The Nittany Valley Running Club met for the October Meeting at Hi-Way Pizza.The board meeting was missing Secretary Tara Murray, so Marty Mazur took notes. Among the board were President Amy Blake, Communications Director Marty Mazur, Membership Director Marty Klanchar, Treasurer Dave Eggler, Cheryl Capone, and Dave DeGroote. Also at the board meeting were Dean and Brian Capone, and Vicky Mazur.

The board meeting usually takes care of the pressing Club business. First up: Vicky Mazur has volunteered to be the Club apparel coordinator. We talked for some time about what that’ll mean going forward. Vicky plans to coordinate with suppliers, including Knutes and Rapid Transit Sports. An apparel offering will be coming in time for Christmas..

Next, Cheryl Capone reported that she will be setting up another series of training seminars, this time at Champion Sports. We’ll be announcing details soon.

Club Timer Dave Eggler reported that the Club display clock, 20 years old, needs to be put out to pasture. The board discussed various options and decided to purchase a new clock and tripod, which will run nearly $1400. Amortized over the years, this is a modest investment, which the Club, fortunately, can afford, though a slight increase in timing fees may be considered in the future.

In appreciation for Mike Casper’s efforts in designing the Nittany Valley Half-Marathon T-shirt for the last several years, the Club will advertise Mike’s Tussey mOUnTaiNBAC race on the NVHM shirt this year.

Marty Klanchar reported that the Road Runners Clubs or America, our insuring body, has changed the way it charges member clubs based on their membership. There is now no difference between individual and family charges, and both are going to be higher. The NVRC will be raising its dues as of the coming year, but will retain a two-tier system: $15 for individual and $25 for family memberships. This charge will include the fee (since most memberships are charged online these days), and so the actual increase will only be about $3 for individual members.

The members then got ready for 2016 elections by appointing John Wilcock as the election director again this year.

The general meeting followed the board meeting as a few other members popped in including Carl Miller, Judd and Davis Michael, and Mike Martin and his family. No new business was discussed in the general meeting. The pizza was good and the beer was cold.

The next Club Meeting will be on December 1 at Hi-Way Pizza.