The NVRC met Thursday evening, June 14, 2001 at Hi-Way Pizza. Present were Morgan Wasikonis, and two of her kids, Taylor and Adalee; Steve Bodner, Mike Casper, Tut Bailey, and Marty, Andy and Christina Mazur.

The main topic of discussion was the upcoming Art's Fest Race. Here were the main points:

   - Steve Bodner and Mike Casper filled us in on the status of Art's Fest race preparation.
   - The T-shirt design this year, by Lanny Sommese, is really cool. It is  being printed by Collegiate Pride.
   - Overall winners will receive commemorative plates. Age group winners will get mugs. Other prizes will include Art's Festival gift certificates,
   redeemable this year or next at any exhibiting artist's booth.
   - Online registration is available this year at
   - 45 runners have pre-registered so far. No one knew how this compared to    previous years at the same time.
   - Steve and Mike need some more volunteers for water stops and    intersections.

Marty Mazur gave a brief report on progress with October's Knights of Columbus Race:

  - Application is done. Marty will provide Mike and Steve with some to  distribute in Art's Fest race packets.
   - The race has been approved by the SC Borough.
   - We have $200 sponsorships lined up already from the Knights and from Tom Cali. Others are in the works.

Other business:

   - Mike Casper will put together a 1/3 sheet card brochure on the club for distribution at the Centre County Convention and Visitors Center.
   - Marty will poll the listserve for opinions on this year's summer picnic.

Next meeting: Thursday, August 9. Note that it's a Thursday again to avoid conflict with the last All-Comer's Meet.

Martin A. Mazur ....................