2010 Race Series Results

The 2010 NVRC Race Series and Volunteer of the Year competition wrapped up with December's Nittany Valley Half-Marathon. The winners of this year's competition are:

Race Series

1st Place: Cory Neff

2nd Place: Meira Minard

3rd Place: Alan Effrig

Volunteer of the Year:

1st Place: Mike Casper

2nd Place: Marty Mazur

3rd Place: Jerry Steffy

Awards will be presented at the next bimonthly meeting of the NVRC, which will be at 6:30 PM on February 1 at the Hi-Way Pizza on North Atherton.

The 2011 Series has already begun with the First Night Resolution Run 5K and continues this week with the start of the Indoor Mile Series. All you need to participate is to be member of the NVRC. Details on the Series can be found here.You can join the NVRC here.

Andrew Webb to Run Tussey mOUnTainBACK to Honor Memory of His Wife

Some of you know Andrew Webb, a Rec Hall Regular who has participated in the Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK as a relay runners several times. Andrew's wife died suddenly in April. Nadine was a professor, teacher, and researcher in bioengineering. She was also a respected mentor of many young women students and scientists. To honor his wife's memory and legacy, Andrew has established the Nadine Barrie Smith Mentor Award, a scholarship in her name to encourage women in engineering through Penn State. To promote awareness of this award and to encourage donations to the fund for the award, Andrew will be running the mOUnTaiNBACK this year as an ultramarathoner. Andrew has run several marathons, but has never done anything approaching the challenges of the 50 miler. Andrew does not have a specific monetary goal in mind for this effort. But please read the Penn State Live article about Nadine, Andrew, and the award he has established here: http://live.psu.edu/story/48882#nw54 . And then consider making a donation to the award fund. Donations to the Nadine Barrie Smith Mentor Award can be made at: https://secure.ddar.psu.edu/GiveTo/. Please remember to note that your gift is for the Nadine Barrie Smith Mentor Award (SCDSZ) in the College of Engineering. For information about the Nadine Barrie Smith Mentor Award, contact John Dietz, director of development, at 814-863-3848.

NVHM T-Shirts Through The Years

Here is a gallery of some Nittany Valley Marathon and Half-Marathon T-shirts through the years. Click on any thumbnail for a larger view. If you have a T-shirt from a race not represented here, take a photo of it and send it to Dave Eggler at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Full 1977 afront

1977 (Front)

Full 1977 back

1977 (Back)

Full 1978 afront

1978 (Front)

Full 1978 back

1978 (Back)

 Half 1986 TR


Half 1989 TR


Half 1996


Half 1997


Half 1998


Half 1999


Half 2000


Half 2001


Half 2002


Half 2003 afront

2003 (Front)

Half 2003 back

2003 (Back)

Half 2004


Half 2005


Half 2006 afront TR

2006 (Front)

Half 2006 back TR

2006 (Back)

Half 2007 afront

2007 (Front)

Half 2007 back

2007 (Back)

Half 2008


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Half 2010


Half 2011 afront

2011 (Front)

Half 2011 back

2011 (Back)

 2012 front

2012 (Front)

2012 back

2012 (Back)

2013 front

2013 (Front)

2013 back

2013 (Back)

2014 front

2014 (Front)

2014 back

2014 (Back)

