NVRC Meeting Minutes - 6/04/02
The Nittany Valley Running Club met at Hi-Way pizza on Tuesday, June 4. Present were
Morgan Wasikonis, Marty Mazur, Boyd Brumbaugh, Diana Damer, and John Sherer. Most
of the meeting was spent, as usual, on race talk. Boyd just finished 6th at the God's Country
Marathon up in, well, depending on how you look at it, God's Country or some God-forsaken
country (Coudersport, PA...if you don't know where it is, get a map and a magnifying glass.)
The race is a killer (you think we have hills here), and so was the weather: hot and humid.

We also discussed helping John Sherer with his weekly Econo-Race series. John really seems
to have his ducks lined up, but could, of course, use some more volunteers and runners. The
first one is Thursday evening in Boalsburg, to be followed by hamburgers at the 28th Division
Military Park. More information is at his web site, http://www.geocities.com/econo_race/ .

The electronic newsletter was briefly discussed. Club dues have been $6 since the paleolithic
age. They no longer cover even half the cost of the newsletter alone. We've gone over to an
electronic newsletter now. Dues for electronic subscribers will still be $6. For those who still
want paper, dues will be $18. Instead of (only partially) offsetting the cost of the newsletter, the
$6 dues can now go toward club projects. My first suggestion: a Punk Rock Battle of the
Bands at the club picnic!

Speaking of picnic, we briefly discussed, with no resolution, when and where to have this year's
picnic. In the past, it's been on the last weekend in August. We'd like to have it a little earlier in
August. Greenwood Furnace has been a nice place for it. I'm sure Morgan will be strobing the
club soon on this one.

We also bemoaned the fact that Therese Brown left town without letting us take her out for ice

Next Meeting: August 6.

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