June 27, 2021
Rothrock State Forest
by Mike Casper

A slight breeze kept the shaded starting area comfortable at the 9th Eager Seeger Half Marathon, the longest and final run of the 2021 Tussey Teasers Series. The entire route is unpaved forest roads. Runners take on a 3.5+ mile hill near the beginning, with streams, ridgetop vistas and more hills along the way. Humidity gave its two cents but there was no rain and much of this course is in shade.

A small pack set a perky pace up the long hill on Seeger Road. There are shorter ascents on the back half and some long, gentle descents that pay back the early effort. The finish line saw two runners sail under the course record set by Patrick Singletary in 2014. Loc O vied with Joseph Clark in the final miles, but Clark edged him out by 30 seconds.

In the women’s race, Baylee Robey was 6th overall and the women’s winner, with Sherry Tirko and Diane Swauger taking second and third.

Bob Kennedy traveled furthest, from New Hampshire, with runners from New Jersey and Ohio also taking part in this fortifier of a run. Bob and Rob Crowe were the oldest participants at 73, and Tyler Rader the youngest at 15454.

Four runners completed all 5 of the “official” Tussey Teasers, earning a complimentary treat from Coldstone Creamery: Matt Balogh, David Lloyd, and Natasha and Sherry Tirko (both Tirkos also ran the optional February 6 ’Sno Big Deal race, a snowy Tussey Teaser #0). Today Natasha won the grand prize, an ice cream cake from Coldstone Creamery.

Thanks to Doan’s Bones and Webster’s Café for donated prizes that were given away.

Race Director Mike Casper ran this race to raise funds for Centre Volunteers in Medicine. For details on CVIM’s work, visit http://www.cvim.net/. If you’d like to support Mike’s effort, you can visit his page at https://cvim.ejoinme.org/791855.

A huge thank you to Nicole Pote and Ken Farnsworth’s fiancée Megan for finish line duty, to Lisa Kracaw, Bernie Ryan, Jordan and Seann Reed, and William Peck for valiant service at the course’s 3 water stations, and to Nicole for race day photos.

These festive forest frolics are not over! The 2021 Discovery Training Series, beginning Sept. 2, will meet on eight Saturday mornings. This free series of low-key group runs will cover the entire 50 miles of the Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK course. Visit this schedule to get the run distances, start locations and driving directions: http://tusseymountainback.com/events/mountainback-discovery-series.

We hope to see you there. Just for the hill of it!

pix teaser5 21 start                                                                          Runners get instructions at the starting line
pix teaser5 21 Raders                                                            Stephanie Rader and son Tyler celebrate the finish line
pix teaser5 21 Goldners                                                             Nathan and dad Keith Goldner made this a family event
pix teaser5 21 DianeS 3rdW                                                                           Diane Swauger was third woman but first in style

pix teaser5 21 SherryT 2ndW
                                                                            Sherry Tirko shows the grit that gets it done
pix teaser5 21 baylee                                                 Winner Baylee Robey enjoyed the challenge today - "BayleeR-topW.jpg
pix teaser5 21 Men Matt Jigar Joseph 3 4 1
                                        Three top men, Matt Balogh (3rd), Jigar Gosalia (4th) and Joseph Clark (1st), celebrate at the finish

Overall Order of Finish

Place  First        Last                  Sex  Age  Town                 State     Time
-----  -----        ----                  ---  ---  ----                 -----     ----
   1   Joseph       Clark                  M    27  State College          PA     1:20:51
   2   Loc          O                      M    44  State College          PA     1:21:21
   3   Matt         Balogh                 M    22  State College          PA     1:22:02
   4   Jigar        Gosalia                M    26  State College          PA     1:23:26
   5   Sean         Devlin                 M    42  State College          PA     1:38:01
   6   Baylee       Robey                  F    23  State College          PA     1:39:11
   7   Patrick      Singletary             M    55  State College          PA     1:46:50
   8   Tyler        Rader                  M    15  Huntingdon             PA     1:49:20
   9   Ken          Knappenberger          M    45  State College          PA     1:51:08
  10   John         Iceland                M    50  State College          PA     1:51:09
  11   Ken          Farnsworth             M    31  Boalsburg              PA     1:51:37
  12   Garrison     Famiglio               M    18  State College          PA     1:54:08
  13   Sherry       Tirko                  F    47  Warriors Mark          PA     1:55:21
  14   Jim          Maras                  M    59  State College          PA     2:07:51
  15   Diane        Swauger                F    45  Port Matilda           PA     2:08:47
  16   Barb         Kelsey                 F    53  Huntingdon             PA     2:09:10
  17   Jim          Sellmer                M    60  Port Matilda           PA     2:09:22
  18   Alan         Effrig                 M    42  State College          PA     2:17:35
  19   Mike         Casper                 M    62  State College          PA     2:18:10
  20   Brent        Kelsey                 M    53  Huntingdon             PA     2:19:04
  21   Mary         Wike                   F    26  Brookfield             OH     2:20:37
  22   David        Hunter                 M    51  State College          PA     2:21:00
  23   Nathan       Goldner                M    23  Boalsburg              PA     2:21:37
  24   Keith        Goldner                M    58  Kittaning              PA     2:21:37
  25   Daniel       Foster                 M    42  State College          PA     2:21:58
  26   Mitchell     Taylor                 M    20  Syracuse               NY     2:23:00
  27   Jeff         Davidson               M    60  Boalsburg              PA     2:23:47
  28   Jeff         Schiesler              M    65  Port Matilda           PA     2:27:30
  29   Natasha      Tirko                  F    36  State College          PA     2:28:30
  30   Jared        Ali                    M    39  Port Matilda           PA     2:29:26
  31   Bob          Kennedy                M    73  Durham                 NH     2:30:06
  32   Victoria     Maras                  F    23  State College          PA     2:30:42
  33   Todd         Kehrli                 M    59  Glenmoore              PA     2:32:34
  34   Jeff         Williamson             M    53  Woodbridge             NJ     2:34:28
  35   Abby         Lanager                F    29  Pleasant Gap           PA     2:34:30
  36   Rob          Crowe                  M    73  PA Furnace             PA     2:35:17
  37   Stephanie    Rader                  F    33  Huntingdon             PA     2:44:23
  38   Allison      Holmes                 F    39  Huntingdon             PA     2:48:44
  39   David        Lloyd                  M    51  State College          PA     2:54:42
  40   Zachary      Kilmer                 M    37  Bellefonte             PA     2:56:20