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2013 Race Series Leader Board

The 2013 Race Series is over! Please accept our apologies for the delay in getting results out. The new Race Series Scoring software took some time to get over its early bumps, and there were some problems along the way, including a hardware crash! Below is the list of this year's top finishers, those eligible for Awards.

This year's top point getter was again Alan Effrig. Alan has won the prize the last two years! A new Series rule regarding repeat winners stipulates that Alan is "on hiatus" until next year, but his points are posted as a challenge. First place this year goes to Tom Cali. Matt Smith came in second, and Dan Craighead was third. Marty Mazur was a close 4th. The top 3 get special awards, and anyone who got over 30 points will be rewarded.

There is no longer a contest for Volunteer of the Year, but Club volunteers are rewarded according to a points system. Top volunteers and their awards are also listed below.

Full tallies for the Race Series Cup and Volunteer Awards are here.

Information on the Race Series, Volunteer Awards, and full standings, can be found here. You must be an NVRC member to participate. If you want to participate in the 2014 Race Series, it's time to join the Club!

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2023 Predicted Mile Contest

A Predicted Mile Contest was held again at the last meet of this year's Indoor Mile Series. A couple of runners were within a second of their predicted time in the mile, but Carli Smith was the closest. She predicted a 7:30 finish and came within 0.28 seconds of that time, finishing in 7:29.72.

Join the 2021 Run For CVIM Challenge

Come be part of the 2021 Run For CVIM Challenge! If you are running a race this spring or summer, please consider joining the team. We raise funds for Centre Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM), a local organization that provides free and/or discounted medical and dental care to our neighbors in Centre County who lack health insurance. The need is great, and there is no better time to combine your love for running with an opportunity to enable more of our neighbors to live healthier lives.

We request that you dedicate your race to CVIM, and then ask your family and friends to support you by making a donation to CVIM. You are not required to raise a minimum dollar amount -- every dollar counts, and every dollar you raise goes directly to providing services at CVIM. You'll help to make a difference in our community. Greg Fredericks will once again be serving as an honorary coach along with Fumi Franklin, and we are hoping to have Sue Paterno return.

The Run For CVIM Challenge fundraising pages for individual runners are now going up on the CVIM web site. If you can't run with us this year, please take a moment and donate to the cause in the name of one or more of the athletes!

 For more information or to join the team, contact Jaimie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2023 Nittany Valley Running Clun Indoor Mile #2

January 27, 2023
University Park, PA
by Marty Mazur

The second meet of the NVRC Indoor Mile Series was held in conjunction with the Penn State National Open Meet. This is a big, two day meet with some of the top collegiate track and field athletes in the country. (To give you an idea, in the collegiate Men’s Mile, the top 6 finishers all went under four minutes!) Because of the size of this meet, the NVRC mile was moved up an hour. And due to this early start, and the fact that many of the Penn State Cross-Country Club students were participating in a fundraising event, the turnout was low for the NVRC mile.

In the first heat, John Iceland led from start to finish. At the gun lap, it looked like he might not make it under 6 minute, but Iceland put on a great final lap to finish in 5:58.74. Iceland should move up to Heat 2 should he run the final meet. Second was Keith Henderson in 6:26.08, and third place among solo runners went to Marty Klanchar in 6:48.32, a 13 second improvement over his time from the previous meet. Ability Athlete Jeffrey Coll was pushed to a time of 6:38.31. Betsey Stewart had the fastest Women’s Masters time of 6:55.03.

In the second heat, Maggie Mahoney led from the gun and crushed it, finishing in 5:33.05. The fastest Men’s Masters time of the day was put in by Matt Smith, who ran negative splits to finish second in 5:48.44. Third was Christopher Sanders in 6:00.39.

The fast heat saw Vince Fadale battle a close field for the first three quarters. But Vince has a torrid finish in every race he runs, and finished first by 3 seconds in 4:33.52. Second place went to Scott Wallace in 4:36.54, finishing with the fastest Men's Masters time of the day. Jason Samut was third in 4:40.54.

