There are several options for timing your race. Directors of large races (>500 runners) should hire a commercial timing company. If your race is a small to medium sized local race, consider requesting the NVRC's Race Timing services. This service depends on the availability of our Club Timer. If your race is small and our Club Timer is unavailable, you might want to try timing your race yourself. To inquire about the availability of NVRC timing services for your race date, contact the NVRC race timer, Dave Eggler, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

NVRC Race Timing: Services and Policy

The NVRC times road races as a service to the running community, primarily in Centre County. We do not aim to make a profit nor to take business away from commercial timing companies. If you plan a large race (>250) or if you require ancillary services such as registration or advertising, then you should hire a commercial company. We can recommend some companies if you email us.

We also time cross-country events with printouts for dual meets, invitationals, or multiple dual meets. And our software will also handle duathlons, triathlons, and races with teams. Results are posted on our website,

We require that the race director furnish us, ahead of time, with an EXCEL file of pre-registered runners and that he or she furnish 2 or 3 people at the finish line to assist us. We furnish a finish line chute and display clock.

The NVRC does not loan equipment. If a NVRC-approved timer is not available for your race, we cannot time it for you.
Time Machine. This is now the only way we time races. We have timed hundreds of races this way. The timer records data at the finish line with a Time Machine; those data are transmitted electronically to our computer. Tear-off tags are collected from bibs at the finish line. Race entry, overall results, and age group results are done with commercial software. If the NVRC supplies bibs, they must have tear-off tags.

Our fees. We charge a base fee of $100. We will invoice after the race. We will also charge mileage if the timer travels more than 10 miles from his or her home. Generator rental is included in that fee, but if you have power available, that is all to the good.

If we furnish bibs, the charge is $0.20 per bib ($0.14 for cross-country tags) and $0.01 per pin. Normally you can obtain bibs free or at a rate less than ours from companies like Road ID.

Commercial Timing Companies

Here are links to some commercial timing companies:

Runner’s High:

Integrity Sports:

Falcon Race Timing:

US Road Running Timing Services - Contact: 

Melissa Wolfrays
Race Timing Manager
Office - 717-266-2227
Cell - 717-885-6864
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do-It-Yourself Race Timing

Here is an article on how to time your own small race.