The Centre Region Youth Cross-Country Program

No Entry Fee!        Ribbons to all Runners!

The Centre Region Youth Cross-Country Program

The Nittany Valley Running Club and Centre Region Park and Recreation are sponsors for cross-country races for Centre Region youth, ages 14 and under. The program began in Fall 1999, and  we've had more than 100 kids participating each year. Participation is free!

The Centre Region Youth X-C schedule typically permits two to four meets a year. This Fall (2021), our schedule has three meets:

Saturday, September 11th
Saturday, September 18th
Saturday, October 16th

The races will be held at: Oak Hall Regional Park, located at 120 Linden Hall Road. This is the home course for Joseph's Catholic Adademy. Signup will be on the morning of each race; Parent/Guardian signature required! Here is the sign-up/waiver form.


Ribbons are given to all runners, and the emphasis is on participation and fun.  All children are welcome (whether or not you live in the Centre Region), and there is no fee to participate. 

X-C run distances and age groups are based on National AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) standards.

Here are maps of the courses:

As of 12/31/21, if you are: Your X-C age group is: X-C Distance

Start Time

8 years old or younger Primary 2K
(1.2 miles)

8:30 AM

9 or 10 years old Bantam 3K
(1.8 miles)

9:00 AM

11 or 12 years old Midget 3K
(1.8 miles)

9:00 AM

13 or 14 years old Youth 4K
(2.4 miles)

9:30 AM

Note: A mix of running/jogging/walking is certainly o.k.  We have had children much younger than 8 years old participate,  along with a parent or older sibling.  It's all about exposure to X-C, having fun, and talking pride in a solid accomplishment!

Questions?  Contact -

  • Greg Fredericks (814) 466-6976    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Liz Kisenwether  (814) 571-3487   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

See the Fall Schedule .
See past youth cross-country results

Knights of Columbus State College Adventure 5K and Kids Races (Historical)

Knights of Columbus State College Adventure 5K
and Kids Races
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Race Information Race Sponsors

Race Information

The Knights of Columbus Race was retired from the Nittany Valley Running Club calendar in early 2015. This page is being maintained for historical purposes.

History: The Knights of Columbus 5K began in the late 1980s as a family oriented 5K run in a residential neighborhood of State College. After a 4 year hiatus from 1996 to1999, the Knights race was revived in 2000 and has been growing strong. And starting in 2005 the Knights Races included a free 1/4-mile and 1/2-mile races for kids 12 and under!

The Knights Race returned to the Knights Hall in 2014, and to the course that had been run for several years up until 2012. The course is a mix of streets, bike paths, trails, and grassy hills. Because of the mild challenges the course sets, it's a great race for a beginners to take on for their first 5K. With special kids age groups, 5 year age groups for adults, and generous prizes, it's a great race for all!

  • Race Day: The Knights of Columbus 5K was offically retired from the NVRC Racing Calendar in early 2015.
  • Youth Run: The Youth Runs are held immediately after the 5K. They're held at Orchard Park, a short walk from the Knights Hall. There will be a 1/4-mile and a 1/2-mile race. 
  • Beneficiary: The Knights of Columbus 5K Race benefits the Schlow Centre Region Library Children's Department.
  • Age Groups and Awards: 5K: Overall 1st-3rd place men and women runners. 1st-3rd place for men and women runners in the following categories: Youth: 12 and under, 13-16, 17-19 Adults: 20-24, and 5-year age groups through 80 and over. No awards to runners/walkers finishing after 50 minutes.
  • Course Information: Here is a map of the course.
  • Beginning Runner's Challenge: The Knights of Columbus 5K is the official NVRC Beginner's 5K. While runners of all abilities run the Knights race because its relatively easy course helps ensure a good finishing time, we will have special incentives for beginners to run the race. If you're a beginning runner, start the Couch-To 5K Program outlined on our Coaching Pages.
  • More Information: If you have historical results of the Knights race from years prior to 1995, please contact Marty Mazur at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Race Results

(The NVRC would like to collect results and memories from the entire history of
the Knights Race. If you have results from past races, or pictures you'd like to share,
please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Knights of Columbus 5K Results From Some Previous Years:


1991  1992 - 1994
1995 2000 2001 2002
2003 2004 2005 2006
2007 2008 2009 2010






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Arts Fest Lore

A Race Steeped In Lore…
by Marty Mazur

(a shorter version of this article appeared The Voices of Central Pennsylvania, July/August 2003)

The Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts Road Race will be held for the 28th time on Sunday, July 13. The “Arts Fest Race” is regarded with a mixture of affection and dread by the local running community. It’s always been one of the longest races in town, and is certainly one of the most grueling. It will be a hot, humid morning. Arts Fest kind of guarantees that. The locals call it “Arts Fest Weather”. And winners of the race, after replenishing their fluids and electrolytes, will relish their victory in “a race steeped in lore”…

The Arts Fest Race started in 1976 as the brainchild of Marie Doll, an avid local runner and community volunteer. Marie got the race going with the help of Penn State track coach Harry Groves and the Nittany Valley Track Club. The race started out as a small affair, with 125 runners finishing the first race. Prizes were acquired from the artists (mostly local at the time) whose booths and tables lined the Festival sidewalks. The Nittany Valley Running Club, as the old Track Club is now known, has kept up the running tradition in State College and continues to put on the Arts Fest race.

In the 1970s and early 80s, American distance running was in its heyday, and the Arts Fest race rode the crest of that phenomenon. The race was fed by a very strong local running community, which included world class runners, not only at Penn State, but in the surrounding area. Companies such as HRB Singer had strong running clubs. By the early 1980s, race attendance was near 1000 runners. The State College running community was close knit. Large post-race barbecues replaced the fluids and calories lost by runners during the morning’s exertion.

The Arts Fest race started out as a 10 miler, with the course changing a little bit every year. The course used to start out on Fox Hollow Rd close to the airport, head down the steep decline on Rock Road, up through Houserville, out onto Rte 26, and then up the long hill on East College, finishing in front of Penn State’s Allen Street gates. In the mid-80s the race was changed over to a 10K, in large part because of a wane in the fanaticism required to run 10 miles in blistering Arts Fest weather. Now the race makes two loops of the University Park campus on a certified, wheel-measured course that starts and ends near the Intramural Building. At least that’s the theory. Summer road construction and Penn State’s perpetual building boom have forced race planners to continue the tradition of “a different course every year”. The upside is that every year produces a new “course record”.

Greg Fredericks has fond memories of the early Arts Festival races. Fredericks ran track and cross-country for Penn State in the early 70s. He set an American record in the 10,000 meters on the track in 1972. After graduating, Greg continued to compete, winning the American cross-country championship in 1975 and landing a spot on the 1980 Olympic team in the 10,000 meters. The 1980 team never saw Olympic competition due to the American boycott of the Moscow games.

Greg is now 53 years old, and though he can still run people half his age into the ground, he hasn’t raced in 17 years. But local runners remember that Greg owned the early years of the Arts Fest race, winning six of the first seven races. In the early races, Greg’s main competition was the Penn State running teams, whose members tried in vain to beat their older rival. The only Penn Stater to win the race in the first seven years was George Malley. The year was 1980, and Greg Fredericks was in Berlin for a pre-Olympic track meet. In the storied early races, the lead pack could be counted on to run the first mile in under 4-and-a-half minutes and blaze through the 10 mile course, sometimes in less than 50 minutes. Now, it is unusual for runners to break 5 minutes per mile on the shorter course.

The most often told Fredericks story centers on his efforts to get to the 1978 race. On the morning of the Arts Fest race, Greg was returning on the red-eye from Berkeley, California, where he’d run a race the previous day. Despite a nearly sleepless flight, Greg was determined to make the starting gun at the Arts Fest race. At a 6 AM changeover in Detroit, Greg changed over to his running clothes. The next flight took him to Pittsburgh, where he had arranged with the pilot of a small plane, who looked for any excuse to fly, to take him to State College. Greg was on the ground in State College at five to nine, and Greg’s wife Anne drove him down the road to the starting line in time for Greg to do a toe-touch to warm up. The starting gun went off at 9. Fredericks started well behind another Penn State great, Paul Stemmer, but gained on him the entire race and finally caught him about a mile from the finish.

Like the Tour de France, the Arts Fest race has its share of legendary five time winners. Sue Crowe was the first woman to take the laurels five times. Sue won the race three times when it was a 10 miler and twice since it became a 10K. Sue preferred the race when it was longer and ended in front of Old Main, but still shows up for the double looper, taking a Master’s prize now and then. Sue, 47, and her husband Bob have raised six kids, all runners. The older ones have distinguished themselves in high school and collegiate running, and the youngest are showing a lot of promise in that direction.

Wendy Nelson-Barrett has also won five times. She dominated the race while a student at Penn State, taking the title in 1989, 1990, and 1991. She later returned to take the crown in 1993, and again in 1998.

The Arts Fest race went through a few lean attendance years in the early 90s when the sport was on the wane. But the race has been gathering steam again. Last year the race attracted over 500 runners for the first time in years. The Nittany Valley Running Club wants to attract people from all over the region, and is looking forward to a 1000-runner race soon.

