Adult Volunteers Needed for the Nittany Track and Field Youth Club

If you can spare a little time to help some talented kids and their dedicated coaches on weekday evenings, go here for more information:

"Running Hope Through America" Visits State College

Lisa Smith-Batchen and her friend Sister Mary Beth Lloyd (a Catholic nun) are Running Hope Through America. The pair are attempting to run 50 miles in all 50 states to raise money for a group of charities that aid orphans worldwide. They want to cover all 2500 miles in just 62 days. Smith-Batchen is a world-class ultramarathoner, and she'll be doing all the miles. Sister Mary Beth, who has also completed ultras, will be doing quite a few of them with her. Their goal is to raise a $1 million.

Running Hope Through America (RHTA) has run through State College. On Thursday, April 29, Lisa Smith-Batchen ran her 50 Pennsylvania miles on the University Park campus. The Nittany Valley Running Club hosted the Pennsylvania stop on their run. Elizabeth Desser and Sherry Tirko coordinated their visit and the run itself. Smith-Batchen ran from 5:30 AM until about 6 PM. She and sister Mary Beth showed up at the track where they met the Thursday Track Crew and a contingent from the local media. The story was covered in the Centre Daily Times, the Daily Collegian, and TV news.

The RHTA visit to State College was a success. But you can make it even more of one. The pair will continue to count on your good wishes and prayers as they visit the remaining 40 states on their itinerary. But they could also use your donations. Here is Running Hope Through America's web site. It's the place to go if you'd like to donate to the cause

NVRC Is In On Pittsburgh Marathon Pittsburgh Team Challenge

The NVRC is registered as a participant  in the “Pittsburgh Team Challenge, ” a promotion of the Pittsburgh Marathon.  Any NVRC member planning to run the Pittsburgh Marathon, ½ Marathon, or relay is invited to sign in under the banner of the  NVRC.  Perks for runners signing on for the team challenge include:  A meeting area before the race; A supply of gels and energy bars on race day; Access to the Pittsburgh Team Challenge Zone at the finish; and a chance to win special prizes at the finish.  Interested runners can follow the links below in the email, or from the URL:

The deadline to sign up is March 1.  
Any questions can be directed to Marty Klanchar, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

An Invitation - Pittsburgh and Pocono Marathoners

This Thursday at noon the 2010 CVIM Boston Marathon team will meet during our normally scheduled track workout for some photos with our honorary coaches Greg Fredericks, and Joe and Sue Paterno.  This year, we’d like to ask any NVRC runners that are running either the Pittsburgh or Pocono Marathons and are willing to campaign for donations for CVIM to join us for the photo shoot.   

The only appropriate response to the great need of these difficult times is even greater compassion.  The local running community has been indescribably important to CVIM’s ability to care for our neighbors in difficult situations.  With your help, we can ensure CVIM is able to provide urgently needed medical and dental care to families and individuals who are struggling to keep food on the table from day to day, let alone afford necessary health care.

Please contact John Domico at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested or would like more information.  Every cent you raise will go directly to caring for CVIM’s patients.  Equally important, every stride of your 26.2 miles will feel a little lighter knowing that your running is helping so many people.


Join the NVRC Boston Marathon Teams for Centre Volunteers in Medicine

For the past 7 years, NVRC has sponsored teams of Boston Marathon runners who ran for the medically underserved in the Centre Region. These runners have helped Centre Volunteers In Medicine care for countless patients. One such patient was so moved by NVRC’s marathoners that she pledged to qualify and run Boston on behalf of NVRC to support CVIM. After CVIM helped her with cancer care, she recovered and attempted a qualifier. She didn’t qualify, but few do at the Anchorage Marathon. She was set to try again at a less mountainous course when her cancer returned.  She is now running a marathon of a completely different sort, but remains one of NVRC’s Boston team’s biggest fans.

We are inviting all 2010 Boston entrants in the Centre Region to participate in NVRC’s 2010 Boston Marathon Challenge. The Challenge runners use their running to raise both awareness and funds to help CVIM care for our friends and neighbors in need. Participation will give more meaning and purpose to every stride, foot strike, and breath of your training. While on the Boston course, you’ll feel like a celebrity as the spectators cheer you for your charitable running. While these are motivating in their own, true inspiration is found in the faces and words of CVIM’s patients:

"I just wanted to give my thanks to everyone at CVIM. I came in really bad shape. You said you would help me, and that's exactly what you did." - Howard F.

"Quite simply, you saved my life." - Marie H.

"Until we get universal health care, this place is a godsend for the uninsured" - Bill

Please consider joining us in our running for the cause. Reply to me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested, or if you have questions.  We will need replies prior to February 11th if you wish to participate in the annual media day with our honorary coaches Joe & Sue Paterno, and Greg Fredericks. 

