2010 Nittany Valley Running Club Indoor Mile #4 and 3000 m Race
Friday, February 5, 2010
by Marty Mazur

Records fell at every Indoor Mile this season. And with the return of several of the past weeks' pacesetters, the last Indoor Mile of the series promised more of the same. But the top runners had to decide whether to give the record books another crack, or to turn their attentions to the 3000 meter run. A few of the best took their crack at the 3000, but Dave Rasmussen, Bob McGinty, and Mark Burnham had something to prove in the mile. All three had a shot at the Series crown, based on the best two times in the Series.

The first heat was the "slow heat" (that's getting more and more meaningless each meet) and also had those runners who were also running the 3000 meter run, to give them a break. Costas Maranas, ran his best time of the year to take the heat in 5:05.92. Also turning in season's bests were Ann Skulas-Ray, George Lesieutre (a lifetime PR in his early 50s!), Dave DeGroote (ditto!), and Tara Murray (who ran a PR after eating at Herwig's Austrian Bistro; that's gotta be worth something! ).

Last year's Series winner and this year's Series leader Dave Rasmussen had been running very consistently this season, brushing very close to 4:30. Mark Burnham had been running a lot less consistently, and slower, except for last week when he smashed the Club record. That performance meant that all Burnham had to do was come within a couple of seconds of Rasmussen to take the Series crown. But there was also Bob McGinty, who just by showing up would get the Masters crown and record. And he was close enough to give Burnham and Rasmussen a real challenge. The heat was exciting and, though not as fast as last week's amazing fast heat, was a treat to watch. After some jokeying by the lead pack through the fist half-mile, Andrew Viscusi, a dark horse contender for the Series title, took the lead and opened up on the field. But Masters pro Bob McGinty has quite a kick. He caught Viscusi down the stretch and won in 4:32.22., lowering his Masters single mile record, and establishing a Masters Series record as well. Rasmussen beat Burnham by 1.2 seconds, which was not enough to keep his title. So Mark Burnham  is this year's Indoor Mile Series champ!

James Faucette gave up his shot at the mile title to try his legs on the 3K. Faucette was first, and beat the benchmark "attaboy" mark of sub-9, winning in 8:58.33. Dave Moore was just over that line in 9:00.09. The women's race saw friendly rivals Beth Herndon and Lauren Philbrook duel for 15 laps. Herndon led most of the way, but Philbrook was right on her shoulder for the first 10 laps. Then Herndon increased her lead and it looked like the race was over. But Philbrook kept plugging away and never really went away. She caught Herndon in the last 3 laps and won by just over 5 seconds to establish a new NVRC Women's 3K mark.

There are some pictures of the Series champs on the 2010 Series Results page.


Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Costas Maranas           5:05.92 (M)
  2    Ann Skulas-Ray           5:20.83
  3    Kelsey Markham           5:28.95
  4    George Lesieutre         5:29.29 (M)
  5    Meira Minard             5:33.81
  6    Cheryl Capone            5:43.96
  7    Dave DeGroote            5:48.68 (M)
  8    Michael Goldfine         5:48.90 (M)
  9    Tara Murray              5:49.61
 10    Earl Lake                6:01.71 (M)

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Bob McGinty              4:31.66 (MR)
  2    Andrew Viscusi           4:32.22
  3    Dave Rasmussen           4:36.17
  4    Mark Burnham             4:37.36
  5    Jason Hoover             4:37.57
  6    Chad Fitz                4:40.14
  7    Jonathan Fleming         4:48.24
  8    Pat Singletary           4:48.82 (M)
  9    Andrew Cunningham        4:53.96
 10    Kenny Roman              4:58.64
 11    Elizabeth Eder           5:17.04

3000 Meter Run

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    James Faucette           8:58.33
  2    Dave Moore               9:00.09
  3    Elijah Shekinah          9:07.26
  4    Brian Petraco            9:10.97
  5    Mike Williams            9:11.88
  6    Lauren Philbrook        10:12.11 (R)
  7    Beth Herndon            10.17.42
  8    Greg Luna               10:50.25 (M)
  9    Cheryl Capone           11:29.46
 10    Cory Neff               12:42.77
  (M) - Designates Masters (over 40) runners.
  (R) - NVRC Indoor Mile Record

Photos by Marty Mazur.

Runners are all smiles as they warm up for their race. From left: Earl Lake, Liz Eder, Meira Minard, Kelson and Michael Goldfine.

Costas Maranas cruises to a season best ahead of Ann Skulas-Ray and Kelsey Markham.

A race to the finish! Dave DeGroote (l) nipped Michael Goldfine to PR. Tara Murray also had a PR.

Tara Murray gives a thumb up to the new Bloatfood of Champions, Knödel mit Ei from Herwig's Austrian Bistro, that helped fuel her PR run.

Liz Eder found herself the only gal in the fast heat and was likin' it.
Bob McGinty comes from behind and storms to the finish for a new NVRC Men's Masters Record.

Cheryl Capone ran both the mile and the 3000, a tough combo.

Friendly rivals Lauren Philbrook and Beth Herndon have been this close in races the last two weeks. Lauren took this week's 3K by outlasting Beth, and got a new Club Women's 3K record of 10:12.11 in the bargain.

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