January 29, 2016
University Park, PA

The Penn State National Meet is Penn State's biggest home indoor track meet of the season. And it's also usually the occasion for the biggest Indoor Mile Series race. The Series participants have worked out most of the kinks in the two earlier races, and after a week's break are ready for the first of their last two chances to make their season marks. Today's meet saw 47 participants in 3 running heats and one Abiltiy Athlete heat, and many participants made their season goals. Some even PRed.

In the Ability Athlete heat, Tim Appman set a perfect pace for gravity cycler Brett Gravatt, whose goal was a sub-5 performance. It didn't matter to Brett that, due to the sharp turns, he was wheeling out in lane's 2 and 3 for most of the event, and hence wheeling significantly more than a mile. He still wanted to crack 5 minutes. And, despite falling behind the pace a bit, he put on a ferocious push at the end to come in at 4:58.93, bettering last meet's time by over 2 seconds. Josh Cone also pushed Jessica Stetson, who looked for all the world like someone had offered to take her for a ride in a Ferrari. The laps whizzed by as Josh pushed Jessica across the finish line in 5:35.80.

In the first runner's heat, Women's Master's record holder Meira Minard made her first return to the track this season. After a slow start, Meira put on a great second half and despite Mike Renz's kick near the end, finished first in 5:50.88, the top female Master's time of the season so far. Renz was second in 5:52.28. After that was a passel of runners who will be flogging themselves next week to make their season sub-6 goal: Tari Helmers, Dan Ng, and Mike Martin were all within 1.01 seconds of each other, and within 2 seconds of the 6 minute mark. They'll all be gunning for it next week.

In Heat 2, Chris Cipro took the heat in 4:38.11. He, Rob Meyer, and Eric Marshall, the next two runners, will all run the fast heat the next time around. Those three all finished well under 4:50. Mike Zimmerman PRed without the pacing of Costas Maranas this time, finishig in 5:13.56. Rita Concannon bested her season's best women's time today of 5:34.86.

In the fast heat, Matt Beyerle crushed his previous time of 4:32.03 to win in 4:28.67. Matt now has the second fastest time of the season, just under 2 seconds behind Will Appman's season lead. Second in the heat was John Lacy in 4:32.12. Third was Doug Jordan in 4:32.90. Bob Chandler improved his Master's season leading time to 4:49.14.

Next week's Indoor Mile Series Meet will cap the season, and will also include a running of the 3K and a Predicted Time Contest. It should be a good season finale!

pix indoor3 16 ability

Timothy Appman paced Ability Athlete Brett Gravatt to a sub-5 time in the mile.

pix indoor3 16 smiles

Tari Helmers and Megan Becker were all smiles before the race.

pix indoor3 16 ream

The Team Ream showdown between Meira Minard and Mike Renz was a little closer than Meira wanted it to be.

Ability Athlete Heat

Name                      Time
----                      ----
Timothy Appman           4:58.80
Brett Gravatt            4:58.93 (*)
Jessica Stetson          5:35.80 (*)
Josh Cone                5:36.18

Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Meira Minard             5:50.88 (M)
 2.    Mike Renz                5:52.28
 3.    Tari Helmers             6:00.99
 4.    Dan Ng                   6:01.51
 5.    Mike Martin              6:02.00
 6.    Rob Brawley              6:08.37 (M)
 7.    Clare Gervino            6:12.00
 8.    Stephanie Vighetti       6:17.41
 9.    Marty Klanchar           6:24.53 (M)
10.    Michael Sanzotti         6:28.78
11.    Megan Becker             6:32.65
12.    David Lloyd              6:53.13 (M)
13.    Ernie Dabiero            6:56.95 (M)

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Chris Cipro             4:38.11
 2.    Rob Meyer               4:40.38
 3.    Eric Marshall           4:47.69
 4.    Adam Creveling          4:55.29
 5.    Steve Williams          4:58.26 (M)
 6.    Art Remillard           4:58.73 (M)
 7.    Scott Peterson          5:10.55
 8.    Mike Zimmerman          5:13.56
 9.    Max Muller              5:22.92
10.    John Affleck            5:27.62 (M)
11.    Judd Michael            5:30.59 (M)
12.    Rita Concannon          5:34.86
13.    Johanna Ohm             5:39.75
14.    Anuj Goradia            5:45.91
15.    Tony Kwasnica           5:49.13 (M)

Heat 3

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Matt Beyerle            4:28.67
 2.    John Lacy               4:32.12
 3.    Doug Jordan             4:32.90
 4.    Dan Craighead           4:33.86
 5.    Mark Puleo              4:34.60
 6.    Daniel Wilcko           4:35.91
 7.    Mike Meehan             4:36.98
 8.    Raymond Friend          4:41.35
 9.    Timothy Appman          4:45.84
10.    Matt Dabiero            4:46.96
11.    Aaron Seip              4:47.94
12.    Lucas Watson            4:48.83
13.    Bob Chandler            4:49.14 (M)
14.    Bryan Moon              4:50.27
15.    Joshua Velez            4:51.93
16.    Tyler Perdue            4:53.32

* - Ability Athlete
M - Indicates Masters (40 and over) runner