The NVRC met on October 5 at Hi-Way Pizza on North Atherton. This represented a change from our long-time venue, the Hi-Way Pizza on Westerly Parkway. The old meeting spot closed down in June. Our August meeting was the Club Picnic at Spring Creek Park. So the October Meeting was the first time to try a new spot. We're not permanently decided on Hi-Way, but the food and price were right.

Present were Todd Baney, Rich Olsen, Amy Blake, Cheryl Capone, Michelle Christiansen, Dave DeGroote, John Wilcock, Marty and Jeannie Klanchar, and Marty Mazur. Several other members and officers who normally attend the Club meetings, including Dave Eggler, Tara Murray, Mike Casper, and Denise Weaver were in Bellefonte at the Bellefonte Area School Board meeting. The topic of interest to them at that meeting was discussion of a new track for Bellefonte High. Bellefonte has never had a track and runs all of its meets as a visiting team. The NVRC has been working with the family of Jeremy Herbstritt, a Bellefonte resident who was one of the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings, to raise seed money for the track in order to honor Jeremy's memory. The Board is also working toward this goal with the major difficulty being acquiring suitable land for the project.

While everyone waited for members to trickle in, Rich Olsen, representing the Centre County Firefighters, discussed a race he is planning for April 2011, which will benefit various charities. The race will be in a little different venue. The choice is down to two spots: On Branch Rd southwest of S. Atherton (the road would be closed during the race), or Scenery Drive northeast of S. Atherton. Olsen will be sending more details to the Club as race planning progresses. Todd Baney talked about a race he is putting on next Spring, the First Annual April Fool's 5K on Penn State campus. Proceeds go to benefit a scholarship fund for Penn State students from Centre County high schools.

Marty Mazur reported on a meeting that was held at Marty Klanchar's house that included the Club officers and a few other members who are active in running the Club and directing races. The purpose of that meeting was to clear the Club's backlog of business due to there being no business meeting in August. Present were Marty Klanchar, Tara Murray, John Wilcock, Dave Eggler, and Marty Mazur. Mike Casper and Club President Jerry Steffy could not attend.

Here's a brief report on that meeting: Dave Eggler had a nice litany of stuff for us to cover, most importantly the timing system proposal. Dave is going to purchase a relatively inexpensive "Time Machine" system (~$1800) and also, in parallel, try out using a much more expensive system he's borrowing from Mark Courtney. The latter does more of the work, but it's not failsafe and there's a pretty steep learning curve. In fact, there's a bit of a learning curve with any of these systems, so after we're in the groove using one, he'll start encouraging others among us to learn since, as he has reminded us more often lately, he won't be doing this forever. We also approved Mike Casper's request for mOUnTaiNBACK money, will be running Tara's new Bellefonte 5 Miler (November date) through our Club checkbook so that it qualifies for our insurance. And finally, we will re-work out where the Sue Crowe Memorial Race donations go to honor her. Finally, Dave is going to massage the Club Sponsorship Policy. The currently published policy applies to groups or clubs that ask for donations. We have recently been working with an ad hoc policy of helping young accomplished runners with expenses for going to big regional or national meets. In addition, we decided to open the possibility of some Club contribution to local adult athletes who are competing in important national or international competitions, such as, for example, the Olympic trials. Dave has worked up wording on a policy for that folds these considerations into the existing policy. It will appear on the Club web site.

The rest of the meeting was spent eating pizza. Hi-Way Pizza N. Atherton seems like a good possible venue for future meetings. The food is familiar (and good) and the price is right. The one drawback is that it is smaller than Hi-Way Westerly was. We'll be keeping the door open to other possibilities, so watch the Calendar for updates on the Meeting location.

Next Meeting: December 7.