Written by Marty Mazur Marty Mazur

July 29, 2014


Tuesday Evening Track returned on a cool, cloudy evening. Ten runners showed up, including a couple of kids from Mark Fedkin’s Nittany Track and Field Youth Group. Marty Klanchar, Andy and Matt Maguire, John and Jacob Iceland, Mark and Nikita Fedkin, Adam Ilgen, Bob Shafer, and Marty Mazur showed up at the Penn State Track.

We tried to follow the format of the old Tuesday Track workouts of a few years ago. The main difference between these and lunchtime Thursday Track is that we have more time in the evening. This allows us to do two things: some track warm-ups and plyometric exercises, and more volume in the workout itself.

Mark Fedkin got the ball rolling with about 15 minutes of track warm-ups taken right from his NT&F playbook. These included toe-walking, heel-walking, running with various kinds of knee lift, skipping, jumping jacks, and backwards and sideward exercises. It looked like an elementary school gym class, but all these exercises are used to increase flexibility, range of motion, and turnover.

Marty Klanchar called the main workout, a downward ladder: 1600-1200-800-400, at 5K+ pace with long (400m) rests between reps. The rest didn’t seem long enough after the 1600, but the workout got easier and faster at the bottom of the ladder.

Tuesday Evening Track will continue through August and hopefully into September. We will move the workouts to the High School track as soon as it’s available again. We may move the start time earlier as we lose daylight. We’ll let you know.