2010 DCR Twitter Feed

Realtime results for #dcr10

  1. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 go to http://nvrun.com/index.php/racing/club-sponsored/tussey-mountainback/dcr for the latest.
  2. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian The draft is done! Good luck to all the teams from an impartial observer. #dcr10
  3. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 DCR Draft is over. Teams will be published soon...
  4. Ls_9203_photo_2_normalKateERyan @diylibrarian @bwanaman Thanks for tweeting the picks! #dcr10
  5. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Last pick: Mike Dahlberg goes to Elijah and LEe Culver, due to his bathroom problems, goes to Dave Moore.
  6. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Shekinah takes Dahlberg and Moore takes Culver (by default) #dcr10
  7. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Petrarca takes O'Connell. Only two picks left. #dcr10
  8. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Just two more pics
  9. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Mike O'Conell goes to Matt Petrarca
  10. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 The draft is a draw. How many people here just to observe who are not in the Draft? At least 6
  11. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 OK Somebdy was smart. Alan chose Sandy
  12. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Effrig takes Gabel #dcr10
  13. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 ALAN!!! Pick Sandy Gabel!!!
  14. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Sandy Gabel Sandy Gabel Sandy Gabel....
  15. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Effrig is taking a LONG time. Is there a plum still out there?
  16. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Maranas picks Hutnick (of course he does!) #dcr10
  17. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Costas is whipped, too. He picks Michelle Hutnik.
  18. Ls_9203_photo_2_normalKateERyan @diylibrarian @bwanaman Thanks, I'm keeping track in an excel spreadsheet (nerd) #dcr10
  19. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Costas is up. 5 mor epix to go
  20. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Michelle CHristensen goes to Dave Mengle
  21. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Mengle takes Christensen #dcr10
  22. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Paul Ruby goes to Cali Somebody is gonna be his motorcycle beyotch
  23. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Good thing Tara is here
  24. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 I fell behind. My bad
  25. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Cali picks a gem ... Ruby (hahaha, I kill myself) #dcr10
  26. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Stephanie Gordon went ot Mengle
  27. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Sorry, Kate, Mike Martin went to Cali.
  28. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Scott Gest, a ?, goes to Domico
  29. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Domico takes Gest #dcr10
  30. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Those last two were out of order, sorry @KateERyan! #dcr10
  31. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 I guess we missed Cali's choice in round 6. It was Stephanie Gordon.
  32. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Cali takes Martin and Mengle takes Gordon #dcr10
  33. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Marty is very very happy with his team. We are the sleeper kick ass team
  34. Ls_9203_photo_2_normalKateERyan #dcr10 @diylibrarian @bwanaman Who did Cali pick for round 6?
  35. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Grace Small goes to Aydin
  36. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 because Aydin has turnaround pick
  37. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Aydin pickes Small #dcr10
  38. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Inside joke. Aydin picked Mazur in 2nd last round but Mazur wanted to be chosen in last. So.. Commish puts me there in last round
  39. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Gimpy Mazur is chosen WAY too soon. Aydin picks him in the quasi last round
  40. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Aydin takes @bwanaman at the end of the 5th round. A fine choice. #dcr10
  41. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian @bwanaman Exactly, that's why they should be banned from Twitter. #dcr10
  42. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 SLeeper Rob Peterson goes to Domico.
  43. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Domico takes Peterson #dcr10
  44. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Ha! Those captains. They should get smartphones. There's a lot of intelligence on this feed, believe it or not.
  45. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 In fact, he'll go out on a limb and say he will kick any Leg 7 person's *ss
  46. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Mazur is getting interviewed for Leg 7. He's pretty sure he's the strongest 1 Legger left.
  47. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Mike Martin goes to Team Mengle
  48. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Mengle takes Martin #dcr10
  49. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 COstas gets plum of plums. Deb SImoncek. How did she last this long?
  50. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Maranas takes Simoncek. A steal! She lasted way too long. #dcr10
  51. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Kate! You're picked! Effrig got you!
  52. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Effrig select @KateERyan #dcr10 (we didn't forget you!)
  53. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Petrarca takes Kalvin #dcr10
  54. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 A DCR Noob goes to Matt - Kristie Kalvin
  55. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Janet Jonson goes to ELijah...
  56. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Shekinah takes Jonson #dcr10
  57. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Jeopardy sound...
  58. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian I think the captains should be banned from tweeting until after the draft. #dcr10
  59. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 How come none of the idiot captains have twitter?
  60. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Moore (in the turnaround pick) takes Birmingham #dcr10
  61. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Dave Moore is whipped. HE takes Julia Birmingham
  62. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 OK. ROn Cunfer is a gemfor Dave Moore
  63. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Moore takes Cunfer #dcr10
  64. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Elijah takes Soccio, making Deb S. even more of a plum!
  65. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 THis leaves Deb Simoncek as a plum pick. WHo'll take her?
  66. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Shekinah takes Soccio #dcr10
  67. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Petrarca takes Wasikonis #dcr10
  68. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Matt Petrarca takes Morgan Wasikonis
  69. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Maranas takes @joebol and Effrig takes Todd #dcr10
  70. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Dana Todd goes to Alan... There are still some plums out there!
  71. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Joe Bollinger wen to COstas. Costas may have a very good team.
  72. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian He's picked you before @bwanaman ... #dcr10
  73. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Yo Cheryl, your hub-steak just got picked by Team Mengle.
  74. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Mengle takes Dean Capone #dcr10
  75. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 I'm sitting amidst the Domico team. Does that mean I'll get to be on it.
  76. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Dave Mengle is up to bat...
  77. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Cali takes Tirko #dcr10
  78. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Cali gets a sweet pick. SHerry Tirko. I suggested her several picks ago...
  79. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Tom Karnezos is running with John Domico...
  80. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Domico takes Karnezos #dcr10
  81. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Team Domico is interviewing potential draftees #dcr10
  82. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Joel is either a really good choice or he'll be in traction on race day...
  83. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Tim Aydin picks Joel Niemann. If theres a Mr Gimpy out there other than me, it's gotta b e Joel
  84. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Aydin takes Niemann #dcr10
  85. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Round 4 starting...
  86. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Round 3 closes out with Elijah taking Esther Prins and Dave Moore taking Marty "THe Other Marty" Klanchar.
