Written by Marty Mazur and Tara Murray Marty Mazur and Tara Murray

Realtime results for #dcr10

  1. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 go to for the latest.
  2. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian The draft is done! Good luck to all the teams from an impartial observer. #dcr10
  3. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 DCR Draft is over. Teams will be published soon...
  4. Ls_9203_photo_2_normalKateERyan @diylibrarian @bwanaman Thanks for tweeting the picks! #dcr10
  5. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Last pick: Mike Dahlberg goes to Elijah and LEe Culver, due to his bathroom problems, goes to Dave Moore.
  6. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Shekinah takes Dahlberg and Moore takes Culver (by default) #dcr10
  7. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Petrarca takes O'Connell. Only two picks left. #dcr10
  8. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Just two more pics
  9. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Mike O'Conell goes to Matt Petrarca
  10. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 The draft is a draw. How many people here just to observe who are not in the Draft? At least 6
  11. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 OK Somebdy was smart. Alan chose Sandy
  12. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Effrig takes Gabel #dcr10
  13. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 ALAN!!! Pick Sandy Gabel!!!
  14. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Sandy Gabel Sandy Gabel Sandy Gabel....
  15. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Effrig is taking a LONG time. Is there a plum still out there?
  16. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Maranas picks Hutnick (of course he does!) #dcr10
  17. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Costas is whipped, too. He picks Michelle Hutnik.
  18. Ls_9203_photo_2_normalKateERyan @diylibrarian @bwanaman Thanks, I'm keeping track in an excel spreadsheet (nerd) #dcr10
  19. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Costas is up. 5 mor epix to go
  20. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Michelle CHristensen goes to Dave Mengle
  21. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Mengle takes Christensen #dcr10
  22. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Paul Ruby goes to Cali Somebody is gonna be his motorcycle beyotch
  23. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Good thing Tara is here
  24. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 I fell behind. My bad
  25. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Cali picks a gem ... Ruby (hahaha, I kill myself) #dcr10
  26. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Stephanie Gordon went ot Mengle
  27. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Sorry, Kate, Mike Martin went to Cali.
  28. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Scott Gest, a ?, goes to Domico
  29. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Domico takes Gest #dcr10
  30. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Those last two were out of order, sorry @KateERyan! #dcr10
  31. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 I guess we missed Cali's choice in round 6. It was Stephanie Gordon.
  32. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Cali takes Martin and Mengle takes Gordon #dcr10
  33. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Marty is very very happy with his team. We are the sleeper kick ass team
  34. Ls_9203_photo_2_normalKateERyan #dcr10 @diylibrarian @bwanaman Who did Cali pick for round 6?
  35. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Grace Small goes to Aydin
  36. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 because Aydin has turnaround pick
  37. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Aydin pickes Small #dcr10
  38. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Inside joke. Aydin picked Mazur in 2nd last round but Mazur wanted to be chosen in last. So.. Commish puts me there in last round
  39. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Gimpy Mazur is chosen WAY too soon. Aydin picks him in the quasi last round
  40. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Aydin takes @bwanaman at the end of the 5th round. A fine choice. #dcr10
  41. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian @bwanaman Exactly, that's why they should be banned from Twitter. #dcr10
  42. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 SLeeper Rob Peterson goes to Domico.
  43. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Domico takes Peterson #dcr10
  44. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Ha! Those captains. They should get smartphones. There's a lot of intelligence on this feed, believe it or not.
  45. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 In fact, he'll go out on a limb and say he will kick any Leg 7 person's *ss
  46. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Mazur is getting interviewed for Leg 7. He's pretty sure he's the strongest 1 Legger left.
  47. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Mike Martin goes to Team Mengle
  48. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Mengle takes Martin #dcr10
  49. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 COstas gets plum of plums. Deb SImoncek. How did she last this long?
  50. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Maranas takes Simoncek. A steal! She lasted way too long. #dcr10
  51. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Kate! You're picked! Effrig got you!
  52. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Effrig select @KateERyan #dcr10 (we didn't forget you!)
  53. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Petrarca takes Kalvin #dcr10
  54. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 A DCR Noob goes to Matt - Kristie Kalvin
  55. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Janet Jonson goes to ELijah...
