrook         5:11.43
  5    Elizabeth Eder           5:13.20
  6    Beth Herndon             5:16.10
  7    John Hanlon              5:18.17 (M)
  8    Ann Skulas-Ray           5:27.38
  9    Greg Luna                5:28.02 (M)
 10    Meira Minard             5:33.05
 11    Cheryl Capone            5:43.23
 12    Rich Aungst              5:50.97
 13    Dave DeGroote            5:57.74 (M)
 14    Earl Lake                6:00.19 (M)
 15    Coreen Steinbach         6:05.83 (MR)
 16    Marty Klanchar           6:23.93 (M)

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Mark Burnham             4:26.39 (R)
  2    James Faucette           4:28.81
  3    Brian Petraco            4:29.17
  4    Dave Moore               4:29.93
  5    Brian McNally            4:30.35
  6    David Rasmussen          4:31.86
  7    Mike Williams            4:40.43
  8    Chad Fitz                4:40.88
  9    Jonathan Fleming         4:48.10
 10    Andy Cunningham          4:52.58
 11    Pat Singletary           4:52.91 (M)
 12    Tom Metz                 5:02.49 (M)
 13    Jeff Smucker             5:06.76 (M)
       Miles Smith               DNF

  (M) - Designates Masters (over 40) runners.
  (R) - NVRC Indoor Mile Record

Photos by Marty Mazur.

Not only are these ladies tough competitors on the track, but also in the Cute Hair Contest. From left: Meira Minard ("Heidi"), Beth Herndon (braid), Cheryl Capone (bob), and Elizabeth Eder (pixie).

Cheryl Capone brought the Jersey Mob with her: John Hanlon (l) and Tom Metz (r)

The staggered start of the first heat.

From left: Lauren Philbrook, Elizabeth Eder, and Beth Herndon. These three were this close for most of the race.

Coreen Steinbach leads Earl Lake as she runs toward a Club Women's Masters record.

Charlotte Lawson brings her Club record closer to 5 minutes.

Miles Smith rabbits the fast heat through a blazing first half-mile.

Mark Burnham lowers the NVRC Club Men's Mile record.

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