  87. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Moore takes Klanchar. He's picking well this year. #dcr10
  88. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Shekinah takes Prins #dcr10
  89. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Cali is whistling in lieu of a clock #dcr10
  90. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Petrarca takes Kempton #dcr10
  91. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Matt P takes Beth Kempton. What happens in Vegas, comes to Rothrock!
  92. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Effrig takes Renz #dcr10
  93. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 I guess I wrote the tweet for Mengle, but the send didn't go. His pick this round was Mark Lee.
  94. Ls_9203_photo_2_normalKateERyan @diylibrarian K, I'm good now #dcr10
  95. Ls_9203_photo_2_normalKateERyan @bwanaman Tara said Maranas had Lee and Effrig had Goldfine? #dcr10
  96. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Oops, I got mixed up. Mengle takes Lee and Maranas takes Goldfine. #dcr10
  97. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Costas has taken Ciao Italia, Michael Goldfindino
  98. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 I'm taking pictures. Dave Mengle is taking Mark Lee...
  99. Ls_9203_photo_2_normalKateERyan @diylibrarian @bwanaman You skipped Mengle I think #dcr10
  100. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 DOmico takes Jamie Wright
  101. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Aydin goes with Thurley, Domico goes with Wright, and Cali picks the fashion-conscious Volkert #dcr10
  102. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Aydin picks Thurley
  103. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Myers thinks he was picked WAY too early. By Dave Moore. Round 2 is done...
  104. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Last pick of round 2 coming up...
  105. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Elijah picks Kisenwether.
  106. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Elijah is thinkin....
  107. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Matt may not repeat as DCR champ. Just sayin.....
  108. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Matt Petrarca ---- Joshua Valentine, he of the very suspect 10:27 2 mile. Talk about a weird bio!
  109. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Petrarca takes Valentine after extensive consulting with Myers #dcr10
  110. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Effrig takes NVRC race series leader Neff #dcr10
  111. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Round 2 is winding down.
  112. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Lesieutre's faster for having run the #mtb50. #dcr10
  113. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Alan Effrig takes Cory Neff
  114. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Costas...George LEsieutre, who ran last year solo. Does he have any speed left in his legs?
  115. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Lesieutre goes to Team Maranas #dcr10
  116. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Mengle took John Oatley
  117. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Cali takes Grubb and Mengle/Sheakoski take Oatley #dcr10
  118. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Julie Grubb goes to Tom. Who else?
  119. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Jim Moore will run for Domico.
  120. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Domico selects J. Moore (finally) #dcr10
  121. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Domico is painfully slow on his choice.
  122. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Aydin gets Downs.
  123. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 This round has been all mixed up. Lots of what I thought were 1st rounders did not go yet.
  124. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Dave Moore ends the first round with Dillon. Moore might actually have a chance this year. I wan to be on his team!
  125. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 WOW!!!! Mike Weyandt goes first round! This is an "interesting" pick
  126. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Whoah. Shekinah goes with Weyandt for his first pick. #dcr10
  127. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Petrarca goes with Misselwitz (a newcomer to the draft) #dcr10
  128. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Matt Petrarca takes Mike Misselwitz, a relative unknown.
  129. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Why hasn;t Dillon been chosen? SOmebody is gonna pick a plum!
  130. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Effrig goes with Michael aka Pace Booty #dcr10
  131. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 My old captain ALan Effrig took Judd
  132. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Costas takes Ken Davis
  133. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Bigger than my hand eye coordination as well @bwanaman #dcr10
  134. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Mengle chose Sheakoski. The sign of an inexperienced captain...
  135. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Tara just ordered a big girl beer! It's bigger than her head!
  136. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Tara and I are tweeting the same things...
  137. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian THe Commish is on the Mengle-phone #dcr10
  138. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Martha!
  139. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Guess who Cali chose. I'll give you 3 guesses.
  140. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian More shockingly, Cali selects Nelson with the 3rd overall pick #dcr10
  141. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Domico chose Meira. THat's a lot of pressure...
  142. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Shockingly, Domico picks Minard for the 2nd overall pick #dcr10
  143. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Cali finally showed up
  144. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian Domico is on the clock #dcr10
  145. Ls_9203_photo_2_normalKateERyan @bwanaman Haha! #dcr10
  146. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Domico is here. He's about to pick
  147. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 DOmico and Cali are AWOL! THat can only mean that Cali is driving....
  148. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Ironing out some technical glitches.
  149. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 First choice: Tim Aydin (who is not present) chose Kevin Becker
  150. Ls_9203_photo_2_normalKateERyan It's draft time! Anxiously awaiting the tweets! #dcr10
  151. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Draft is about to commence!
  152. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 John is giving his intro schpiel
  153. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian The Commish is making his opening remarks at the 5th DCR draft #dcr10
  154. Default_profile_4_normalGeoPa58 #dcr10 Working on a syllabus and nursing a Hop Devil here. Re: DCR10: "Enquiring minds want to know."
  155. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 There are about 40 people here. A few empty seats remain.
  156. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 So, while we're waiting....My wife canned 7 quarts of home grown tomatoes today!
  157. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 The Caesar salad is very savory. I can taste the anchovy goodness.
  158. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 There is about a thousand times as much technology as there was at DCR 1
  159. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian I'm here. Hopback is an excellent draft choice, @bwanaman. #dcr10
  160. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 Myers is horning in at "lap-top lane"
  161. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 still waiting on Tara to tweet. She's here.
  162. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 I ordered a half-rack of ribs and a Troegs hop back
  163. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 People are pouring in. John is formatting cells. Don't ask.
  164. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 We've got signal to the projector.Trying to get the color to not be jaundiced.
  165. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 My Tweet-mate ain't here yet.
  166. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman #dcr10 At Damon's. Hooking up technology. People trickling in.
  167. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian I'll be tweeting the #dcr10 draft tonight. If you're following the tweets, don't forget to use the hashtag (@joebol @KateERyan)!
  168. Self_portrait_normalbwanaman I'll join Tara Murray (@diylibrarian) to tweet the Draft Challenge Relay (DCR) Draft Night. Tweeting starts at 5 on Sunday. Hashtag: #dcr10
  169. Diylib_normaldiylibrarian I'll be tweeting the Draft Challenge Relay draft for mOUnTaiNBACK #MTB50 teams on Sunday evening with @bwanaman. The hashtag is #dcr10

