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We're trying out putting photos from Flickr on the website using tags. This will allow anyone that took pictures of an NVRC event to upload them to Flickr, tag them, and have them appear on the web page for that event. See the Arts Fest pages for examples and the following for instructions:...

To upload pictures to Flickr you'll need an account (you can save up to 100MB/month of photos with a free account). Once you've got an account, to upload pictures:

If you add a title & description to the photos they will appear on the website as a popup when people hover over that photo with the mouse. This will just be the file name of the photo if you leave the default title there.

To make sure we only get relavant pictures, the tags need to be unique collection for each event.  Usually this will be our website address followed by the event website address and a year.  If that isn't unique we'll also add an additional tag such as 10K or "Kids Races".  If the event doesn't have a website we'll create a unique tag for that event.

For example, the 2010 arts fest races use the following tags:

For the 2008 Mountainback the tags would be:

To find the tags used for a group of pictures already on the website, look for a small period (".") after the pictures.  Hovering the mouse over the period should bring up a tooltip listing the tags to use.  If you want to upload pictures from other events or years, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for help picking the tags and so he can add them to the website.

A few people have had problems getting tags to work at first.  Here's a post from flickr help that talks about a few things that could cause this:

[flickr tag="" user=all sort=date-taken-asc limit=10].

Flickr badge test:
This is a Flickr badge showing public items from Flickr tagged with Make your own badge here.