Lisa Smith-Batchen and her friend Sister Mary Beth Lloyd (a Catholic nun) are Running Hope Through America. The pair are attempting to run 50 miles in all 50 states to raise money for a group of charities that aid orphans worldwide. They want to cover all 2500 miles in just 62 days. Smith-Batchen is a world-class ultramarathoner, and she'll be doing all the miles. Sister Mary Beth, who has also completed ultras, will be doing quite a few of them with her. Their goal is to raise a $1 million.

Running Hope Through America (RHTA) has run through State College. On Thursday, April 29, Lisa Smith-Batchen ran her 50 Pennsylvania miles on the University Park campus. The Nittany Valley Running Club hosted the Pennsylvania stop on their run. Elizabeth Desser and Sherry Tirko coordinated their visit and the run itself. Smith-Batchen ran from 5:30 AM until about 6 PM. She and sister Mary Beth showed up at the track where they met the Thursday Track Crew and a contingent from the local media. The story was covered in the Centre Daily Times, the Daily Collegian, and TV news.

The RHTA visit to State College was a success. But you can make it even more of one. The pair will continue to count on your good wishes and prayers as they visit the remaining 40 states on their itinerary. But they could also use your donations. Here is Running Hope Through America's web site. It's the place to go if you'd like to donate to the cause