For more information regarding CVIM, see the following links:

John Domico

2009 Race Series and Volunteer of the Year Awards

The Awards for the 2009 NVRC Race Series and Volunteer of the Year were given at the February 2 Club meeting. Last year's Race Series winners were Christine Rodgers (1st),  Meira Minard (2nd), and Alan Effrig (3rd). The Volunteer of the Year Awards went to Marty Mazur (1st), Mike Casper and Jerry Steffy (tie for 2nd), and Cheryl Capone (3rd). There's a more detailed write-up in the Meeting Minutes.

The NVRC Race Series and Volunteer Awards competitions are open to all NVRC members. The Race Series rewards regular race competition as well as placement at many local races. The Volunteer Awards recognize those who give their time to the Club through Club service and race volunteering. This year's Race Series began with the First Night 5K on New Year's Eve. Tallies for the current year will start appearing regularly upon the completion of the Indoor Mile Series. For more information on the NVRC Race Series

2009 NVRC Race Series Awards

Peale Race 5 Mile Trail Run and Walk

(Held on Snow Shoe Rails to Trails near Grassflat, PA)
August, 29, 2009

Instead of the usual daily deluge, clear skies miraculously prevailed Saturday morning for the first running of the Peale Race where 65 runners and 23 walkers completed the 5-mile course. Participants had an up-close experience of the chilly, damp and dark historic Peale tunnel and of the bright, aerial-like view of the Peale viaduct. Adept mud-puddle skipping was “par for the course” although complaints were few for these folks running for fun, competition, exercise and for an environmental cause!

Nittany Valley Running Club sponsored the Peale Race for the benefit of People Protecting Communities, a group dedicated to preventing a landfill takeover of the Snow Shoe recreational trail and of the surrounding forests, replete with natural beauty and history.

Special thanks to the following businesses and organizations: Appalachian Outdoors; Baumgardner Coal Company; Black Moshannon Lodge; Clarence Archery; Collegiate Pride, Inc.; For the Birds (bird house from local barn wood); Grassflat Moose Lodge 941; Hall’s Market & Subway; Kephart Hardware Co., Inc.; Lonely Pine Storage; Lucas Oil; Ludwigs Market; M&D Storage; Nachman Construction; Quality Machining, Inc.; R.H. Bailey Construction, LLC; Ridge & Valley Outings Club, Inc.; Scotts Pools, Inc.; Sierra Club Moshannon Group; Snow Shoe Rails-to-Trails Association; The Philips Hotel & The 1921 Restaurant; Tussey Mountain Outfitters; Zetts Fish Hatcheries, Inc.

Also thanks to the volunteers whose hard work made this race successful.


1     Matt Manfred            27:54       State College
2     Terry Reid              31:29       Bellefonte

1     Katey Glunt             35:17       State College
2     Kristen Gross           36:33       Woodland

PLACE     NAME                    AGE  ADDRESS                 TIME
-----     ----                    ---  -------                 ----
1       Matt Manfred             28  State College           27:54
2       Terry Reid               50  Bellefonte              31:29
3       Jim Beveridge            42  Morrisdale              31:49
4       Jim Rea                  38  Loysville               32:35
5       Rich Hunter              53  State College           33:20
6       James Larsen             54  State College           33:55
7       Richard Stehollwer       53  State College           34:28
8       John Fegyveresi          32  State College           35:11
9       Katey Glunt              25  State College           35:17
10       Nick Zimmerman           19  Drifting                35:40
11       Jean Ngwanja             40  Mt Union                35:41
12       Logan Swartz             21  Loysville               35:42
13       Jason Stout              34  State College           35:55
14       Kristen Gross            28  Woodland                36:33
15       Rich Veneziano           56  Drifting                36:35
16       Dan Guss                 61  State College           36:37
17       Ken Lupton               49  Osceola Mills           36:38
18       Scott Klettke            35  Bellefonte              36:50
19       David Leeper             56  Hollidaysburg           36:56
20       Aaron Tiracorda          38  Kylertown               37:09
21       Glenn Hunter             41  State College           37:14
22       Christine Rodgers        40  Bellefonte              37:22
23       Dustin Deliman           14  Kylertown               37:29
24       Richard Greene           40  Lock Haven              37:43
25       Wendy Nelson             28  State College           37:47
26       Krijn Paaijmans          31  Bellefonte              38:09
27       Rachel Stehouwer         21  State College           38:28
28       Robin Riglin             41  Philipsburg             38:40
29       Brian Lewis              31  Ashville, NC            38:57
30       Jessica Hawk             25  Boalsburg               39:00
31       Cory Neff                21  Curwensville            39:16
32       David DeGroote           51  State College           40:36
33       David Powell             46  Philipsburg             40:40
34       Rebecca Wilson Lundin    25  Bellefonte              41:44
35       Tom Lundin               26  Bellefonte              41:45
36       Silvie Huijben           27  State College           42:22
37       Christine Solan          30  State College           42:27
38       Michael Koslap           27  State College           42:55
39       Dan Mohney               56  Clearfield              43:26
40       Richard Butler           61  Clearfield              43:29
41       Debbie McRoberts         51  Bellefonte              44:53
42       Erica Anderson           35  State College           45:41
43       Christina Brown          34  Lanse                   45:53
44       Kevin Brown              35  Lanse                   45:54
45       Hiroko Kitajima          24  State College           46:12
46       Ken Czuprynski           22  Greencastle             46:13
47       Randy Schnarrs           50  Philipsburg             46:23
48       Mike Dahlberg            45  Howard                  47:12
49       Gary Helsel              40  Philipsburg             48:20
50       Gary Lenz                55  Harrisburg              48:21
51       Chris Calso              21  Osceola Mills           48:54
52       Douglas Bradley          65  Duncansvills            49:20
53       Jeff Johnston            57  Cogan Station           49:34
54       Paul Lentz               45  Loretto                 49:36
55       George Verost            69  Philipsburg             49:47
56       Anson Burwell            58  State College           50:00
57       Janel Greenland          37  Bellefonte              51:20
58       Matthew Read             12  Boalsburg               51:45
59       Andrew Read              47  Boalsburg               51:46
60       Ramey Womer              38  Philipsburg             52:29
61       Keith Anderson           44  State College           53:30
62       Kathie Mayo              56  Bellefonte              54:11
63       Dannielle Kroczynski     48  State College           54:59
64       Tammy Chambers           42  Clarence                55:25
65       Roxanne Swistock         27  Tyrone                  57:58

