Find us on facebook iconThe Draft Challenge Relay is making a comeback in 2019. This page is being updated as more information becomes available. Keep checking back!

Draft Challenge Relay (DCR) Description

The Draft

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2019 Team Info

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DCR 50-50 Pool For mOUnTaiNBACK Race Beneficiary

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Draft History

The Draft Challenge Relay (the DCR for short) started in 2006 as the brainchild of John Sheakoski. Many of the Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK race regulars had run the race for several years, often on the same sized team, with many of the same people. John thought of the DCR as a way of mixing things up, getting new people involved, and having an interesting "competition within a competition".

In the first year, 2006, 24 runners were divided into 6 4-person teams. It was a tough challenge that year, since each runner had to run 3 Legs of the mOUnTaiNBACK. But the success caught on. In 2007, 7 6-person teams participated. In 2008, it was 9 5-person teams. The 2009 team size was 7 and 8 DCR teams ran. That team size was very popular because it allowed many people who thought they could only run 1 Leg of the mOUnTaiNBACK experience the fun of the DCR. So, back by popular demand, the 2010 team size for the DCR was 7. In 2011, it was back to 6 person teams, and in 2012 it was 7 again. In 2013, the mOUnTaiNBACK course was redesigned with nearly half the Legs significantly different or completely new. The team size for 2013 through 2015 was 6.

The objective is to have a draft from among those who want to participate such that the teams end up roughly equal in overall ability. John, as the "Commissioner", set up the rules for the first DCR. The first DCR was such a success that the rules changed only slightly since for the first 9 years. In 2015, Tom Cali and C J Wagner took over as "Co-commishes" for a year. The DCR was not run from 2016 through 2018.

In 2019, Joel Niemann is organizing. News of Joel bringing back the DCR came out in late August of 2018. There wasn't time to gin up the proper level of interest in the DCR for 2018, so it's going to happen in 2019. This page will be updated as planning goes forward, so keep coming back! If you are interested in participating, contact Joel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


2019 mOUnTaiNBACK Draft Challenge Relay Description

(Team size has not been decided for 2019 yet. Below is a description of how the DCR has been in previous years. Look here for updates.)

Objective: Create multiple ?-person teams of equal running ability.  These teams will compete against each other within the rules of the Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK Relay Race

Entry Into The DCR: Eligibility into the DCR is that you can run (not walk) the necessary number of legs based on the team size. With 6-person teams this year, it means you will run 2 Legs. Pace is not an issue.  In the past, the range of abilities has been great, but since the talent is spread among teams, the race is competitive and fun. Do not be intimidated! Equally matched drafted teams will keep us aligned during the race for plenty of head to head racing as well as lots of trash talking.

Entries are first-come, first-served.  The list needs to be a multiple of the team size so that everyone gets drafted.  If the list does not have enough runners to complete another team, then the last runners to sign up will not participate in the Draft unless we either scrounge up the additional runners needed, or some runners drop out for some reason.

To enter, send an email to Joel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating that you are interested in joining. You can also post your interest to the NVRC Google group. Please include your name, email address. You cannot choose which legs you run; that will be determined once your team is drafted. But you can mention a preference if, for example, you're a beginner and would only like to run one Leg.

All runners must complete a running bio. The bio form will be released soon. The captains will need to have an idea of your running ability for the Draft. The bios will be distributed to everyone in the DCR before the Draft. Submission of your bio is your commitment to enter the Draft.

DCR captains will be chosen and ranked by vote.  When the entrant list is complete,  the Captains will be chosen and the draft order will be fixed for Draft Night. 



The Draft

Once the list of entrants is final, an NFL style draft is performed where the captains (fastest runners) will pick runners for their team. Each captain is attempting to put together the fastest team they can. The Draft will continue until all runners from the list are chosen. Since this is a draft, you will not know who is on your team until Draft day and you cannot expect your year-long running buddy to be on your team. This is a good opportunity to meet new runners.

The Draft is a lot of fun. In past years it had been typically held about 1 month before registrations are due. This year, the Draft will be a lot closer to race day! Everyone is invited to attend…DCR entrants, friends, and family. It is common for us to eat and drink (beer) during the draft process. YES, there will be someone picked LAST, but everyone gets drafted. No one is left stranded.  Do not be intimidated! The last-round runners contribute to their team’s success as much as the any other round, perhaps even more.

