For the sixth year in a row, Cheree Jones and Sheryl Balkey helped to organize a crew of bushwhackers for the United Way Day of Caring,. The project was again the golf course perimeter bikepath/jogging path, this time along the south and west edges of the Penn State Blue Golf Course near the corner sand traps and cart paths. The usual saplings, bushes, brush, shrubs, and branches had encroached on the jogging path. 

The volunteers were: Penn State Build Brigade and the Penn State Men's and Women's Fencing Team (over 20 volunteers from among these groups), Joe Hughes--Penn State Golf Courses PGA General Manager/Head Golf Professional, who helped tremendously with the planning and execution, and Sheryl Balkey and Cheree Jones. The crew cleared the way so that runners have a clear treadway and golfers can see runners so they can yell "fore!". The NVRC chipped in to pay for some food and refreshment. Here are a few pictures.

pix dayofcaring 16 group

The Penn State Build Brigade and other volunteers stand in front of a conquered brush pile

pix dayofcaring 16 group2

The Penn State Men's and Women's Fencing Teams would not be foiled.

pix dayofcaring 16 balkeysnip

Sheryl Balkey snips some of the low growth. Wait. Is that poison ivy?

pix dayofcaring 16 redreach

Some of the clearing required an upward reach.

pix dayofcaring 16 bikesign

Time to either clear the brush away from the sign, or move the sign. They made the right decision.

pix dayofcaring 16 groupback

The group worked in teams and warned each other of flying golf balls.

pix dayofcaring 16 lopsmile

Working the job was sheer delight

 pix dayofcaring 16 lotsasmiles

Taking out the brush required a variety of tools

pix dayofcaring 16 machetesmile

A machete came in handy.

pix dayofcaring16 snipsmile

Hand sips worked well, too.

pix dayofcaring 16 path 

Go for a jog and check out the path!