2022 Predicted Mile Contest

A Predicted Mile Contest was held again at the last meet of this year's Indoor Mile Series. Several runners were within a second of their predicted time in the mile, but Matthew Royer was the closest. He predicted a 4:40 finish and came within 0.17 seconds of that time, finishing in 4:40.17.

2020 Predicted Mile Contest

A Predicted Mile Contest was held again at the last meet of this year's Indoor Mile Series. Phillip Pillin narrowly (by 0.01 second) beat Nicholas Deamer. Pillin predicted a time of 6:39 and finished his mile in 6:38.73, 0.27 seconds off. Deamer predicted a time of 4:33 and finished in 4:32.72, or 0.28 seconds off.

Indoor Mile Series Predicted Time Contest

Indoor Mile Series Predicted Times Contest 

  Just for fun.....

All participants in the final race of the Indoor Mile Series are invited to predict their finishing time.  There will be a prize for the runner who is closest to his (or her) predicted time. Runners will run without watches and will only have reference to the race clock. 

Register your predicted time when you email Marty Klanchar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign up for the January 31 race. Or do so at check-in. As always with these contests, you are invited to post your time and trash-talk with other runners at the Nittany Valley Running Club Google Group. To join the group, go to:  http://nvrun.com/index.php/community/discussion.


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The NVRC Rodney Myers Memorial Run Around Egg Hill

Benefiting the Penns Valley Area School District track and cross country programs.
A Nittany Valley Running Club race. Sponsored by Runner's World.

NOTE: Due to concerns about the coronavirus, the 2020 Run Around Egg Hill 10 Mile Race and Relay is postponed. Rescheduling details will appear as soon as they are available!

The Run Around Egg Hill is a 10 Mile race around the base of Egg Hill. The setting is the scenic countryside of Spring Mills, Pennsylvania. The course along the skirts of Egg Hill is challenging, particularly in miles 2, 3, and 6, but the last 2 miles are nice, flat run along Sinking Creek to the finish. Runners can take on the challenges solo, or in three-person teams. The relay option has three legs of three, five, and then two miles.

17th Annual NVRC Rodney Myers Memorial Run Around Egg Hil10-miler and Relay Race

Race Date: April 5, 2020   Postponed due to coronavirus concerns. Details coming when available

Time: Race starts at 2:30 p.m. Race day registration opens at 1:00 p.m.

Online Registration Information: https://legacy.imathlete.com/events/EggHill2020

Mail-in Registration Information: Registration and waiver form.

Race Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2698654550214192/

Location: Spring Mills, Pennsylvania. Located along Rt. 45 approximately 20 miles east of State College. Race begins and ends at the Gregg Township Elementary School. 

Results From Previous Years: Go here for results from past years' races.

Categories and prizes-

Solo run: Male and female divisions in ages 19 and under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, and 60+. First, second, and third place awards in each category.

Medley relay: Male, female, mixed, and family divisions will each receive awards for first, second, and third place, with an award for each team member. 

Family- This category is for those running families who would like to compete together. Teams may consist of 2 or 3 runners and be reasonably closely related, ie. siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or first cousins. Let's not have any ringers who claim to be a "third cousin twice removed". That's what the other categories are for. There is also no separation of male, female or mixed in this category.

Prizes: A race tee-shirt is guaranteed for all preregistered runners (does not include kids' race), as well as for volunteers. Additional shirts may be available for late and race day registrants, and limited numbers may be for sale if there are extras. 

Kids' Race and Activities: There will be be shorter kids' races in the area of the school for children under the age of 12. These will be held at around 4:30 and lengths will be 400 meters for ages 7 and under, 400 meters for ages 8 and 9, and 800 meters for ages 10 and 11. There will be ribbons for the top three male and female winners in each age category. Restroom facilities are available at the school.

Registration fees: Registration fees are as follows-

10-mile solo runners: Preregistration until March 20th is $30. Late registration or at the race is $35. Relay teams: 2 person team fees will be $40 until March 20th and $45 for late/race day registration. 3 person team fees will be $50 until March 20th and $55 for late/race day registration. Tee-shirt guaranteed for preregistered runners only.

Kids' races: no preregistration required. Fee is $4. Tee-shirt not included.

Race beneficiary: The race will benefit the Penns Valley Area School District track and cross country programs.

Route and distance: The route will begin near the Gregg Township Elementary School in Spring Mills and will then follow scenic country roads around the mountain known as Egg Hill for a total of 10 miles, ending back at the school. The route is wheel measured and is mostly paved, with a mile and a half or so of well-maintained unpaved road.

 Egg Hill Course 

Course Elevation Profile

Runners may register to run the full course as a solo race or may run as a three-person medley relay team. Two-person teams may also compete in the three-person category, with any order acceptable, as long as each runner does at least one leg. Leg lengths are 3.0 miles, 5.0 miles, and 2.0 miles, as shown on the map. All legs are wheel-measured.

Leg 1: Begins at the baseball field behind the Spring Mills Elementary School and heads east through Spring Mills and then south out of town. The second half of this 3-mile leg includes a long moderate uphill of about a mile, the most difficult of the course.

Leg 2: The first half of this 5-mile leg consists of gently rolling hills, with beautiful views of Georges Valley along the way. The last half is mostly on Egg Hill Road, a well-maintained gravel road that cuts across a bit of the western end of the mountain. It begins on the level, proceeds to a steep .3-mile uphill, and then goes through a couple of moderate hills before ending the leg on the level.

Leg 3: This leg is just right for the sprint home. The entire 2 miles runs alongside Sinking Creek and is virtually flat, with a very slight drop of 20 feet or so over the length of the leg.