You will not be able to request how many legs you want to run prior to the draft.  In the past, the DCR tried to accommodate runners that would only participate if they could run a certain number of legs (ie . I will only join if I can run only 1 leg) You can still put your preference on your bio, but it will not be determined until your team allocates the different leg combinations.  This makes the draft less complicated.



2019 Schedule   

(Dates in red are tentative. We'll start the process in June 2019 and firm dates will be added as they become known.)

TBD 2019                  Team size is announced. This year's team size is 6.

                                          Each team member will run 2 Legs.

TBD 2019                  Running biographies are due. Submission of the biography is the final

                                          commitment to join the DCR. You may submit a bio after the Draft. You will be

                                          put on a substitute list. The DCR may need substitutes, even with a late Draft!

TBD 2019                    DCR Team Captains are been chosen.

TBD 2019                  Draft Night!  At Champs at TBD PM.

TBD 2019          mOUnTaiNBACK Team Registration will need to be completed as soon as possible after the Draft!

                                           We'll all be registering late this year, with the blessing of the Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK.

October 27, 2019          Date of the 2019 Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK 50 Mile Relay and Ultramarathon



DCR Bio Instructions

The DCR Runner Bio is one of the means the Captains use to choose teams. The sole criterion for entry into the DCR is that you be able to run (not walk) your assigned Leg(s). Please be thoughtful and honest in your bio regarding your ability. 

Linked below are the template and my official submission to be used as an example.  If you are certain you want to join the DCR, complete the form and email to Joel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please remember the following:

  • Don't forget your name (many of the entries last year had no name)
  • Keep the bio to one page
  • Don't forget..the mOUnTaiNBACK is on a SUNDAY!
  • Please include a guesstimate of your 5K or 10K time on the form
  • Your submission of a bio is your official entry into the DCR
  • Bios are due before Draft night. Date TBA.
  • After the deadline, this year's Draft is "closed". If you're a latecomer, you can still submit a bio. If there are enough entires for another team before Draft Night, a new team may be formed. Otherwise, you'll be put on a substitute list.

You can be as creative as you want filling in the form, as long as you include the include info.


Bio Form (This is a fillable PDF form, but only if you download it to your computer. Right click on link for options. If you don't download the fillable form, you'll have to go old-school and fill it out with a pen, scan it, and send it in!)



2019 Team Info

Information on the 2019 teams will be posted when teams are chosen.




DCR 50-50 Pool for the Race Beneficiary

There's usually some lively trash talk concerning the Draft Challenge Relay, but until race day it's all just talk. If you've been talking up your team (and talking down the others) here's your chance to put your money where your mouth is, and give a little more to the year's Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK charity. You can also participate if you're a DCR bystander.

All you need to do is pick the top 5 DCR finishing teams in order and get your choices on the pool form along with $5 (cash only) to Marty Mazur by the start of Wave 1 on race morning. The pool form with instructions and an explanation of the scoring will be available after the Draft. The winner splits the pot with race beneficiary In case of a tie, the winners split 50% evenly. If no submission scores any points, all proceeds go to the race beneficiary.

The race beneficiary for 2019 will be determined in a few months.

A pool form will appear closer to race day.


Goal and Split Sheet

Your team should keep track of splits and submit them to Joel after the race. The comish publishes the splits, which are great for post-race trash talking and future Draft planning. Here is a handy sheet that you can use to keep track of splits. It's also useful for those teams that have specific goals for each runner on each leg.There are side-by-side entries for the goal and achieved time for each Leg. Use the sheet any way you want. But PLEASE, remember to keep track of the splits and submit them to Joel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


DCR Results

The DCR was not run in 2016 through 2018.

