Runners earn points toward the Race Series Cup by running and doing well in designated Series races and by volunteering in these same races. Volunteers earn points toward Volunteer Awards by volunteering in designated Series races and by volunteering for other designated Club duties. Of course, you can earn both racing and volunteering points in the same race if you are a pre-race or post-race helper. At the end of the Series year, you will be eligible for Awards according to the Awards Schedule here. Here's the scoring system:

Race Series Cup

Runners earn points toward the Race Series Cup by racing and volunteering at races. They total Race Series Cup points are the sum of your Racing and Race Volunteering points.

Racing Points:

  • 1st Overall Men's/Women's - 12 points
  • 2nd Overall Men's/Women's - 11 points
  • 3rd Overall Men's/Women's - 10 points
  • 1st Other category (e.g. age group, Clydesdale, team award) - 8 points
  • 2nd Other category - 7 points
  • 3rd Other category - 6 points
  • Race finisher - 3 points

Race Volunteering Points:

  • Volunteering points toward the Race Series Cup for each race are awarded according to the schedule in the section below on Race Volunteering Points under Volunteer Awards.



  • NVRC race - These are Club-directed races (see Series races for races with the NVRC designation) - add 2 points
  • A runner who completes all 7 NVRC race is awarded an additional 5 ponus.
  • Runs longer than 26.1 miles - add 5 points (this also applies to the total miles covered in Tussey legs) 

Race Scoring Notes:

- Racing points are awarded in one category per race per person. So, for example, the overall race winner cannot also get points as an age group winner or finisher.
- There are only three overall awards given at the Beidleheimer Sidewinder. There are no sex or age group awards
, since the race is age and sex graded.
- Points are awarded for the overall men's and women's and masters men's and women's winners of the Indoor Mile Series. The Indoor Mile Series winners are decided based on the sum of a runner's two best times over all the meets, so a runner must run at least two Indoor Miles to qualify. Runners who only run one Indoor Mile get participant (DNF) points.
- Points are awarded for the
overall men's and women's and masters men's and women's winners on the 3000 meter races that takes place as part of the Indoor Mile Series. This year there will be one 3000 meter race. The overall winner is the runner with the best time in that race.
- Members of the NVRC Marathoners For Medicine teams raising money for CVIM do not earn racing points but can earn points toward Volunteer Awards. See below.

Some examples:

- Mary is the 2nd overall female in the Egg Hill run. She gets 10 points for 2nd place, 2 points for running an NVRC race, for a total of 12 points.
- Steve runs the 50K Seneca Run of the Allegheny Front Trail Run and finishes in the middle of the pack. He receives 3 points for participating plus a 5 point bonus for the distance, which is greater than 26.1 miles.
- Jane is on the third place team at Tussey, where she ran 2 legs for a total of 8 miles. She gets 9 points for the team result and 2 points for being an NVRC race. She does not get a distance bonus because, though the entire race is longer than 26.1 miles, she only ran 8 miles.

Volunteer Awards

Race Volunteering Points:

All race-specific volunteering points count for both the Race Series Cup and the Volunteer Awards.

  • Directors of races 10K and less: 10 points
  • Directors of races 10K to 26.1 Miles: 15 points
  • Directors of races 26.2 Miles and up: 20 points
  • Race committee - 6, 9, 12 points (corresponding to mileage above)
  • Other multi-day race volunteer - 6, 9, 12 points (corresponding to mileage above). The race director also has the discretion to award single-day volunteers these points for exemplary service to the race.
  • Race/single day volunteer - 3 points
  • Writing the race report  for the NVRC website if you are not the Race Director- 3 points
  • First time race director - 20 points, second time race director - 10 points, third time race director - 5 points - You must contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • First time volunteer - 10 points, second time volunteer - 5 points, third time volunteer - 3 points - You must contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Club Role Volunteering Points:

These points pertain only to the Volunteer Awards.

  • Club officer - 8 points
  • Club committee member - 6 points
  • Other Club role (web site developer, Club Timer(s), CDT Columnist, NVRC Series administrators Apparel Coordinator) - 6 points
  • Special Club volunteering duties: Club Picnic - 4 pts; Club Election Chair - 4 pts; Wahoo Beginner's Group workout coordinator - 6 pts.

Other Volunteering Points:

These points pertain only to the Volunteer Awards.

  • Donation to the Marathoners For Medicine - CVIM team - 2 points
  • Writing an article (not a race report)  for the NVRC website - 3 points for each
  • Marathoners For Medicine Team Director earns 10 points. Marathoners For Medicine Team Members earn 6 points.
  • Volunteer at NVRC/Centre Parks and Rec Youth Cross-Country Meets - 3 points per meet up to 6 points NEW
  • Volunteer coach with the Nittany Track and Field Youth Group - 6 points NEW
  • Donate Blood at NVRC Blood Drive - 5 points NEW



  • NVRC race (see Series races for NVRC designation) - add 2 points
  • A volunteer who helps out with all 7 NVRC race is awarded an additional 5 ponus.

Volunteering Notes:

- A Race Director does not also get points as a race day volunteer.
- Race Volunteers "max out" at the point levels given for each race. For example, the most Volunteer Points a person can earn for the Nittany Valley Half-Marathon is 11 (9 points plus 2 Club Bonus points).
- Club Timer is a semi-official Club role.
Any Club member who has been trained to use the Club timing equipment and times at least one race unsupervised during the year qualifies for the Club Timer points. A Club Timer earns these points just for having the training, for being available for timing non-Series races in the community, and for putting up with all the timing requests. In addition, he/she earns race day volunteer points (3) for each Series race that he/she times (unless he/she is the Race Director, in which case no additional points are earned).
- Race story: Quite often we get race results, particularly for non-Club races, with no story. If you were there and can write a decent summary of the race, we'd love to have it. With pictures, even better. Note: If you were also a race volunteer, you can only earn a max of 6 points (not including Club bonus points) for race volunteering. Race Directors of Club races should write a report, and they don't get any points for doing so. It's part of the job. If they farm it out, the writer gets volunteer points.
- Article: Write an article on training programs, injury treatments, or running related events and submit it to Marty Mazur. Marty will edit it and publish it on the NVRC website.


- Jenna finishes third in the 20-24 age group at First Night. She also volunteers at the registration table before the race. She gets Race Series 6 points for 3rd place in her age group. She also gets 3 points for race day volunteering and 2 points for volunteering at an NVRC race for 5 volunteering points. Her total toward the Race Series Cup from that race is then 6+5 = 11 points. Her total for the Volunteer Awards from that race is 5 points.