Team vehicles will always wait at the the next transition zone for the current runner, and then proceed to the following zone after the transition. Runners may drive or you may want to have a seperate driver. Two-person teams will be much better off with a driver.

Please Support Our Generous 2019 Business Sponsors 

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 Nittany Brokerage
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Jimmy Brown of Hampton's Battery F (race start cannon)

Interested in joining our growing list of business sponsors? E-mail Scott and Jodi Butler at
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Results of Previous Races

2004 Overall and Category Results

2005 Overall and Category Results

2006 Overall and Category Results

2007 Overall and Category Results

2008 Overall and Category Results

2009 Overall and Category Results

2010 Overall and Category Results

2011 Overall and Category Results

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2018 Overall and Category Results

2019 Overall and Category Results



For more information, check back periodically or contact Scott and Jodi Butler at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call at 814-880-5104.

Web site issues - Email Marty Mazur at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Arts Fest T-Shirts Through The Years

Here is a gallery of some Arts Fest T-shirts through the years. Click on any T-shirt thumbnail for a bigger view. If you have a T-shirt from a race not represented here, take a photo of it and send it to Dave Eggler at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

AF 1976 SMcG1976

AF 1977 glf1977

AF 1978 SMcG1978

AF 19801980

 AF 1981 glf1981

AF 1982 SMcG1982

AF 1984 afnt TR1984 (Front)

AF 1984 bk TR1984 (Back)

 AF 1985 TR1985

AF 1986 TR1986

AF 1987 TR1987 (Front)

AF 1987 TR back1987 (Back)

AF 1988 nw1988

AF 1989 nw1989

AF 19901990

 AF 1991 SMcG1991

 AF 1992 nw1992

AF 1993 1993

AF 1994 nw 1994

AF 1995 nw 1995

AF 1996 nw1996

AF 1997 nw1997

AF 1998 nw1998

AF 1999 nw1999

 AF 2000 nw2000

AF 2001 SMcG2001

AF 2002 nw2002

AF 2003 nw2003

 AF 2004 nw2004

 AF 2005 afront2005 (Front)

AF 2005 back2005 (Back)

AF 2006 afront2006 (Front)

AF 2006 back2006 (Back)

AF 2007 afront2007 (Front)

AF 2007 back2007 (Back)

AF 2008 afront2008 (Front)

AF 2008 back2008 (Back)

 AF 2009 nw2009

AF 2010 afront2010 (Front)

AF 2010 back2010 (Back)

AF 2011 afront2011 (Front)

AF 2011 back2011 (Back)






NVRC Give 'Em 5! Run For Veterans

give5 logo

The NVRC Give 'Em 5! Runs For Veterans are 5K and 5 Mile races in Bellefonte typically run near Veterans Day. The races are dedicated to honoring the sacrifices and commitments of our community’s brave veterans. Funds raised from this race will be made available to veterans in need of financial assistance through the Veterans Assistance Fund, a non-profit fund created specifically for helping our community’s warriors in their time of need.

All disbursements of the fund are for eligible veterans and must be approved by the Veterans Assistance Fund Committee. The Veterans Assistance Fund, a 501(c)(3) non-profit fund, was created to assist Centre County (PA) Veterans in their time of need. The fund provides financial assistance to qualified Centre County Veterans. The Veterans Assistance Fund Committee will determine eligibility for the fund through an application process. To learn more about the Veterans Assistance Fund or make a donation: https://sites.google.com/site/vetassistancefund/

The  10th Annual Give 'Em 5! Runs For Veterans was be held on Sunday, November 3, 2019 at 1 PM at the Bellefonte Area Middle School, 100 N. School St., Bellefonte, PA. Information on the 2020 race will be posted as soon as it is available!


  • Overall top 3 males & top 3 females 5K and 5Mile
  • Awards to top 1 male and female in the following age groups:
    13 & under, 14-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+
  • Special awards for the top male and female veterans!
  • T-shirts (guaranteed to the first pre-registered entrants) • Refreshments • Door prizes



give5 course sm


Past Race Results:


2010 2011 2012 2013
2014 2015 2016 2017
2018 2019     


Red Raider Rally Run

The Bellefonte Area Cross-Country Booster Club is sponsoring a new set of races for kids 8th grade and under. The Red Raider Rally Run will be held on Saturday, May 14th at the  Bellefonte Area Middle School, School St., Bellefonte, PA.

Here are the race categories. Red Raider 1/4 mile race (kindergarten & younger), Girls-9 a.m., Boys-9:15 a.m.; Red Raider 1/2 mile race, Girls (Grades 1 & 2)-9:30 a.m., Boys (Grades 1 & 2)-9:45 a.m., Girls (Grades 3 & 4)-10 a.m., Boys (Grades 3 & 4)-10:15 a.m.; Red Raider Mile Race (6th grade & younger), Girls-10:30 a.m., Boys-10:45 a.m.; Red Raider 1.5 Mile Race (8th grade & younger), Boys & Girls-11 a.m., Medals will be awarded to the first 5 finishers in EACH race (Boys & Girls). All runners in each race will receive ribbons. Entry fee: $5 pre-registration by April 30th, $7 race day, $1 no shirt, T-shirts to the first 100 entrants, Make checks payable to: Bellefonte Area Cross-Country Booster Club. Mail entries to: Kim Gasper, Bellefonte Area High School, 830 Bishop St., Bellefonte, PA 16823. For additional information call (814) 383-9932 (evenings). Application & information available online: www.basd.net ,click on Cross-Country, then RRRR application. PLEASE PLAN ON ARRIVING 1/2 HOUR PRIOR TO YOUR CHILDS RACE TIME!

Additional race day features: concession stand, health & fitness related activities, face painting. Family oriented.