Adult Volunteers Needed for the Nittany Track and Field Youth Club

If you can spare a little time to help some talented kids and their dedicated coaches on weekday evenings, go here for more information:


Youth Cross-Country Meets for Fall 2010

All area youth age 14 and under are invited to this Fall's cross country (X-C) runs. The focus is on fun, fitness and the skill common to many sports - running. All of this year's races will be run at the State College Area High School cross-country course, located next to the High School - South Building on Westerly Parkway in State College.  Participation is free of charge! The Fall 2010 X-C runs are on: Saturday Sept. 11th, Sept. 18th and Sept. 25th. For more information and required release form, go to our Youth Cross-Country page.

"Running Hope Through America" Visits State College

Lisa Smith-Batchen and her friend Sister Mary Beth Lloyd (a Catholic nun) are Running Hope Through America. The pair are attempting to run 50 miles in all 50 states to raise money for a group of charities that aid orphans worldwide. They want to cover all 2500 miles in just 62 days. Smith-Batchen is a world-class ultramarathoner, and she'll be doing all the miles. Sister Mary Beth, who has also completed ultras, will be doing quite a few of them with her. Their goal is to raise a $1 million.

Running Hope Through America (RHTA) has run through State College. On Thursday, April 29, Lisa Smith-Batchen ran her 50 Pennsylvania miles on the University Park campus. The Nittany Valley Running Club hosted the Pennsylvania stop on their run. Elizabeth Desser and Sherry Tirko coordinated their visit and the run itself. Smith-Batchen ran from 5:30 AM until about 6 PM. She and sister Mary Beth showed up at the track where they met the Thursday Track Crew and a contingent from the local media. The story was covered in the Centre Daily Times, the Daily Collegian, and TV news.

The RHTA visit to State College was a success. But you can make it even more of one. The pair will continue to count on your good wishes and prayers as they visit the remaining 40 states on their itinerary. But they could also use your donations. Here is Running Hope Through America's web site. It's the place to go if you'd like to donate to the cause