For a meeting held in the dead of winter, the February meeting of the NVRC had a packed agenda. Present were Jim Taylor, Marty and Andy Mazur, Steve Thorne, Dave Hill, Marty Klanchar, and John Domico. After the necessary preliminaries (order pizza, order beer), we got right down to business.

The Club welcomed a couple of guests to the meeting. Steve Thorne and Dave Hill, representing the Centre Region Bicycle Coalition (CRBC), came to discuss “cross-fertilization” issues. The CRBC is a bicycler advocacy group that tries to influence local governments on issues such as construction of bike paths and lanes, health programs, etc. Bikers and runners have numerous issues in common. Most prominently, both groups have an interest in seeing more bike paths built and maintained. The CRBC was instrumental in getting the Borough of State College to start plowing their bike paths in the winter. One of the issues our two organization can start working on is getting Ferguson Township, which has probably the highest total mileage of bike paths in the immediate area, and other local townships to start plowing theirs. To that end (and others), the NVRC and the CRBC will begin working together by doing the following: “blurbing” each other in our respective newsletters and web sites; making available calendar notices of each other’s activities; keeping each other informed of local advocacy issues and opportunities to help each other with them. Marty Mazur has already written a letter to the CDT praising the Borough for their decision to start plowing. The NVRC will be sending the Borough transportation guys a fruit basket in appreciation.

Next on the agenda, John Domico and Marty Klanchar presented a brief on their efforts to organize teams to run the Boston Marathon and use their team efforts to try to raise funds for the Centre Volunteers in Medicine. CVIM provides medical and dental services to the working poor in our area and is a very worthy cause. Already, John and Marty have gotten $6000 in pledges for their teams, but their goal is much loftier. They want to get corporate and individual sponsors totaling $18000. They have already signed up Greg Fredericks and Sue Paterno to be honorary “coaches” for their men’s and women’s teams. There is information in the February-March newsletter on how you can help them reach their goal.

We had numerous smaller items to discuss. The Indoor Mile Series was a huge success this year. The Club sends a huge thank you to Harry Groves, Drew Hardyk, and the various volunteer officials who allowed the NVRC to participate in the collegiate meets and put up with our continual last-minute additions. On the Art’s Fest front, Jim Taylor is trying to wrangle out of the University whether we will finally be able to use the ATF-Certified course, which is continually out of commission due to University construction. No representative of the Egg Hill 10 Miler was present, but we assume that planning for that race is proceeding apace. Treasurer Dave Eggler was not at the meeting, so we did not get a report on the First Night race. Dave is also a repository of NVRC corporate memory that goes back farther than mine. He might have been able to tell us why we stopped giving out membership cards. The question was brought up by a member recently, but we’ll have to wait on an answer to that one. Finally, Mike Casper is on vacation, so there was no one to fill us in on planning for the Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK. However, we hear that the race may be host to an nationally sanctioned Ultramarathon championship, so will get more exposure.

Finally, we are starting a search for a new membership director. The job minimally entails simply keeping the membership files up-to-date, but the job can grow in proportion to the energy of the person doing it. One area where a gung-ho director would be a blessing is in helping us to increase club membership.

Next Meeting: April 6.