The regular meeting of the Nittany Valley Running Club was held on Tuesday, February 5, at the HiWay Pizza  on Westerly Parkway. In attendance were Dave Eggler, John Wilcock, Dave DeGroote, Kim Daniels, Denise Weaver, Christine and Bob Rice, Pam Scott, Amy Paster, Jerry Steffy, Bob Boozer, Duane Serpentine, Mark Fedkin, and Marty Mazur. It was a three pizza evening, and Pam brought some unbelievable fastnachts for dessert.

For an off-month meeting, we had a lot to discuss. First, we noted that the Indoor Miles were a marvelous success. Participation has more than doubled in the last three years. Numerous NVRC Indoor Mile Series records were set. And the Series attracted 25 new members, more than the total participation in the meets just a few years ago. The Club got some great support from Rapid Transit Sports: five gift certificates for the Series winners.

Amy Paster gave us an update on the Arts Fest race. We'll be able to have the race day HQ at Medlar field. The Spikes have asked that we buy 100 tickets in return for use of the facility. Amy will announce an NVRC day at the Spikes game on July 20. The University tells us that Curtin Road will be open from end to end, so Amy has charged course-meister Marty with re-jiggering the course to place the finish near the IM Building so that the spread out train of runners don't have to cross University Drive near the end of the race.

Kim Gasper presented the officers with a request for NVRC support of a youth running program in Bellefonte similar to other programs the Club has supported over the years, including the NIttany Track and Field Youth Club and the Penns Valley Youth Track Club. Her request looks like a go and we expect to see more good runners growing up in Bellefonte.

John Wilcock has done great job getting the NVRC Race Series up and running on very short notice. So far Martha Nelson leads the race for the Series Cup, and Dave Eggler and Jerry Steffy are at the top of the list for Volunteer of the Year. But the competitions are designed to give everyone who participates a good shot, so the standings are close. Jerry reported that Terry Losch of Rapid Transit Sports has offered to buy the Club a Start Banner and poles to be used at all Series races. The next NVRC Race Series event is the Faith Centre 5K in Bellefonte on March 8.
The Egg Hill 10 Miler and Relay will be held on March 30 this year. It's the next big Club sponsored race.

Dave Eggler is our official Club Timer. But he's on call for a lot of Club races on top of doing a lot of necessary family travelling. He needs a "timing associate" to help spell him. Jerry Steffy, who's addicted to doing things for the Club, has volunteered to take up the oars now and then.

Marty reported that the singlets from the last order are almost gone. There has been some call for NVRC apparel for other seasons. Marty will look into high-quality wicking shirts like the ones given out at mOUnTaiNBACK.

Marty reported that the CVIM Boston Marathon team is filling out. John Domico has told him that he has 20-25 runners who are getting ready for Boston (the uncertainty in numbers has all to do with who's injured). The team has a big job to do as well as last year's team, both in terms of competitive finish and money raised. But the effort gets more successful every year. The teams have a way of coming through.

Finally, Marty reported that Dave DeGroote has been buffing up the new and improved NVRC web site. Marty, Dave, and a number of people in the Club are working on the final product. The have
a great new look, many new features, and will allow more members the ability to update Club activities. The rollout should be some time in the Spring.

Next Meeting: April 1.