NVRC Meeting Minutes - 5/07/02
The NVRC met Tuesday evening, May 7, 2002 at Hi-Way Pizza. Present were
Morgan Wasikonis, Boyd Brumbaugh, Diana Damer, John Daley, Dave Eggler, Bob
Boozer, Mike Casper, and Marty and Andy Mazur.

There was much backslapping and congratulating going on. Boyd Brumbaugh just
got back from a triumphant 2:48 at the Pittsburgh Marathon, and Diana Damer
was aglow with her recent return to Marathoning. She ran a sub-4!

On the business end of things, we talked about the coming Arts Fest Race
(volunteers needed!). We also decided that the June Newsletter would be the
last paper one delivered to those members from whom I have not received a
preference (paper or electronic) and for whom I don't have an email address.
Finally, Morgan brought up that we may be taking a hard look at our RRCA
membership because of some internal brouhaha over there. They give us cheap
event insurance, which is great, but they've been raising their rates and
there seems to be some kind of political struggle going on inside the
organization. We'll keep you posted...

Next Meeting: June 4. 

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