Participants are needed for a clinical study of hypertension at Penn State's Noll Lab. Read the statement below for more information about the study and contact information.

STUDY00003224 - The peripheral vascular effects of sulfhydryl-containing antihypertensive pharmacotherapy on microvascular function and vessel remodeling in hypertensive humans

Healthy men needed with normal blood pressure OR
Do you have or suspect you may have high blood pressure??

Research participants needed for a study that is investigating the causes for the impairments
in blood pressure control and vascular health in hypertension. A series of visits to the Noll Lab
over 5 months will be required.

Benefits of participating:

• Lab results that look at overall general health
• 24 hour blood pressure monitor test to get a picture of what your blood pressure is doing as you go
about your daily routine
• Blood pressure medication provided with supervision by a doctor for dosage adjustment for those with high blood pressure

Compensation up to $700

Eligibility Criteria:
• Men and women ages 40-65 years
• No tobacco use
• No cholesterol medications
• General good health other than high blood pressure

Principle Investigator: Lacy M. Alexander, Ph.D.

For more information contact:

Sue Slimak, R.N.
Clinical Research Coordinator
Thermoregulatory and Microvascular Research
229 Noll Laboratory
University Park, PA 16802
814-863-8556 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.