  56. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Shekinah takes Jonson #dcr10
  57. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Jeopardy sound...
  58. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian I think the captains should be banned from tweeting until after the draft. #dcr10
  59. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 How come none of the idiot captains have twitter?
  60. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Moore (in the turnaround pick) takes Birmingham #dcr10
  61. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Dave Moore is whipped. HE takes Julia Birmingham
  62. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 OK. ROn Cunfer is a gemfor Dave Moore
  63. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Moore takes Cunfer #dcr10
  64. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Elijah takes Soccio, making Deb S. even more of a plum!
  65. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 THis leaves Deb Simoncek as a plum pick. WHo'll take her?
  66. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Shekinah takes Soccio #dcr10
  67. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Petrarca takes Wasikonis #dcr10
  68. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Matt Petrarca takes Morgan Wasikonis
  69. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Maranas takes @joebol and Effrig takes Todd #dcr10
  70. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Dana Todd goes to Alan... There are still some plums out there!
  71. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Joe Bollinger wen to COstas. Costas may have a very good team.
  72. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian He's picked you before @bwanaman ... #dcr10
  73. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Yo Cheryl, your hub-steak just got picked by Team Mengle.
  74. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Mengle takes Dean Capone #dcr10
  75. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 I'm sitting amidst the Domico team. Does that mean I'll get to be on it.
  76. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Dave Mengle is up to bat...
  77. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Cali takes Tirko #dcr10
  78. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Cali gets a sweet pick. SHerry Tirko. I suggested her several picks ago...
  79. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Tom Karnezos is running with John Domico...
  80. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Domico takes Karnezos #dcr10
  81. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Team Domico is interviewing potential draftees #dcr10
  82. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Joel is either a really good choice or he'll be in traction on race day...
  83. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Tim Aydin picks Joel Niemann. If theres a Mr Gimpy out there other than me, it's gotta b e Joel
  84. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Aydin takes Niemann #dcr10
  85. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Round 4 starting...
  86. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Round 3 closes out with Elijah taking Esther Prins and Dave Moore taking Marty "THe Other Marty" Klanchar.
  87. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Moore takes Klanchar. He's picking well this year. #dcr10
  88. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Shekinah takes Prins #dcr10
  89. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Cali is whistling in lieu of a clock #dcr10
  90. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Petrarca takes Kempton #dcr10
  91. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Matt P takes Beth Kempton. What happens in Vegas, comes to Rothrock!
  92. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Effrig takes Renz #dcr10
  93. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 I guess I wrote the tweet for Mengle, but the send didn't go. His pick this round was Mark Lee.
  94. Ls_9203_photo_2_normalKateERyan @diylibrarian K, I'm good now #dcr10
  95. Ls_9203_photo_2_normalKateERyan @bwanaman Tara said Maranas had Lee and Effrig had Goldfine? #dcr10
  96. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Oops, I got mixed up. Mengle takes Lee and Maranas takes Goldfine. #dcr10
  97. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Costas has taken Ciao Italia, Michael Goldfindino
  98. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 I'm taking pictures. Dave Mengle is taking Mark Lee...
  99. Ls_9203_photo_2_normalKateERyan @diylibrarian @bwanaman You skipped Mengle I think #dcr10
  100. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 DOmico takes Jamie Wright
  101. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Aydin goes with Thurley, Domico goes with Wright, and Cali picks the fashion-conscious Volkert #dcr10
  102. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Aydin picks Thurley
  103. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Myers thinks he was picked WAY too early. By Dave Moore. Round 2 is done...
  104. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Last pick of round 2 coming up...
  105. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Elijah picks Kisenwether.
  106. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Elijah is thinkin....
  107. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Matt may not repeat as DCR champ. Just sayin.....
  108. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Matt Petrarca ---- Joshua Valentine, he of the very suspect 10:27 2 mile. Talk about a weird bio!
  109. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Petrarca takes Valentine after extensive consulting with Myers #dcr10
  110. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Effrig takes NVRC race series leader Neff #dcr10
  111. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Round 2 is winding down.
  112. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Lesieutre's faster for having run the #mtb50. #dcr10
  113. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Alan Effrig takes Cory Neff
  114. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Costas...George LEsieutre, who ran last year solo. Does he have any speed left in his legs?
