NVRC Meeting Minutes - 2/05/02

The NVRC met Tuesday evening, February 5, 2002 at Hi-Way Pizza. Present were
Morgan Wasikonis, Boyd Brumbaugh, Diana Damer, Amy Paster, Steve Bodner,
and Marty and Andy Mazur.

There was not too much pressing business this time. We talked about some of
the upcoming spring races, including the Chambersburg Half Marathon, the DC
and Boston Marathons, and some of the local races. We also decided that we
would not, as a club, take a stand on the issues surrounding the South
Central Centre County Transportation Study (Rte 322 southeast of town and the
various proposals for its upgrade). However, we will porvide information on
meetings (local govenrment, PennDOT, etc.) relating to this study, and publish
reports of club members who attend them.

Next Meeting: April 2.

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