NVRC Meeting Minutes - 8/06/02
The Nittany Valley Running Club met at Hi-Way pizza on Tuesday, August 6. Present were
Morgan Wasikonis (and her three kids), Marty Mazur, Boyd Brumbaugh, Dave Eggler, Abby
Caporuscio, and John Sherer. The meeting was the usual chaos of race talk, chit-chat, and
club business.

John Sherer's Econo-Race Series (see http://www.geocities.com/econo_race/ ) wraps up
Thursday evening with a race that will also be the first of the Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK
training series. The 10 races John put on were a success among the participants (though we
could have used a few more of those). Kudos to John for putting on a great show! I hope
someone fills John's shoes next year, as he'll be off to do his stint with the Air Force.

The Art's Fest race was a huge success, the most runners we've had since the early days
when running was in its heyday. We seem to have attracted a good class of runners by
upping the prize money. Some of the headaches of trying to bump the AF race into the
next echelon of races (1000+ participants) were discussed. One biggy is that the University
is always tearing up the course. To be a big-time race, we need a certified course. We got
our course certified last year. This year, the University is going through a major construction
boom, so the course had to be rerouted, thus making it uncertified. This seems to happen
every other year. Other considerations: We'd need big-time sponsorship and a dedicated
committee putting this thing together. A race committee would certainly take some of the
burden off of the club President, who seems to inherit the job of AF race director (a
significant contributor to presidential burnout over the years). But where would this stable
of volunteers come from? Hey! I'm talkin' to you! So it looks like most local races will stay
at their current levels. Anyway, do we really want to get into the business of bribing
Kenyans just so we can watch them kick the daylights out of our local runners?

Good news about the AF Race: We made some money. Enough to pay the expenses and
cover some of the other club costs, such as the last few issues of the paper newsletter. We
pulled in enough money that the members present decided to use some of it as a contribution
to the Herm Goffberf Memorial Fund. The vote was to give $1000.

Morgan announced that she will not direct the Art's Fest race next year, so we'll need
someone to step into those shoes. She also announced that she will not run for Club
President next year. Ditto on the shoe filling thing. Morgan has left some big clodhoppers
to fill. Here tenure has been great for the Club. Anybody out  there with size 12s?

The club will not have a summer picnic this year. Instead, we will have a fall picnic and try
to link up with the Triathlon Club.

The electronic newsletter was briefly discussed. The August-September issue will be all-
electronic, except for those who have paid the paper premium. This should save the club
some money.

Next Meeting: October 1.

Martin A. Mazur ....................http://www.personal.psu.edu/mxm14/