Marty Mazur, a Penn State researcher, is active in local running. He edits the Nittany Valley Running Club newsletter. The club web site is Marty can be reached by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The NVRC Indoor Mile Series


The Nittany Valley Running Club's 2020 Indoor Mile Series was another success. In the runs, there were again great match-ups, continuing rivalries, and personal and Club records have been the norm at these races. The 2021 Indoor Mile Series was canceled due to COVID, but the Series is back for 2022!

The Indoor Mile Series are held in conjunction with three Penn State Indoor Track Meets. The Indoor Miles are the first event at each of the Penn State's Indoor season meets, which are held at the Horace Ashenfelter III Multi-Sport Facility. The Series is open to all adult members of the Nittany Valley Running Club. High school age runners and younger cannot participate in the Indoor Mile Series

The Indoor Mile Series Is free to all active members of the NVRC.

Due to COVID-19 considerations, we are instituting the following policy for this year's Indoor Mile Series:

If you need to become a member or renew,  go to All mile entrants need to be an active member prior to the meet. Use the online registration link above to join. There will not be membership registration (written forms) or a check-in table this year in order to limit person-to-person contact.  Once heats are determined, approximately a day or so in advance of the meet, you will be emailed instructions as to heat, hip and shoulder numbers, and starting time. The indoor track will not be open for warmups, so come prepared to warmup outside.  

The Club will make a donation to the PSU Track and Field Booster Club. If you'd like to add to that donation, bring a few dollars.

In order to be on the roster for a particular meet, you must contact Marty Klanchar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 3 PM on the Wednesday before the meet. Please give Marty an idea of your expected finishing time so that he can organize heats. Sign up early! There will be absolutely no race day sign-ups for any of the meets!

The Indoor Mile series is a great way to keep your speed training on schedule during the long winter months. The races give you goals to shoot for. We generally get a wide range of ages, experience, and talent, with times in any race ranging from under 4:30 to over 8:00. So don't by shy!

2022 Series Dates:

Indoor Mile #1: Saturday, January 15. Results.

Indoor Mile #2: Friday, January 21. Results.

Indoor Mile #3 and 3000 Meter Run: Saturday, January 29. Results.

Indoor Mile Series Information:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Application for NVRC Membership

Pace Chart

2022 Indoor Mile Series Final Standings 

The 2022 Predicted Mile Contest

Series results from previous years

Series Records

The Sue Crowe Memorial NVRC Arts Festival Races

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    The Sue Crowe Memorial NVRC Arts Festival  

5K, 10K, and Kids Races

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Race Information Sponsors Results

Covid-19 Announcement: All Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts activities, including the 45th running of the Sue Crowe Memorial NVRC Arts Festival 5K and 10K Races and Kids Races, have been cancelled. The NVRC is planning an announcement about a virtual race..

The Arts Festival Races are the oldest races in Central Pennsylvania. The event was first run in 1976 as a 10 Mile race that started out of town and ended on campus in the midst of Arts Festival tables and booths; the run was shortened to a 10K race in the late 1980's. Over the years the course has gone through numerous changes, adding a 10K, a 5K, and Kids Races and sometimes still offering the 10 Miler. In 2019, there will be 5K and 10K races that will be run from the Ag Arena and will have a more rural setting in Penn State agricultural land and wooded bike trails near campus.

In 2006, the Arts Festival races were renamed in honor of Sue Crowe, who died in February 2006. Sue was a local running legend who also gave back to the running community through her work coaching young competitors. Sue was a fixture at the Arts Festival races. Sue and her family competed in most of them, and Sue herself was a five time winner. Sue won three times in the early days while the race was a 10-miler and two times after it became a 10K race.

The Arts Festival races are run in conjunction with the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, the region’s premier summer outdoor festival which draws over 125,000 people to downtown State College and the University Park campus. The Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts is five full days of fun, including the nationally recognized Sidewalk Sale Exhibition, a gallery exhibition, Children & Youth Day, the Downtown State College Italian Street Painting Festival, music, dance, and vaudeville performances at eight different outdoor and indoor different venues.

