March 2, 2019
Rothrock State Forest
by Mike Casper

Snow flurries, a gentle breeze and snow covered roads greeted runners taking on the switchbacks of Lauren Run Road. The recent snow and icy conditions made for scenic venues but careful footing.

Jake Bayus glided to overall victory, with Steve Templin not far behind and Mark Lozinski in third. Perri Silverhart and Erica Pitcavage shared the victory in the women’s race, adding a kick on the rare patch of clear pavement at the finish. Diane Swauger took third.

Special kudos to Diane Swauger, who logged 12 miles before and another mile after this run, and to David Lloyd, who rode his bike here from Lemont for the race.

Our thanks to series sponsor Subway Restaurants for the party sub, which was handily consumed by participants at the finish line. Many thanks to Doug Schunk for picking up the sub and assisting with timing.

Those who run Tussey Teasers #1 through #5 (February’s Teaser #0 was a bonus) will be eligible for a special prize drawing that will take place on June 16 after Teaser #5, the Eager Seeger Half Marathon.

The next Tussey Teaser on April 7 is the Tussey-to-Whipple 11 Miler, run on Legs 1 through 3 of the Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK course. To register and get details on the remaining Teasers, visit

 pix teaser1 19 start

Runners were eager to assail the Laurel Run Road climb

pix teaser1 19 jake

Jake Bayus was the first runner down the mountain

pix teaser1 19 steve

Steve Templin reprised his last year’s second place finish

pix teaser1 19 lloyd

David Lloyd was pleased with his double victory over the elements

pix teaser1 19 garrett

This was Garrett Day’s first-ever Tussey Teaser run

pix teaser1 19 jaeson

Jaeson Koszarsky motored through the finish

pix teaser1 19 perri erica

Perri Silverhart and Erica Pitcavage held a strong pace to the finish

pix teaser1 19 subway

Erica approved of the fresh post-race Subway grub 

Overall Order of Finish

Place  First       Last              City             Sex   Age    Time
-----  -----       ----              ----             ---   ---    ----
 1     Jake        Bayus             State College     M    27     46:11
 2     Steve       Templin           Muncy             M    46     46:33
 3     Mark        Lozinski          Port Matilda      M    47     53:39
 4     Keith       Henderson         State College     M    54     58:58
 5     Erica       Pitcavage         State College     F    29   1:00:12
 6     Perri       Silverhart        State College     F    24   1:00:12
 7     Alan        Effrig            State College     M    39   1:01:35
 8     Diane       Swauger           Port Matilda      F    43   1:02:00
 9     Cedric      Devoy             Port Matilda      M    37   1:02:53
10     Garrett     Day               Boalsburg         M    29   1:09:15
11     Regina      Lozinski          Port Matilda      F    39   1:10:45
12     Jaeson      Koszarsky         Boalsburg         M    47   1:12:21
13     Jacob       Gordon            Huntingdon        M    30   1:16:34
14     David       Lloyd             State College     M    48   1:23:30
15     Kathryn     Williams          Centre Hall       F    44   1:25:22
16     Eliza       Gabel             State College     F    27   1:26:27
17     Liz         Moriarta          Bellefonte        F    44   1:26:50
18     Jaeson      Crew                                M         1:28:29