The regular meeting of the Nittany Valley Running Club was held on Tuesday, April 1, at the HiWay Pizza  on Westerly Parkway. In attendance were John Wilcock, Dave DeGroote, Kim Daniels, Denise Weaver, Pam Scott, Jerry Steffy (for about 5 seconds - he was coming down with something), Bob Boozer, Mark Fedkin, Jen, Joe and Mike Herbstritt, Andy Arndt, Mike and Evan Casper, Roger Greene, Kim Gasper, Jamie Volkert and his fiancee Nickie, John Domico, and Marty Mazur. It was a four pizza, four pitcher evening, and Pam, who had brought fastnachts for the Mardi Gras meeting, made our Easter complete by bringing home made peanut butter and chocolate fudge..

We got the business out of the way as fast as we could.. First, John Domico and Roger Greene gave an update on the CVIM Boston Marathon Challenge.  The Boston Teams have 25 runners, though they might still have a shot at another. So far, $27,000 has been raised, but it's still early. Roger is getting ready to start his bike ride to Boston. He'll be leaving from Restek in Bellefonte on April 15 at about 8:30 with a large group of other riders who will accompany him for the first leg of his trip. Kim Gasper is working the CVIM effort into her teaching at Bellefonte High. There was an article in the CDT this morning about her efforts. She's got a bunch of kids involved in a Home Room Challenge, running a mile a day for 25 days (with a 2.2 mile effort on the last day). To get involved with this neat after-school fitness program, the kids had to raise a little dough for CVIM. The kids are having a blast and there have been no drop-outs so far. Keep an eye out. We're going to try to organize an NVRC outing to run with the Bellefonte kids.

The Herbstritts reported that there are several races honoring the memory of Jeremy coming up. The 2nd Annual Jeremy Herbstritt Memorial 5K Walk/Run will be held on the Penn State Campus on April 26. Jeremy's girlfriend has organized a race at Clemson University on April 20. And there will be another multi-sport race in Bellefonte on August 16: This year, Herbie's Home Town Loop will add kayaking to the mix!

Mike Casper gave a pitch for the Xtreme Running film series, held once a month at Appalachian Outdoors. There are some really good flicks on tap. Check out the schedule at

Marty announced the end of an era for the NVRC. After over 30 years of publication, the NVRC Newsletter will cease to exist after the next (May-June) issue. The Newsletter was a great source of news and inspiriation for years. But it is a relic of a bygone age. It is expensive and time-consuming to produce, and the information that is contained in it is communcated more effectively and more immediately via the Club web site and the various email bulletin boards.

And speaking of the web site, as good as it is, we want it to get better. Dave DeGroote and Marty Mazur have been flogging away at the new and improved site and promise...promise! roll it out before the next Club meeting.

Next Meeting: June 3.