The Nittany Valley Running Club met at Hi-Way pizza on Tuesday, October 1.
Present were Morgan Wasikonis (and two of her three kids), Marty and Andy
Mazur, Boyd Brumbaugh, Dave Eggler, John Sherer, Diane Damer, John Pringle,
Tom Cali, Amy Paster, and a new member whose name I neglectfully misplaced in
the memory banks. There were a fair number of small items of club business to
attend to.

But before we could attend to business, we had to get some grub in our
bellies, and for the first time in the years that I've gone to NVRC meetings,
Hi-Way Pizza (uncharacteristically) let us down big time. Service was
unbelievably and inexplicably slow. It could not have been explained solely by
the fact that we had a big party. The place was fairly empty and there was
plenty of help around, yet it still took them over 15 minutes to butt a few
vacant tables together for us. The drink service was glacially slow. Sodas and
beers were served 40 minutes after we arrived and 20 minutes after we were
seated! The girl who waited on us was a trainee entirely lacking in common
sense and afraid to ask for help from the other waitresses, and the manager
never came near our side of the restaurant. It's a good thing we had lots to
talk about, and I think other patrons were having similar experiences and did
our complaining for us. To top it all off, the place was an ice box.

The main items of business: As her last big contribution as President of the
club, Morgan is trying to coordinate a master calendar of local race info. She
has contacted many of the race directors of local races and asked them to plan
ahead and give her race dates and other info. We will try to compile these
along with other calendar information, such as Penn State events, so that all
local race directors will know what they are up against when they are trying
to plan an event. We hope to reduce the crowding in the race schedule that we
are witnessing this fall (One weekend in October has 3 local races!).

Morgan and Tom were proud to announce that we plan to organize a Run For The
Cure race this spring. Tom's RE/MAX office will be a major sponsor and
supplier of volunteer support. Morgan, Tom, and Amy will be on the race

Morgan let us in on the fact that the RRCA is trying to extract a sort of
voluntary head tax of about $1/member from member clubs (again). The attendees
vetoed our club's participation in this levy.

On short notice, Penn DOT and the United Way are organizing a 4 Mile Run in
conjunction with the Open House for the soon-to-be-opening section of I-99.
The race will be held on the new section of the Interstate on October 26 (the
weekend with 3 races). NVRC will help with publicity, but cannot "lend" Penn
DOT our liability insurance any more than they can "lend" us unfettered use of
Rock Road for the Half-Marathon.

Some flyers for the Junior Women's Club FastJack 5K were dropped off for us.
We wish them well, but they're race number 2 of the 3 on that same October

Next Meeting: December 3.

Martin A. Mazur ....................