6:30pm, Hi-Way Pizza N. Atherton, State College

In attendance: Marty Klanchar (membership), Marty Mazur (communications), Dave Eggler (treasurer), Tara Murray (secretary/archivist), John Iceland, John Wilcock, Allison Machnicki, Greg Fredericks, Jeff Smucker, Carl Miller, Dave Degroote, Kim Gasper, Grace Small, Paul Lammert, John Groenveld, Jake Clements, Cathy Herrera (guest)

Despite a small pre-meeting agenda, we had a lively meeting with plenty of discussion. We started off with Marty Mazur's ongoing negotiations with the staff of Hi-Way Pizza about their lack of green olives and then moved on to running business.

Mt. Nittany Marathon

Bob Crowe suggested via email that the start be moved to 7am due to potentially hot conditions at the beginning of September. An informal poll of those present who are planning to run the marathon showed agreement with Bob's suggestion. Marty Mazur agreed to pass the suggestion along to John Hook, race director.

Flutopia 5K

Cathy Herrera told the group about her plan to have a 5K in Tudek Park on August 3 with musicians playing along the way and the Penn State flute choir at the finish. Proceeds will go to CVIM and Doctors Without Borders. The group offered suggestions for course, logistics, registration, and timing. Stay tuned for more details!

House of Care 5K

Grace Small reminded the club that the House of Care 5K will be on June 29 at Medlar Field. She asked for and received suggestions for publicizing the race.

Appalachian Outdoors

Grace also mentioned that she was invited to give a talk July 18 at Appalachian Outdoors about the summer running season. She got suggestions for things to talk about, and will inquire if she can also talk about fall running since summer will be halfway over by the time of the talk.

Eager Seeger half marathon

Mike Casper passed out fliers for the new Tussey Teaser, and half marathon (-ish) race on the new leg of the Tussey Mountainback.

Club picnic

Grace Small volunteered to coordinate the annual club picnic, which will be held at a local park the evening of Aug. 6 in lieu of the regular club meeting.

Youth Cross Country

Greg requested funding for special finisher medals for participants in the youth cross country program to commemorate its 15th year. The program, which the NVRC has supported and which complements the Nittany Track & Field youth training program, has typically given ribbons to participants. Greg said the program usually gets a little less than 100 kids, and total cost for medals would be $200-$500 depending on the medal selected. The program usually holds 3 free races in the fall in conjunction with Centre Region Parks and Rec. The club members and oficers present voted to approve Greg's request.

Arts Fest races

Dave Eggler reminded everyone that the Arts Fest races (5K, 10K, and a new 10-miler) are in 6 weeks. The 10-miler is proving to be popular so far. Dave needs volunteers.


Marty Klanchar and the Avocados running group are putting together a team for the Ragnar Relay in February in the Florida Keys. The distance is 200 miles. The team needs 2 women and 1 man.

Marty Mazur ran the Seneca 77 relay and would like to put together a team for the 2014 race.

Next meeting: Aug. 6 (club picnic)