The third and final meet in the Indoor Mile Series is next Saturday, February 4, in conjunction with the Sykes-Sabok Challenge Cup. There will also be a running of the 3000 meter race, and a Predicted Time Contest in the mile heats. Remember to pre-register by emailing Marty Klanchar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Tell Marty your approximate projected finishing time to help him organize heats.


Josh Cone pushed Jeff Coll to a sub-6 time in the first heat.

John Iceland won the first heat going away. He'll move up a heat next week!

Maggie Mahoney crushed the second heat to turn in the fastest women's time of the day

Matt Smith checks his pulse after running the fastest Men's Masters time of the day

Vince Fadale leads the Series going into the last meet after two successive wins in the fast heat

Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    John Iceland            5:58.74 (M)
  2    Keith Henderson         6:26.08 (M)
  3    Jeffrey Coll            6:38.31  
  4    Josh Cone               6:38.79  
  5    Marty Klanchar          6:48.32 (M)
  6    Bob Ferguson            6:49.69 (M) 
  7    Betsy Stewart           6:55.03 (M)

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Maggie Mahoney          5:33.05  
  2    Matt Smith              5:48.44  
  3    Christopher Sanders     6:00.39  
  4    Scott Anthony           6:02.81 (M)  

Heat 3

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1   Vince Fadale             4:34.13
  2   Scott Wallace            4:36.54 (M)
  3   Jason Sammut             4:40.54
  4   Mark Puleo               4:42.47
  5   Jeremy Bell              4:42.50
  6   Cam Mallette             4:43.94
  7   Liam Goldsworthy         4:48.06
  8   Brian Tholl              4:48.39
  9   Eric Marshall            4:52.92
 10   Westin Boyd            4:54.96
 11   Charles Wood             4:57.82
 12   Joseph Romano            5:05.48


Spring 2017 Running Workshop Series: Run Healthy, Run Strong

The 2017 Spring Running Workshop Series is being put on by Cheryl Keller Capone, PhD, NASM-CPT and  Christine Dorman, USATF Level I. The workshops will be held at Tudek Park (at the pavilion) at 3 PM on four successive Sundays: April 30, May 7, May 14, and May 21. This program is designed for beginners as well as more advanced runners looking to improve their performance. Please come dressed to run. We also suggest bringing a large towel as some activities will be performed lying on the ground.

Each weekly session will have three main parts:

Part I will focus on topics such as breathing mechanics, core stability, and body weight strength training. The emphasis will be on instruction and proper technique, along with practice time. Each week will build upon the week prior, but it is not essential to attend every session. No experience required!

Part 2 will focus on dynamic warm up exercises/drills. Over the 4 week course, we  will cover differences between warming up for longer distances vs. speed work vs. races.

Part 3 will be a group run in Tudek Park around the 1.5 ml loop course - various pace groups available.

Registration: This program is FREE, but pre-registration is required and limited to 20 participants. To register, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and provide your name, age, email address and phone number. 

Here's an informational flyer.

NVRC Supports 2022 United Way Day of Caring

The 2022 United Way Day of Caring was held on October 6. The NVRC took part with another of their annual PSU Golf Course trail maintenance projects. Cheree Jones coordinated with Joe Hughes, Penn State Golf Courses PGA General Manager. The NVRC also provided lunch for the crew. This year the 11 volunteers included Jarod Stanton from Barton Associates, Tom Weller from Auntie Anne’s, Penn State Parents Council, Laura Gebhart, Lisa Love, and Miriam Powell from the Penn State Field Hockey coaching staff, as well as Joe Hughes, Cheree and Bob Jones, Janie Brown, and Liz and Jim Kisenwether. They cleared brush, especially from wooded segments of the trail, working tirelessly to make the trail safer. Sections of the trail were widened, outlets were created, and the grass leading to the entrances off of Blue Course Drive was cut. This trail has been a Centre County Day of Caring project for the NVRC each year from 2011-2022 (There was an informal small group of volunteers in 2020 due to the pandemic.) Here are some photos from the day of the project.

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