The 2013 Race Series is over! Please accept our apologies for the delay in getting results out. The new Race Series Scoring software took some time to get over its early bumps, and there were some problems along the way, including a hardware crash! Below is the list of this year's top finishers, those eligible for Awards.

This year's top point getter was again Alan Effrig. Alan has won the prize the last two years! A new Series rule regarding repeat winners stipulates that Alan is "on hiatus" until next year, but his points are posted as a challenge. First place this year goes to Tom Cali. Matt Smith came in second, and Dan Craighead was third. Marty Mazur was a close 4th. The top 3 get special awards, and anyone who got over 30 points will be rewarded.

There is no longer a contest for Volunteer of the Year, but Club volunteers are rewarded according to a points system. Top volunteers and their awards are also listed below.

Full tallies for the Race Series Cup and Volunteer Awards are here.

Information on the Race Series, Volunteer Awards, and full standings, can be found here. You must be an NVRC member to participate. If you want to participate in the 2014 Race Series, it's time to join the Club!

Place First Name Family Name Total Race Series Cup Points
Hiatus Alan Effrig 124
1 Tom Cali 123
2 Matt Smith 97
3 Daniel Craighead 95
RTS Martin Mazur 93
RTS David DeGroote 91
RTS Jaimie Wright 91
RTS Marty Klanchar 76
RTS Yu Zhang 76
RTS Anne Balogh 75
Logo Dean Capone 72
Logo Dave Eggler 70
Logo John Iceland 70
Logo Marvin Hall 65
Logo Mark Fedkin 64
Logo Denise Weaver 64
Logo Michael Renz 59
Logo Stephen Ast 55
Logo Jeff Smucker 55
Logo Lauren Philbrook 54
Logo Sarah Farrant 49
Logo Robert Shafer 49
Logo Ashlee Dere 48
Logo Mark Bergstrom 47
Logo Natasha Fedkina 47
Logo Kathryn Koetje-Simin 47
Logo John Clark 46
Logo Jean Brownstead 43
Logo Chris Cipro 43
Logo George Lesieutre 43
Logo Debbie Simoncek 43
Logo Carl Miller 42
Logo Todd Baney 40
Logo Arnold Gasche 40
Logo Dan Guss 40
Logo Bill Hessert 40
Logo Wade Renninger 40
Logo Steve Williams 39
Logo Sara Noss 38
Logo Allison Machnicki 37
Logo David Moyer 37
Logo John Wilcock 37
Logo John Hook 36
Logo Andrew Maguire 36
Logo Megan Hutchinson 35
Logo Ramey Womer 35
Logo Michael Martin 33
Logo Andy Cunningham 32
Logo Gregory Luna 31
Logo Scott Gest 30
Logo Robert Shaver 30
Logo Greg Woodman 30


The Volunteer Awards leaders are below. The Volunteer Awards are non-competitive, and great Awards are available for all volunteers!

Award First Name
Family Name Total Volunteer Points
Jacket Dave Eggler 84
Jacket Martin Mazur 69
Jacket John Wilcock 66
Bag Marty Klanchar 50
Hat Mike Casper 45
RTS Tom Cali 34
Logo Cheryl Capone 22
Logo Dean Capone 21
Logo Carl Miller 21
Logo Todd Baney 20
Logo David DeGroote 20
Logo Richard Olsen 18
Logo Grace Small 17
Logo Andrew Maguire 15
Logo Robert Crowe 13
Logo Fred Wright 13
Logo Mark Fedkin 11
Logo Kim Gasper 11
Logo John Iceland 11
Logo Tammy Domico 10
Logo John Domico 10
Logo Sarah Farrant 10
Logo Steve Gentry 10
Logo Carol Gentry 10
Logo George Lesieutre 10
Logo Allison Machnicki 10
Logo Michael Martin 10
Logo Lauren Philbrook 10
Logo Michael Renz 10
Logo Jeff Smucker 10
Logo Jake Clements 9