Route: Campus Loop 10K Course. (At times used as the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts 10K Race Course)
Mileage:  10 kilometers, or 6.2 miles.
Hillage: Two loops over a mostly flat course with a couple of short hills. The long stretches of the course that are on Curtin Road are gentle downhills.

Total elevation change: 133 ft.
Average Grade: 2%. Notable hills:

There is a rise of about 50 ft. from the corner of Porter Rd. and the entrance road to the track to the corner where the entrance road meets Hastings Rd. by the Materials Research Laboratory. The grade is over 4% for about 100 yards. There is another sharp rise of nearly 30 ft. on Fraser St between Pollock Rd. and Curtin Rd. The grade is nearly 5%.

Description:  The Campus Loop 10K makes nearly two complete loops of a course laid out on the campus of the Pennsylvania State University. The course starts in front of the Bryce Jordan Center near the corner of Curtin Rd. and University Drive. The course heads east on Curtin and makes a right on Porter Rd. The course goes right at the entrance road to the track area, then bears left up the hill along side of the Materials Research Laboratory. The course then makes a right at Hastings Rd. and continues on Hastings as it crosses University Drive. The course bears right at Bigler Rd. and then makes a left on Pollock Rd. At the corner of Fraser St., the course makes a right and heads up a short, but very steep rise to Curtin Rd. Making a right on Curtin, the course continues for about a mile to the starting line. The course then repeats the above loop, finishing in front of the Intramural Building on Curtin Rd, a couple of hundred yards before the starting line.

The Campus Loop 10K Course is a USATF certified course (Certificate # PA 97016 WB). A precise description of the mile markers follows for race directors:

10' east of huge light pole on left on Curtin Rd, just east of University Dr., 7' west of Bryce Jordan Center.
Mile 1
12' east of center driveway of Materials Research Lab on north side of Hastings.
Mile 2
26' west of hydrant on right across from Atherton Bldg on Pollock Rd.
Mile 3
21' east of light AV-24 on left across from Wagner Bldg on Curtin Rd.
Mile 4
9' west of light 5CR on right along sidewalk to Environmental Research Bldg on Hastings.
Mile 5
13' east of  Atom First Seen sign in front of Osmond Laboratory on Pollock Rd. 8' east of light 19-AW on south in front of Hetzel Union Bldg.
Mile 6
3' west of light pole on right next to first building east of intersection with Bigler Rd. on Curtin Rd.
On Curtin Road in front of IM Building. Even with street sign on left west of parking meters.

Note: Any deviation from the USATF-certified course invalidates the certification!

Remarks: The USATF Certified Campus Loop 10K course has been used for the Art's Festival 10K. In recent years, the campus roads over which the course is run have been continually torn up due to the campus construction boom. Here is a link to the current Art's Festival 10K course.


          Added: 6/01
          Revised: 3/03