The bimonthly meeting of the Nittany Valley Running Club was held at HiWay Pizza on Westerly Parkway on Tuesday night, April 6. The core group of Jim Taylor, Dave Eggler, John Domico, Marty Klanchar, Marty and Andy Mazur were there to discuss a number of important springtime running issues, including whether the extra-large pizza with pepperoni, onions, and green olives should be named the official pizza of the Nittany Valley Running Club. The group welcomed its newest member, Susan Gillmor, who became a member as soon as Marty Klanchar showed up and received her check. Susan eagerly partook in the Club's initiation rites, sampling at least two kinds of beer. We decided to accept her even though she doesn't like green olives.

Marty Klanchar was installed as the Club's new Membership Director, replacing former President Morgan Wasikonis, who had volunteered to be Interim Membership Director on a short term basis many moons ago. We thank Morgan for her service beyond the call of duty. Marty's first order of business was brought up by Susan. She suggested a new membership level. State College, being a transient college town, gets a lot of people who are here for 5 years and then are gone. Susan suggested we have a 5-year membership level to complement our 1 and 10-year levels. With no objection from Marty Klanchar, we said what the heck. Details will be in the coming Newsletter. Marty Klanchar is finishing updating the Club membership files. Some of the Club's freeloaders will be getting gentle dues reminders/amnesty offers soon.

Speaking of which, Marty Mazur proposed putting the Newsletter back on its old track of Jan-Feb, Mar-Apr, etc, rather than the current Feb-Mar, Apr-May, etc. The Newsletter got off the proposed track a few years ago for unremembered reasons, but that track fits the Club's business and racing schedule better. Motion passed, so expect the next Newsletter in mid-May.

John Domico gave a report on the NVRC teams being fielded to run the Boston Marathon to benefit the Centre Volunteers in Medicne. Terry Losch of Rapid Tranist Sports has donated the team shirts, which will have the NVRC logo, the CVIM logo, and the RTS logo. The team has been working hard at getting team sponsors, with Todd Erdley of Videon Central being the latest to ante up. The teams have gathered several thousand dollars in sponsorships to date.

The Club's newest race, the Run Around Egg Hill 10-Miler and Relay Race, held in the first weekend of Spring, was a huge success. (Funny, from the weather, I didn't think Spring was here *yet*!) The race raised about $3000 to help jump-start a Jr. High running program in Penns Valley. The amount raised far exceeded that which could have been raised from race fees alone due to an aggressive drive for sponsors. Congratulations to Race Director Karl Leitzel.

Plans are proceeding apace for this year's Art's Festival 10K with the biggest order of unfinished business being the choosing of the course! The course has been a big problem in recent years because of continual summertime construction on the Penn State Campus. The Saturday Morning Group Run recently helped Race Director Jim Taylor scout out a new course on the New West Campus, golf course perimeter bike paths, and the Inner Loop path. Jim is fine tuning the "design" and will soon measure it out. Race advertising will be in the mail soon.

Marty Mazur expressed his hopes that he will restart his effort to expand the Club's Running Routes web pages. Numerous out-of-towners and newcomers have remarked on how useful the pages have been to them. A few other web site spiffification efforts were also discussed, including the new, ultra-spiffy Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK pages, designed by Keith Bailey, that are now up and running. Keep your eyes on the site!

Next Meeting: June 1.