2015 Teams (6 Person Teams)

DCR                                                                  Overall
Finish   Team Name                                           Time     Finish
------   ---------                                           ----     ------

 1.     DCR Yellow                                         
         (Martha Nelson (C), Patrick Crispen,               5:55:36      4
          Cecily Garber, Dana Todd, Andy Bogus,
          Alex Wouden)

 2.     DCR Orange                                          5:57:37      5
         (Michael Zimmerman (C), John Wilcock,
          Stephen Shurgalla, Ryan Burke, Meira Minard,
          Michael Martin, Michael Zimmerman)

 3.     DCR Purple                                          5:59:32      6
        (Andrew Maguire (C), Tari Helmers, Sara Noss,
         John Domico, Kenneth Davis, Alfredo Ramirez)

 4.     DCR Pink                                            6:04:19      7
        (Costas Maranas (C), Michael Goldfine,
         John Sheakoski, Jim Myers, Michael Janik,             
         Judd Michael)     

 5.     DCR Blue                                            6:05:04      8
        (Bob Shafer (C), C J Wagner,
         Annina Squicciarini, April Salinas, Tom Cali,
         Kateryna Yakushina)

 6.     DCR Green                                           6:09:35      9
           (Torrie Raisch(C), Debbie Simoncek,    
            Kenny Dacumos, Callie Burke, Anthony Kwasnica,             
            Jake Clements    

 7.     DCR Red                                             6:31:33     17
        (Seth Senior (C), Tim Scitti,
         Allison Machnicki, John Pringle, Alex Libardoni,            
         Dean Capone)                                           


2014 Teams (6 Person Teams)

DCR                                                                  Overall
Finish   Team Name                                           Time     Finish
------   ---------                                           ----     ------
  1.     Ran Jam                                            5:56:22.55  11
         (Alan Effrig (C), Nikita Fedkin, Rob Shaver,      
          Michael Janik, Stephen Shurgalla, Adam Ilgen)
  2.     The Rothrockford Files                             5:56:23.36  12
         (Tom Cali (C), Rob Shafer, John Sheakoski,
          Mark Lee, CJ Wagner, Amy Blake)
  3.     Project Runaway                                    6:04:30     13
         (Costas Maranas (C), Clint Gyory, Bob Cornwall,
          Tim Bracken, Tom Karnezos, Mike Lanagan)
  4.     Beverly Hill-Billies                               6:04:49     14
         (Martha Nelson (C), Meira Minard, Ben Tolton,
          Ed Simoncek, Jonathan Thurley, Sara Noss)
  5.     Hill Fleet Blues                                   6:08:17     15
         (Andy Maguire (C), Emily Fertig, John Affleck,
          Marv Hall, Michael Goldfine, David Lloyd)
  6.     The Young And The Rest Of Us                       6:09:08     16
         (Mark Fedkin (C), Cody Dumont, Alex Wouden,
          John Wilcock, Deb Simoncek, Marty Mazur)



2013 Teams (6 Person Teams)

DCR                                                                   Overall
Finish   Team Name                                           Time     Finish
------   ---------                                           ----     ------
  1      My Knees Are On Fire                               5:55:23      7
         (Alan Effrig (C), Aroline Hanson, Mike Martin,
          Michael Goldfine, Jamison Colburn, Joel Niemann)
  2      Martha and the Men                                 6:04:06     12
         (Martha Nelson (C), Mike Weyandt, Tom Karnezos,
          Mark Bergstrom, Greg Luna, Rob Peterson)
  3      Is That All You Got?                               6:06:52     14
         (Judd Michael (C), Mike Zimmerman, John Sheakoski,
          Scott Graham, Amy Blake, Scott Gest)
  4      That's Not My Leg                                  6:11:53     15
         (Mike Renz (C) Meira Minard, Bob Cornwall,
          Ben Tolton, Ed Simoncek, Liz Wainright)
  5      It's So Much Better on Top                         6:12:14     16
         (Tom Cali (C), Jaimie Wright, George Lesieutre,
          April Salinas, Deb Simoncek, Jean Brownstead)
  6      Hurry Up and Finish                                6:13:25     18
         (Andy Maguire (C), Tara Branigan, Lance Bland,
          Mike Scherneck, Jim Myers, Grace Small)
  7      Doin' It Right                                     6:22:13     22
         (Alex Wouden (C), Allison Machnicki, Dean Capone,
          Jamie Volkert, Sara Noss, Marty Mazur)


2012 Teams (7 Person Teams)

DCR                                                                   Overall
Finish   Team Name                                          Time      Finish
------   ---------                                          ----      ------
1        DCR Thing 6                                       5:46:06       7
         (Jeff Smucker (C) Judd Michael, Dean Capone,
          Amanda Eltringham, Chuck White, Mark Bergstrom,
          Scott Gest)

