The Bellefonte Road Raiders was out running on this beautiful Saturday morning in Bellefonte.  In attendance we had Dennis McDowell, Christine Rice (our fearless leader), Rachel, Jessica Savrock. (from the Tuesday night group) and Denise Weaver.  We would like to welcome a newcomer in town Rachel from New Jersey, who will be a graduate student attending Penn State this fall.  The group gracefully Undecided headed out from the Bellefonte Middle School to run a 4 mile out and back from Lutz Lane. Christine & Denise took it slower to catch up on important Road Raider business and there was one point where Christine had to use the "Woolly Rag" on Denise to get her moving this morning and it stung and made her cry!  Cry  Who said that handkerchiefs don't hurt when they are used as a "Woolly Rag"

We all had a great time this morning and then afterwards Jessica & Denise graciously looking for more punishment Tongue outhit the streets again to run another 3 miles which was the Faith Center 5k course.  Jessica did a SUPER JOB on the hills that is part of the course even though her quads were screaming  Yell at her, but she pushed on. After that nice 3 mile loop Denise said good-bye to Jessica and once again like a brave warrior hit the pavement again to run the 4 mile Herbie's Hometown Loop so she could get in her 11 mile long run that she desperately needed for her marathon training. Everyone did a GREAT JOB this morning and we hope to see more of you Road Raiders and other fellow runners out there in the upcoming Saturdays in Bellefonte.  Happy Running! Laughing