Nittany Valley Running Community

Centre County has a very active running community.  There is at least one group run almost every day, lots of on-line discussion, and many beautiful places to run in and around Centre County.  Check out the calendar page to find out where and when the group runs are happening, or join one of the discussion groups.  

If you are or will be visiting the area, take a look at the visitors section for information such as local trails and accommodations.

Trail Advocacy

During the long winter months, we've all noticed that our running route options shrink dramatically. Sidewalks are indifferently shoveled and become icy, streets are narrowed due to piles of snow, and are treacherous due to ice. And perhaps most vexing is the fact that most of the State College area's wonderful and growing network of bike paths is buried under thick sheets of ice. Not just snow, mind you, but ice. Why is that? It's because most of the area's bike paths are not maintained during the winter. However, people still use them when the snow comes to take winter walks, to walk their dogs, etc. Within a day or so of the first snow, the paths become packed down and soon become an icy mess. Once the ice is formed, it can take weeks of warm weather for it to disappear.

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