NVRC Meeting Minutes - 12/04/01
The NVRC met Tuesday evening, December 4, 2001 at Hi-Way Pizza. Present were
Morgan Wasikonis and her daughter Taylor, Dave Eggler, Boyd Brumbaugh, Diana
Damer, Grace Wang, John and Nancy Nagel, and Marty and Andy Mazur.

The main topic of discussion was the recently completed Nittany Valley Half
Marathon, which was a record success this year. Boyd, Marty and John traded
stories about the competition, and Dave and Morgan talked about directing the
race. Marty evangelized about the benefits of Thursday Track for those who run
long races.

It remains to be decided whether next year's race will be held on
a Saturday or a Sunday. Opinion at the meeting seemed to favor Sunday, but
with an hour later starting time (11 AM). The big reason for preferring
Sunday: less traffic on Fox Hollow Rd, the Airport Rd, and Rock Rd. The reason
for starting later: getting more volunteers who might be at Church at the
earlier time. There were a few complaints about the incompetence of University
Police, who were late in opening the IM Building before the race and (as
usual) the gate at the top of 4 Hills, this despite repeated assurances by
them to Morgan that they knew our schedule.

With regard to winter running, Greg Fredericks has indicated that the NVRC
will be allowed to participate again in two indoor meets, dates to be
announced. Also, there will be a Herm Goffberg Memorial 10K on March 30 at the
outdoor track, details to be announced.

Next Meeting: February 5.

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