The NVRC met Tuesday evening, August 9, 2001 at Hi-Way Pizza. Present were Morgan Wasikonis and two her baby Adalee; Steve Bodner, Dave Eggler, Grace Wang, Boyd Brumbaugh, Matt Smith, and Marty and Andy Mazur.

Not too much business was carried out. Morgan sold a few singlets to those present. We talked about the Pennsylvania Game Commission's recent hints that they might close the gamelands to all but hunters. No action was proposed aside from individual members writing letters and attending rallies.

The on-line forum is working and people have been using it. It seems like a good way to keep threaded discussions going. It's been useful for planning weekend runs, trips to out-of-town races, etc. Check it out at the club web site.

The Nittany Valley Half Marathon will be certified for this year's running. It looks like we'll be holding the race on a Sunday this year, breaking with tradition. The date is December 2.

Next Meeting: October 2.

Martin A. Mazur ....................