Written by Marty Mazur Marty Mazur

The Awards for the 2009 NVRC Race Series and Volunteer of the Year were given at the February 2 Club meeting. Last year's Race Series winners were Christine Rodgers (1st),  Meira Minard (2nd), and Alan Effrig (3rd). The Volunteer of the Year Awards went to Marty Mazur (1st), Mike Casper and Jerry Steffy (tie for 2nd), and Cheryl Capone (3rd). There's a more detailed write-up in the Meeting Minutes.

The NVRC Race Series and Volunteer Awards competitions are open to all NVRC members. The Race Series rewards regular race competition as well as placement at many local races. The Volunteer Awards recognize those who give their time to the Club through Club service and race volunteering. This year's Race Series began with the First Night 5K on New Year's Eve. Tallies for the current year will start appearing regularly upon the completion of the Indoor Mile Series. For more information on the NVRC Race Series

2009 NVRC Race Series Awards