April 10, 2022
Rothrock State Forest
by Mike Casper

Stiff breezes jetted snow flurries around as runners gathered at Tussey Mountain for this point-to-point run, which it had been hoped would be a celebration of Spring. During the race there was no ice to be seen on Laurel Run Road, but a surprise snow squall with a headwind added a festive touch with light accumulation along the roadsides. At Whipple Dam there was no snow, and some glimmers of sun peeked through, but it never got warm. Spring was still holding out in Rothrock State Forest.

Winter Parts clicked off the miles for the overall win, just 23 seconds from the course record, and was the first nonbinary finisher. Matt Balogh took first in the men’s category, with Brian Grill and Charlie Connolly in second and third. Baylee Robey won the women’s category, with Miquela Ingalls and Katie Dry taking second and third.

The Dyslexia Reading Center produced a valiant contingent of volunteers who helped with registration and finish line detail, including Michelle Hutnik, Katharine Donnelly Adams, Carol Anderson, a student and parent, and dedicated donor Cathy Kennedy. Special thanks to Amy Bader for race day photography.

Those who run Tussey Teasers #1 through #5 (February’s Teaser #0 was a bonus) will be eligible for a special prize drawing that will take place after Teaser #5, the June 19 Eager Seeger Half Marathon.

Runners are encouraged to bring gently used running shoes to be collected at each run for a program called Sneakers4Funds that supports entrepreneurs in communities and countries around the world. Proceeds coming back support Dyslexia Reading Center, which helps children and adults triumph over this challenging disability. Runners are also invited to bring monetary donations (checks or cash) to support Dyslexia Reading Center, which is the nonprofit beneficiary of the events of the 2022 Tussey Mountainback 50 Mile Relay and Ultramarathon.

The next Tussey Teaser is May 7, the (free) Beidleheimer Sidewinder 10K & 20K, Central PA’s only race with age- and gender-adjusted results. The Sidewinder is an out-and-back race with start at Whipple Dam State Park. The 20K distance includes the 1.6-mile hill on Beidleheimer Road, part of Leg 4 of the 50-mile course.

For details, driving directions and waiver forms for the remaining Teasers, visit http://www.tusseymountainback.com/tussey_teasers.html. Just for the hill of it!


                        A flurry of runners start with flurries coming from the skies

Katie Dry at the finish at Whipple Dam State Park

Top 3 Finishers Matt Balogh (2), Winter Parts (1) and Bryan Grill (3)

A bald eagle watched the race

Energetic volunteers from the Dyslexia Reading Center braved the elements with a smile

Overall Order of Finish

 Place    First          Last                  City               Gen     Age     Time
 -----    -----          ----                  ----               ---     ---     ----
    1     Winter         Parts                 State College      NB      24     1:04:18
    2     Matt           Balogh                State College       M      23     1:06:48
    3     Bryan          Grill                 Hummelstown         M      38     1:10:45
    4     Charlie        Connolly              State College       M      25     1:16:44
    5     Patrick        Singletary            State College       M      56     1:18:18
    6     Baylee         Robey                 State College       F      24     1:19:21
    7     Miquela        Ingalls               State College       F      32     1:19:44
    8     Jigar          Gosaslia              State College       M      27     1:19:44
    9     Cam            Mallett               State College       M      24     1:20:10
   10     Arvind         Gupta                 State College       M      26     1:20:10
   11     Michael        Palumbo               State College       M      26     1:23:22
   12     Vineeth        Pothanamkandathil     State College       M      25     1:27:57
   13     Nat            Warner                State College       M      44     1:30:32
   14     Terry          Reid                  Bellefonte          M      63     1:30:33
   15     Josh           Dolezal               Port Matilda        M      46     1:35:22
   16     Jim            Sellmer               Port Matilda        M      61     1:35:33
   17     Jim            Maras                 State College       M      60     1:42:40
   18     Mike           Casper                State College       M      63     1:43:16
   19     Katie          Dry                   Boalsburg           F      36     1:43:31
   20     Crystal        McNeal                Huntingdon          F      39     1:46:00
   21     Brent          McNeal                Huntingdon          M      41     1:46:00
   22     Alexandria     Housel                State College       F      41     1:46:30
   23     Jeff           Schiesler             Port Matilda        M      66     1:52:34
   24     Abby           Lanager               Pleasant Gap        F      30     2:04:38
   25     Ashton         Koval                 State College       M             2:04:38
   26     Marvin         Hall                  State College       M      67     2:10:53
   27     David          Lloyd                 State College       M      51     2:17:40
   28     Kendra         Washburn              State College       F      33     2:22:09