2        Fresh Legs, Quick Legs, Twelve Legs, Sore Legs    5:50:24       9
         (Lauren Philbrook (C), John Sheakoski,
          Bob Cornwall, Jim Myers, Erik Toombs,
          Jean Brownstead, Mike Scherneck)

3        The Who                                           5:53:31      12
         (Meira Minard (C), Tom Cali, Jonathan Thurley,
          Tom Karnezos, Jamie Wright, Jamison Colburn,
          Kate Ryan)

4        Herndon Hears a Who!                              5:57:48      16  
         (Beth Herndon (C), Ken Davis, Jim Moore,
          Wade Renninger, Lynda Nguyen, C. J. Wagner,
          Diane Kalata)

5        Can You Lick 7 Tigers Today?                      6:06:10      20
         (Rusty McCrea (C), Steve Ketcham, Greg Luna,
          Michael Goldfine, Marty Mazur, Amy Blake,
          Maura White)

6        Green Kegs and Damn, I Love Hills                 6:11:34      24
         (Martha Nelson (C), Joe Montenegro, John Mcgraw,
          Jamie Volkert, Mike Martin, Rob Peterson,
          Joel Niemann)

7        We Can Run With Our Eyes Shut                     6:15:55      27
         (Alan Effrig (C), Mike Weyandt, Lance Bland,
          Tara Murray, Ester Prins, Jon Becker,
          Stephanie Gordon)


2011 Teams (6 Person Teams)

Ed Thompson was a beloved member of the local running community who succumbed to a heart attack during the 2011 mOUnTaiNBACK. Ed was a member of one of the DCR teams competing that day. At the time Ed fell, his team had a probably insurmountable lead over the other DCR teams. In honor of Ed, the 2011 Draft competition was suspended. The teams are listed in Draft Captain order. In 2012, a memorial to Ed was installed at Transition Zone 1, at the crest of Laurel Run Rd, where Ed took his first of two handoffs that day.

(Photo courtesy of Greg Luna)

The Knights Who Say Knee
Alan Effrig (C), Matt Degges, Nikita Fedkin,Debbie Simoncek, Jackie Funk, Paula Jech

Christine and the Merry Lumberjacks
Pat Singletary (C)
, Mike Weyandt, Lance Bland, Christine Rodgers, Jamie Volkert, Ed Thompson

The Pythons of the Holy Trail
Scott Falkner (C)
,George Lesieutre, Bob Cornwall, Blake Cohen, Martin Mazur, Jessica McNutt

The Ministers of Silly Running
Alex Becker (C)
, Greg Gifford, Jonathan Thurley, Jim Myers, Jaimie Wright, Laura McGowan

King Marthur and the Team Tom Picked For Her
Martha Nelson (C)
, Joe Montenegro, Alexander Kowaleski, Peter Skelos, Rob Peterson, Ford McNutt

The Rabbit Stakers
Jeff Smucker (C)
, Mike Misselwitz, Rob Shaver, Esther Prins, Mark Fedkin, Ann Lehman

Whizzo Quality Assortment
Tom Cali (C)
, Forrest Briscoe, Amanda Eltringham, Tim Spigelmyer, Lynda Nguyen, Mike Martin

The Killer Rabbits
Meira Minard (C)
, Katie Davis, Dean Capone, Perry Edwards, Amy Blake, Sara Noss

The Spandex Inquisition
Miles Smith (C), Michael Renz, John Wilcock, Michael Goldfine, Rich Olsen, Janet Jonson

Just A Little Bit Of Peril?
Jim Moore (C), Ann Skulas-Ray, Beth Kempton, Tom Karnezos, Grace Small, Kris Greenert