Race Information

  • 5K and 10K Race information: The Sue Crowe Memorial 44th Annual Arts Festival 5K and 10K Races were held on July 14, 2019. 5K results are here. 10K results are here. Kids Races results are here
  • Race Registration: Registration information for the 2021 races will appear closer to race day.
  • Packet Pick-up: Packet pick-up will be from 12 noon to 5 PM on Saturday, 7/12 at the Central Pennsylvania Convention & Visitor's Bureau on Porter Avenue across Porter from Beaver Stadium and across Park Avenue from the Ag Arena; and on race day morning at the Ag Arena starting at 7 AM.
  • Kids Races: The Kids Races will be run on the dirt roads behind the Ag Arena. There will be two distances to choose from, one about a quarter mile or so, the other twice that. Races start at about 10 AM. Participation is free!
  • Courses: In 2019, the Arts Fest debuted a new 5K and a new 10K course. The races have a more rural setting in Penn State agricultural land and wooded bike trails near campus. Race headquarters are at the Ag Arena on the Penn State campus. Both races start and end on Pasture Way, a gravel road behind the Ag Arena.
    • 5K Course Map. Description: The race starts just about 30 yards west of Orchard Rd on Pasture Way, a gravel road that intersects Orchard. Proceed west on the Pasture Way to Ag Services Road, then north to Orchard Road. Turn east on Orchard Road and continue to Wiley Rd. Go north on Wiley, then east on Pastureview. Next, turn north on Farm Services Rd. Proceed through a tunnel under the Mt Nittany Expressway, then east on the Research Park Bike Path to a turnaround in front of Building 310 on the Penn Stater campus, then west on the alternate Innovation Park Bike Path, retracing the route under the Mt Nittany Expressway. Upon reaching Pastureview Road, turn left and proceed east on Pastureview Road to Farm Ten Rd, then turn south and proceed to Orchard Rd. Go south on Orchard Road to Pasture Way and turn west on that road to the finish.
    • 10K Course MapDescription: The race starts at RV Aisle A about 0.1 miles west of Orchard Rd on Pasture Way, a gravel road that intersects Orchard. Proceed east on Pasture Way to Orchard Rd, then turn north on Orchard Road. Turn east on Farm Ten Road, then immediately north as Farm Ten Rd heads north. Continue on Farm Ten Rd to Pasture View Rd and turn west. Follow Pasture View to Wiley Land and turn south on Wiley to its intersection with Orchard Rd. Turn west on Orchard and follow it to its intersection with Fox Hollow Road (a state highway). Turn north on Fox Hollow, staying in the right-hand (east) bike lane and therefore not crossing Fox Hollow. Upon reaching Big Hollow Road, cross Fox Hollow and proceed west on Big Hollow. The crossing will be monitored by State College Police. Take Big Hollow Road to Alpha Lane, then turn west on Rocky Top Lane and then join the Bellefonte Central Rail Trail. Follow the Rail Trail north just over 3/4-mile to the turnaround, which is at the end of the nicely paved part of the trail. Turn around and follow the course back to Fox Hollow. Fox Hollow will again be crossed at Big Hollow. The uphill climb on Fox Hollow to Orchard Road will be in the left-hand (east) bike lane. Upon reaching Orchard Road, continue to retrace the starting part of the race: Take Orchard to Wiley Ln, turning north on Wiley. Then turn east on Pasture View Rd. Follow Pasture View to Farm Ten Ln, turning south there. Continue of Farm Ten to Orchard Rd, turning south on Orchard. Turn west on Pasture Way and continue for a short distance to the finish.

Race Sponsors
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marcus and mack



Brown and Associates, Inc


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Race Results

(The NVRC would like to collect results and memories from the entire history of
the Arts Fest Race. If you have results from past races, or pictures you'd like to share,
please contact Chris Hunsberger at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

10 Miler Results - Here is a list of Men's and Women's winners for the years 1976-1985 when the Art's Festival race was a 10-Miler. For more reminiscences, see A Race Steeped In Lore... from the July-August 2003 Voices of Central Pennsylvania. The 10 Miler was back from 2013 through 2017 and results for that 10 Miler are also below.

Full results from the earliest races are being collected. Some newspaper stories with partial results are given at the bottom of the page.

Arts Festival 10 Mile Results From Some Previous Years:
1976 -- 1978
1980 -- -- --
-- 1985 ----
2013 2014
Arts Festival 10K Results From Some Previous Years:
Arts Festival 5K Results From Some Previous Years:
2005 2006 2007 2008
2009 2010 2011 2012
2013 2014
2015 2016
2017 2018  2019  
Arts Festival Kids Race Results From Some Previous Years:
1997 1998 1999 2000
2001 2002 2003 2004
2005 2006 2007 2008
2009 2010


2013 2014
2015   2016
2017 2018  2019  
Arts Festival Race Reports From Some Previous Years:
From the Archives:

Inaugural Year (1976) Stories:
Pre-Race story from the Centre Daily Times
Race Report (CDT)
Race Report (PA Mirror)
Full Results

