A crew of about a dozen and a half hungry and thirsty Club members showed up at Hi-Way Pizza, including Bob Crowe, Dave Eggler, Marty Klanchar, Mike and Evan Casper, Grace Small, Tom Cali, Alan Cameron, John Wilcock, Cheryl and Brian Capone, Greg Luna, Jon Thurley, Kim and Jonathan Gasper, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur, for the regular bimonthly meeting.

It was a full agenda, and Club Secretary Tara Murray was out of town on some stamp club junket. (Yes, folks. She actually gets *paid* to *work* for a *club*). So Marty had to sharpen his ostrich quill and go back to his old job as recording secretary. First up, Grace and Mike gave a report on the mOUnTaiNBACK, which is just over two weeks away. They'll be holding volunteer phone banks on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and next to round up the small army of volunteers for the mOUnTaiNBACK. Come to Wegmans on those evenings at 6 PM, cell phone in hand, if you can help. Pizza and beer will be provided. Contact Mike or Grace if you can help out in this or any other way. In other mOUnTaiNBACK news, the relay race is full for the second year in a row, and ultra registration is north of 100 ultras.

In mOUnTaiNBACK related news, Meira Minard, Jon Thurley, Tom Cali and others have been working on a stone memorial to Ed Thompson, who died while competing in last year's mOUnTaiNBACK. They've got  a nice remembrance lined up that they hope will be installed at TZ 1 at the crest of Laurel Run Rd in time for the mOUnTaiNBACK. They asked mOUnTaiNBACK Race Director and the Club for donations to help defray the cost of the stone. The mOUnTaiNBACK donated $150 and the NVRC pitched in $250.

Mike Casper has been in contact with Appalachian Outdoors, which is having and outdoor expo on October 13. He's looking for people to help ban a table on behalf of the Club. Tom Cali and Mike will be helping disseminate info. If you can help, shoot Mike an email.

In other race news, Josh Cone has been buttonholed to direct the Knights 5K starting next year. Christine Rodgers, who has been directing the race the last 3 years, is relocating to the Philadelphia area. Josh works at the YMCA and will probably want the YMCA to be half-beneficiary along with Schlow. The race has had two beneficiaries form most of its years (until recently), so this will be no big change.

The Centre Region Parks and Rec / NVRC Youth Cross-Country program was a monumental success this year. The program, run with NVRC support by Greg Fredericks and Liz Kisenwether, was started in the late 90s and encourages kids from Barely-Walking age to 14 to try their legs at some fun competition at "age appropriate" distances. This year was a record year. 70 to over 80 kids participated in each of the three meets. Thanks to Liz and Greg for their years of doing this. And thanks to Dave Eggler and Cheryl Capone, who timed all the races. The program really helps kids get started and feeds our school running programs with kids who love to run!

In the area of community support, Sheryl Balkey asked the Club to donate to the United Way Day of Caring to help defray the expenses of her crew, which will be clearing brush on the bike trail along the southern edge of the PSU golf course. This trail is used heavily by local runners and needs a good haircut every year. The Club is pitching in to her cause.

Marty Klanchar gave a membership update. The Club is currently at about 200 runners, down from 300-ish. But that number should rise again with the normal ebb and flow of our transient town, particularly when Indoor Mile season rolls around.

Cheryl Capone brought some NVRC magnets to the meeting. They're great for the car or the fridge. They're cheap ($2), and sporting one makes you one of the cool kids. Contact Cheryl if you want one. Info on our web site.

Marty brought up a discussion he's had a couple of times with Dave DeGroote (who could not make the meeting) regarding ways we could make our Club group runs more inclusive and social. We have plenty of group runs, but they tend to be a little "cliquey", not by intention, but more or less by default. Fast people run with fast, slower with slower, etc. We shared our experiences with other Clubs who have more social group runs. John Wilcock suggested that there should be a Club office or function in charge of this. Discussion on this will continue, but be sure there'll some some  "running and coffee", "running and donuts", and "running and beer" events coming!

We promised last election go-around that we'd be doing elections more regularly, and not just when someone steps down from their post. We'll be having an election in the next couple of months , per the charter. Cheryl Capone will organize. Rest assured it will be after November 6 and you will not be getting robo-calls.

Finally, we heard from Alan Cameron that the Nittany Valley Marathon is lining up their sponsors for next September's Nittany Marathon. The race is looking more and more like a go. Go to the Mount Nittany Conservancy web site for more info. Bob Crowe is putting a full court press on Marty Mazur to organize a drive to get 100 beginners signed on to a marathon training program. "Marty's Centurions". More on this after the December meeting.

Next Meeting: December 4.