  115. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Lesieutre goes to Team Maranas #dcr10
  116. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Mengle took John Oatley
  117. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Cali takes Grubb and Mengle/Sheakoski take Oatley #dcr10
  118. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Julie Grubb goes to Tom. Who else?
  119. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Jim Moore will run for Domico.
  120. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Domico selects J. Moore (finally) #dcr10
  121. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Domico is painfully slow on his choice.
  122. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Aydin gets Downs.
  123. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 This round has been all mixed up. Lots of what I thought were 1st rounders did not go yet.
  124. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Dave Moore ends the first round with Dillon. Moore might actually have a chance this year. I wan to be on his team!
  125. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 WOW!!!! Mike Weyandt goes first round! This is an "interesting" pick
  126. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Whoah. Shekinah goes with Weyandt for his first pick. #dcr10
  127. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Petrarca goes with Misselwitz (a newcomer to the draft) #dcr10
  128. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Matt Petrarca takes Mike Misselwitz, a relative unknown.
  129. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Why hasn;t Dillon been chosen? SOmebody is gonna pick a plum!
  130. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Effrig goes with Michael aka Pace Booty #dcr10
  131. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 My old captain ALan Effrig took Judd
  132. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Costas takes Ken Davis
  133. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Bigger than my hand eye coordination as well @bwanaman #dcr10
  134. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Mengle chose Sheakoski. The sign of an inexperienced captain...
  135. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Tara just ordered a big girl beer! It's bigger than her head!
  136. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Tara and I are tweeting the same things...
  137. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian THe Commish is on the Mengle-phone #dcr10
  138. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Martha!
  139. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Guess who Cali chose. I'll give you 3 guesses.
  140. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian More shockingly, Cali selects Nelson with the 3rd overall pick #dcr10
  141. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Domico chose Meira. THat's a lot of pressure...
  142. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Shockingly, Domico picks Minard for the 2nd overall pick #dcr10
  143. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Cali finally showed up
  144. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Domico is on the clock #dcr10
  145. Ls_9203_photo_2_normalKateERyan @bwanaman Haha! #dcr10
  146. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Domico is here. He's about to pick
  147. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 DOmico and Cali are AWOL! THat can only mean that Cali is driving....
  148. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Ironing out some technical glitches.
  149. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 First choice: Tim Aydin (who is not present) chose Kevin Becker
  150. Ls_9203_photo_2_normalKateERyan It's draft time! Anxiously awaiting the tweets! #dcr10
  151. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Draft is about to commence!
  152. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 John is giving his intro schpiel
  153. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian The Commish is making his opening remarks at the 5th DCR draft #dcr10
  154. Default_profile_4_normalGeoPa58 #dcr10 Working on a syllabus and nursing a Hop Devil here. Re: DCR10: "Enquiring minds want to know."
  155. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 There are about 40 people here. A few empty seats remain.
  156. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 So, while we're waiting....My wife canned 7 quarts of home grown tomatoes today!
  157. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 The Caesar salad is very savory. I can taste the anchovy goodness.
  158. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 There is about a thousand times as much technology as there was at DCR 1
  159. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian I'm here. Hopback is an excellent draft choice, @bwanaman. #dcr10
  160. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Myers is horning in at "lap-top lane"
  161. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 still waiting on Tara to tweet. She's here.
  162. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 I ordered a half-rack of ribs and a Troegs hop back
  163. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 People are pouring in. John is formatting cells. Don't ask.
  164. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 We've got signal to the projector.Trying to get the color to not be jaundiced.
  165. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 My Tweet-mate ain't here yet.
  166. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 At Damon's. Hooking up technology. People trickling in.
  167. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian I'll be tweeting the #dcr10 draft tonight. If you're following the tweets, don't forget to use the hashtag (@joebol @KateERyan)!
  168. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman I'll join Tara Murray (@diylibrarian) to tweet the Draft Challenge Relay (DCR) Draft Night. Tweeting starts at 5 on Sunday. Hashtag: #dcr10
  169. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian I'll be tweeting the Draft Challenge Relay draft for mOUnTaiNBACK #MTB50 teams on Sunday evening with @bwanaman. The hashtag is #dcr10