Race Report (PA Mirror)
Race Report (CDT) 
Race Story (Collegian) 
Race Story (CDT) New!
Race Story (CDT) 
The Starting Line (CDT Photo) 
Race Story (CDT) 
Fredericks Finish (CDT Photo) 
Full Results (CDT) New!
Story (CDT) New!
Full Results (CDT) New!
Story on Race Director Dave Eggler from the Centre Daily Times.
From the Penn State Collegian:
1991 (Men's Winner),
(Women's Winner)
2004 (Pre-race story)
2007 (87-year-old George Etzweiler Competes)

[- Hat Tip Greg Fredericks, Dave Eggler, Tim Scitti]

Created 05/27/04


First Night State College Resolution Run 5K

First Night® State College
Resolution Run 5K

The First Night Resolution Run 5K was first run on New Year's Eve, 1997. About 130 hearty souls showed up on a frigid, windy night for the race through downtown State College and the Penn State Campus. Since then, the race has grown every year and has become a much anticipated part of the First Night® State College festivities as well as the start  of the local running calendar. Like the Boalsburg Memorial Day Race, the First Night 5K is a "fun run" attracting first time racers, families, kids, out-of-town Christmas visitors, costumed runners (there's a prize for the best costume!), as well as serious competitors. The course is fast, with a relatively mild (by State College standards) hill in the first half-mile, an even milder one in the second mile, and a long downhill to the finish. Well over 700 runners have taken part in recent years' Resolution Runs, and the race keeps on growing: Since 2012, the race has had between 300 and 1000 finishers!

The Resolution Run 5K is part of the First Night® State College festivities. First Night® State College is a day of winter fun, including music, crafts, ice sculptures, indoor and outdoor performances and activities, and a Grand Procession through downtown State College. For more information on First Night, visit the First Night® State College web site.

Race Sponsors
  • Centre Elite Gymnastics  
  • Drayer Physical Therapy Institute
Race Results
First Night Resolution Run 5K Results from Years Gone By:

(First Night has its own special dating system. First Night activities begin on December 30, but the
activities are dated by the coming year, so the 1998 First Night 5K was held on December 31, 1997)


1998 1999 2000 2001
2002 2003 2004 2005
2006                 2007                 2008                 2009






               2015                2016                2017 


2019                2020

2021 (No Race due to COVID) 


Race Information
  • First Night 2022: The 25th First Night State College Resolution 5K will be held on December 31, 2021 at 6:30 PM.  The first 300 registrants will receive a runner swag bag!
  • Results of the 2022 race are here
  • Race Registration: Registration for the 2023 First Night Race will be here when it becomes available.
  • Course Description, Map, and Elevation Profile from the NVRC Maps Pages.
  • Runner's Gazette story on the 2000 First Night Resolution Run 5K.
  • Marty Mazur on First Night Y2K.
  • First Night T-Shirts Through The Years
  • Romance On The Run: From Runner's World Women's Weekly, January 7, 2002.
  • For information on the First Night Resolution Run 5K, contact Davs Michael at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Women's course and event record: Rebecca Donaghue, 2006, 16:29
Men's event record: Gavin Gaynor, 1997, 15:11
Men's course record: Artie Gilkes, 2006, 15:15

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Summer All-Comers Meets


There are two sets of weekly All-Comer's track meets, one put on by the NVRC, the other run by Centre Region Parks and Recreation for younger children. Both series are low-key community events that attract a range of participants. There are worse ways to spend a summer evening! There is no charge to participate.

Centre Region Parks and Recration Youth Track Meets. These meets do not happen every year. They have been WEDNESDAY EVNINGS from late June through  late July. They are usually run at the State College High School track, which is on the south side of Westerly Parkway, behind the High School South Building. The meets are for boys and girls ages 5-12. The meets begin at 5:45 PM and held weather permitting. Events are free of charge. In case of rain, call 231-3071 for cancellation info. Parents and spectators are often enlisted to help time and judge events, which include Softball Toss, Long Jump, 50 Meter Dash, 100 Meter Dash, 200 Meter Run, and 1 Mile Run (11 &12 years only) . For more information, go to:

NVRC All-Comer's Races. The Nittany Valley Running Club has hosted All-Comer outdoor summer track meets for adults off and on over the years. We haven't had any in several years, but there's always talk of starting them up. Let us know if you're interested in helping out! Here are some historical resuls.

The 2010 All Comers Meets are over.

2010 All Comers Track Meet #2 - July 27, 2010

2010 All Comers Track Meet #1 - July 20, 2010

Results of All Comers Meets through the years.

Best Performances of Summer 2004.
Best performances of Summer 2000.