2010 Results (7 Person Teams)

DCR                                                                   Overall
Finish   Team Name                                          Time      Finish
------   ---------                                          ----      ------
  1      John Jacob Beidleheimer Schweats                  5:50:47      10
         (John Domico (C), Meira Minard, Jim Moore,
          Jaimie Wright, Tom Karnezos, Rob Peterson,
          Scott Gest)
  2      Humpin' Dumpties                                  5:51:50      11
         (Costas Maranas (C), Ken Davis, George Lesieutre,
          Michael Goldfine, Lance Bland, Debbie Simoncek,
          Michelle Hutnik)
  3      Seven Blind Mice                                  5:56:19      14
         (Alan Effrig (C), Judd Michael, Cory Neff,
          Matt Degges, Dana Todd, Kate Ryan,
          Sandy Gabel)
  4      Hey Diddle Diddle, We'll Just Win A Little        6:00:34      16
         (Matt Petrarca (C), Mike Misselwitz, Scott Etter,
          Bob Cornwall, Morgan Wasikonis, Kristie Kalvin,
          Mike O'Connell)
  5      The Grande Olde Dukes of Rothrock                 6:01:59      18
         (Dave Moore (C), Greg Dillon, Jim Myers,
          Marty Klanchar, Ron Cunfer, Julia Birmingham,
          Lee Culver)
  6      Hot X Buns                                        6:02:55      19
         (Tom Cali (C), Martha Nelson, Carole Dudukovich,
          Jamie Volkert, Sherry Tirko, Mike Martin,
          Paul Ruby)
  7      Rothrock-A-Bye Baby                               6:08:00      24
         (Elijah Shekinah (C), Mike Weyandt, Jim Kisenwether,
          Esther Prins, Matt Soccio, Janet Jonson,
          Mike Dahlberg)
  8      6 Jacks, 1 Jill, and a Whole Lotta Hills          6:09:27      25
         (Tim Aydin (C), Kevin Becker, Nick Downs,
          Jonathan Thurley, Joel Niemann, Marty Mazur,
          Grace Small)
  9      Ringers Around the Rothrock                       6:14:02      31
         (Dave Mengle (C), John Sheakoski, Jon Oatley,
          Mark Lee, Dean Capone, Stephanie Gordon,
          Michelle Christensen)

2009 Results (7 Person Teams)

DCR                                                                   Overall
Finish   Team Name                                          Time      Finish
------   ---------                                          ----      ------
  1      OK Go!                                            5:42:56      10
         (Matt Petrarca (C), Shawn Kelly, Meira Minard,
          Jim Kisenwether, Mike Weyandt, Jonathon Thurley,
          Sara Noss)
  2      The Tussey sEXyBaCKS                              5:46:36      11
         (Beth Herndon (C), John Domico, Jeremy Zerbe,
          Jim Myers, Sherry Tirko, Tom Karnezos, Mike Martin)
  3      For Those about to Rothrock, We Salute You        5:47:30      12
         (Elijah Shekinah (C), Lance Bland, Jamie Volkert,
          Kathy Koetje-Simin, Bob Cornwall, Deb Simoncek,
          Paula Jech)
  4      Fools on the Hills                                5:48:44      13
         (Alan Effrig (C), Costas Maranas, Jeff Smucker,
          Mark Lee, Rob Shaver, Marty Mazur, Jessica Wekke)
  5      Climbing the Walls                                5:51:24      16
         (Dave Moore (C), Nick Downs, Jim Moore, Julie Grubb,
          Dana Todd, Christine Rodgers, Michelle Hutnik)
  6      Run to the Hills                                  5:55:44      17
         (Andy Cunningham (C), Judd Michael, Scott Roycroft,
          Tara Murray, Joe Bollinger, Marv Hall, Sandy Gabel)
  7      Everybody Hurts                                   6:01:52      21
         (Tim Aydin (C), Ann Skulas-Ray, John Sheakoski,
          Anna Shamey, John Wilcock, Janet Jonson, Amy Blake)
  8      Holy Cannoli                                      6:10:07      22
         (Martha Nelson (C), Tom Cali, Selena Smart,
          Beth Kempton, Mike Goldfine, Kate Ryan,
          Tracy Williams)

