The NVRC met on April at Hi-Way Pizza on North Atherton. The place looked dead when the first few Club members showed up, and even they were slow in coming. But soon enough it was Cory Neff, Tara Murray, Bob Boozer, Cheryl Capone, Todd Baney, John Schmidt, Kim Gasper and young Jonathan, Dave DeGroote, Carl Miller, Mark Fedkin, Noelle Martz, Greg Luna, Tom Cali, Martha Nelson, Marty Klanchar, Jerry Steffy, and Marty Mazur ordering pizza and beer.

There wasn't a whole lot of business to conduct. Dave Eggler was out with a bug, and Jerry Steffy came late after guiding the Beginner Group, so Marty tried to get most of the business stuff done before the food came.

The first bit of news is that Cheryl Capone, who has been training as Dave Eggler's Apprentice Father Time, is pretty much ready to time a race solo if necessary. The hard part about timing is working the flaky timing software. Cheryl is pretty confident she can smack the laptop in just the right spot to get the program to work right. We could use a few more people to step up and learn how to time races!

Cheryl also pointed out that several of the newer races in town are being run on poorly measured courses. Apparently, the Pee-Ce Out Bladder Cancer 5K was measured with a Nike Pedometer. Other races have been measured using Google Maps. Marty will update the Race Director's web pages to emphasize that most of these "New Technologies" are very poor substitutes for a good wheel measurement, using either a hand wheel, or for ultimate accuracy, the USATF approved Bike Wheel Gizmo, which can measure a course down to the angstrom.

John Schmidt gave a quick report on the Nittany Track and Field Youth Club. Apparently, they are planning to take on more challenges next year and enter teams into some of the regional kids races. John thanked the NVRC for our past support. We'll no doubt help that very successful program tackle its new goals. Mark Fedkin noted that he and coach Jayson Jackson will need plenty of volunteer assistant coaches this coming year because of the success of the program.

Kim Gasper put in a request for some funding for the Red Raider Rally Run, a day of racing in Bellefonte for youngsters. That's a done deal. We need more quick kids in Bellefonte!

Marty mentioned that there are a boatload of recently completed and soon coming races of all distances on the Club calendar. Egg Hill was a success, that we'd like to see grow. Todd Baney put on a great race with the April Fools 5K. Rich  Olsen is chomping at the bit to make his Fireman's 5K an even bigger success. And there are several more races coming before April is out. Time for all good runners to lace up. Run a 5K as a training run just so you can give to a good cause! Or help out at a race! It's fun and easy. And you'll get points toward your Race Series totals just for showing up!

After all that chat, the runners dispatched 4 pizzas and several pitchers of beer. And that was that till next time. Peace out!

Next Meeting: June 7.