NAME                    TOWN                        TIME

20 to 24
1     Rachel Stehower         State College                38:28
2     Hiroko Kitajimu         State College                46:12

25 to 29
1     Wendy Nelson            State College                37:47
2     Jessica Hawk            Boalsburg                    39:00

30 to 34
1     Christine Solan         State College                42:27
2     Christina Brown         Lanse                        45:53

35 to 39
1     Erica Anderson          State College                45:41
2     Janel Greenland         Bellefonte                   51:20

40 to 44
1     Christine Rodgers       Bellefonte                   37:22
2     Robin Riglin            Philipsburg                  38:40

45 to 49
1     Dannielle Kroczynski    State College                54:59

50 to 59
1     Debbie McRoberts        Bellefonte                   44:53
2     Kathie Mayo             Bellefonte                   54:11

NAME                    TOWN                        TIME

11 to 14
1     Dustin Deliman          Kylertown                    37:27
2     Matt Read               Boalsburg                    51:45

15 to 19
1     Nick Zimmerman          Drifting                     35:40

20 to 24
1     Logan Swartz            Loysville                    35:42
2     Cory Neff               Curwensville                 39:16

25 to 29
1     Tom Lundin              Bellefonte                   41:45
2     Mike Koslap             State College                42:55

30 to 34
1     John Fegyveresi         State College                35:11
2     Jason Stout             State College                35:55

35 to 39
1     Jim Rea                 Loysville                    32:35
2     Scott Klettke           Bellefonte                   36:50

40 to 44
1     Jim Beveridge           Morrisdale                   31:49
2     Jean Ngwanja            Mt Union                     35:41

45 to 49
1     Ken Lupton              Osceola Mills                36:38
2     David Powell            Philipsburg                  40:40

50 to 54
1     Rich Hunter             State College                33:20
2     Jim Larsen              State College                33:55

55 to 59
1     Rich Veneziano          Drifting                     36:35
2     David Leeper            Hollidaysburg                36:56

1     Dan Guss                State College                36:37
2     Rich Butler             Clearfield                   43:29

65 & Over
1     Doug Bradley            Duncansville                 49:20
2     George Verost           Philipsburg                  49:47


1    Richard Barbee           Garfield, NJ
2    Richard Biggins          Munson
3    Kristin Burnett          State College
4    Vicki Carter             Pa  Furnance
5    Shelda Conklin           Sandy Ridge
6    Kim Corro                State College
7    Linda Fenush             Grassflat
8    Arnold Gasche            State College
9    Janine Guillard          Pa Furnance
10   Andy McKinnon            Pa Furnance
11   Leela McKinnon           Pa Furnance
12   Malti McKinnon           Pa Furnance
13   Adam Morgan              Snow Shoe
14   Kathie Morgan            Snow Shoe
15   Helen O’Connell          Pa Furnance
16   Lori Paterno             State College
17   Janice Perison           Pa Furnance
18   Kim Sample               Morrisdale
19   Greg Westwood            Philipsburg
20   Lyndsay Westwood         Philipsburg
21   Tia Wisor                West Decatur
22   Mark Wood                Philipsburg