2008 Results (5 Person Teams)

DCR                                                                   Overall
Finish   Team Name                                          Time      Finish
------   ---------                                          ----      ------
  1      Luke and the Millenium Falcons                    5:46:34       8
         (Luke Watson (C), Cheryl Capone Keller, Jim Myers,
          Lauren Radvansky, Michelle Hutnik)
  2      Captain Anyone?                                   5:48:24      10
         (Bob Chandler (C), Nick Downs, Mark Lee,
          Matt Soccio, Janet Jonson)
  3      Thor Legth                                        5:49:32      12
         (Tom Cali (C), Meira Minard, Jim Moore,
          Sherry Tirko, Lee Culver)
  4      The Band of the Bland                             5:49:53      13
         (Lance Bland (C), John Sheakoski, Beth Kempton,
          Jon Thurley, Dave Miller)
  5      The Ambiguously Fast Five                         5:51:16      14
         (John Domico (C), Andy Mazur, Ann Skula-Ray,
          John Wilcock, Christine Rodgers)
  6      Gravity Girl and the Vapor Men                    5:51:26      15
         (Judd Michael (C), Laura Shackelton, Brett Michaud,
          Ron Cunfer, Andy Arndt)
  7      Team Robin and the Useless Sidekicks              5:57:47      17
         (Martha Nelson (C), Bob Jones, Jamie Volkert,
          Joel Niemann, Julia Hess)
  8      Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Harder, and Moore       6:06:43      23
         (Dave Moore (C), Tara Murray, Mark Traband,
          Marty Mazur, Donna Matthews)
  9      Fantastic Five                                    6:10:39      26
         (Andy Cunningham (C), Jim Kisenwether,
          Jinger Gotschall, Michael Goldfine, Sandy Gabel)


2007 Results (6 Person Teams) 

DCR                                                                   Overall
Finish   Team Name                                          Time      Finish
------   ---------                                          ----      ------
  1      Los Luchadores del Rothrock                       5:45:20       6
         (Dave Moore (C), Beth Kempton, Jamie Volkert,
          Mark Traband, Greg Luna, Jim Weinschenck)
  2      Greenbacks                                        5:47:46       7
         (Tim Murphy (C), Meira Minard, Cheryl Capone,
          George Lesieutre, Michael Goldfine, Bill Wortman)
  3      Sara's Six                                        5:51:40      10
         (Lance Bland (C), John Domico, Sarah Pabian,
          Jim Myers, Joe Horn, Shaun Wood)
  4      One Wookie, Four Jedi, and Princess Tara          5:51:59      11
         (Greg Dillon (C), John Sheakoski, Costas Maranas,
          Tara Murray, Matt Soccio, John Daley)
  5      The Quick and the Dead Tired                      6:03:14      15
         (Andrew Webb (C), Laura Shackelton, Esther Prins,
          Jinger Gottschalk, Jeff Weinschenck, Paul Mount)
  6      Six Pack of Speed                                 6:08:13      20
         (Eric Tyo (C), Duane Serpentine, Frank Zaffino,
          Ruscena Wiederholt. Martin Mazur, Lee Culver)
  7      No Whizzing                                       6:28:00      27
         (Tom Cali (C), Martha Nelson, Jessica Neff,
          Miruna Sasuclark, Jonathan Thurley, Sherry Tirko)


2006 Results (4 Person Teams) 

DCR                                                                   Overall
Finish   Team Name                                          Time      Finish
------   ---------                                          ----      ------
  1      The Good, the Bad, and the Uglies                 5:43:22       7
         (Andrew Webb (C), John Sheakoski,
          Esther Prins, Tim Brenza)
  2      Three Mules and Sister Tara                       5:48:33       8
         (John Domico (C), Matt Newcomb,
          Tara Murray, Marty Mazur)
  3      Third Wind                                        5:50:20       9
         (Lance Bland (C), Meira Minard,
          Jim Myers, Brooke Fambrough)
  4      The Mixed Quads                                   5:52:39      10
         (Judd Michael (C), Mark Fedkin,
          Kelly Sampson, Erin T. Wyble)
  5      The Hairy Bar Stewards                            5:53:48      11
         (Greg Dillon (C), Jim Kisenwether,
          Louise Miltich, Mark Traband)
  6      Little Big Man                                    5:56:50      13
         (Tom Cali (C), Greg Mitchell,
          Morgan Wasikonis, Matt Soccio)


DCR Stats

Over the years, the stat geeks in the DCR have compiled information on all the past races, including team times, runners, Leg splits, along with a fair bit of analysis. Team captains and betting handicappers might find the information useful. Here's the spreadsheet, current to the 2014 race: 

DCR Stat Spreadsheet